Best RC Trucks

Best RC Truck For Beginners: Traxxas TQ250X4

The TQ250X4 is one of the most popular and reliable models from Traxxas. This model was designed with a wide variety of features including a high quality motor, easy to use controls, durable construction, and great value. The TQ250X4 is perfect for anyone looking for a simple yet powerful toy that will get them started in RC hobby.


• High Quality Motor – Powerful brushed motors are ideal for beginners because they provide enough power to get started, but not so much that it causes damage to your expensive components.

• Easy To Use Controls – The TQ250X4 comes with a large number of buttons and knobs which make setting up the vehicle very easy. You’ll have no problem learning how everything works together.

• Durable Construction – The TQ250X4 is made out of high strength plastic and built to last. Its weight makes it feel solid when driving.

The TQ250X4 is a simple, easy to use truck that will provide an amazing experience for anyone getting started in the hobby. It’s very affordable and comes with everything you need to get started. This truck is definitely worth checking out.

Best RC Truck For Adults: HPI R40 Muscle

Do you want an RC that feels like the real thing?

The HPI R40 Muscle is a completely scale replica of the famous Hot Wheels muscle car. It’s designed to look just like the real thing and has the power to back it up. This is one of the most impressive looking RC models you will ever come across.


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• Completely Scale Construction – This truck is a 1:1 scale replica of the original Hot Wheels car. It looks exactly like the real thing!

• Powerful Motor – A potent Titan 12T 550 motor provides more than enough horsepower to tear up the asphalt.

• Easy To Use Controls – Everything is designed with Hot Wheels fans in mind. Even though this truck is packing some serious power, the controls are very simple to use.

The R40 Muscle is a fantastic truck that looks amazing and is a blast to drive. It’s a real head turner and will provide you with years of fun. This truck is ideal for anyone looking for something a little different.

Best Brushless RC Truck: ECX Torment

Do you want an RC that you can race day in and day out?

The ECX Torment is a high quality model perfect for any enthusiast looking to take their skills to the next level. It’s made out of durable materials and packed with great features. This truck was built to last and provides incredibly fun racing action.

The ECX TORMENT is bound to be your next favorite! This is no road, though. The Torment was bred on the roughest, rockiest, and toughest terrain to reign supreme. With a potent combination of quality engineering and features such as the Dynamite® Tazer™ 2150Kv motor and waterproof electronics, this is one truck that can handle whatever you throw at it!

Featherlight and ferocious, this 4WD monster was bred for bar room brawls rather than grand prix pace. With a low center of gravity for enhanced handling and Dynamite® Mini Suades the Torment is sure to give you the advantage you need to rule the off-road.


The Torment 4X4 is fully equipped with everything you need to take your driving experience to the next level including a 2.4 GHz Digital Proportional Transmitter, waterproof electronics, a 550mAh 1S 3.7V 25C Li-Po battery, a Dynamite® Tazer™ 2150Kv motor, and EC3™ connectors.

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If you want the best of the best when it comes to electric RTRs, pick up the ECX Torment today!

Choose your own adventure with the ECX Torment 4×4!

Reasons To Buy An ECX Torment: Best seller on the market


Durable materials

Full Function 2.4ghz Transmitter

560 Size Motor

Best Off-Road RC Truck: Traxxas Stampede

If you’re looking for a true 1/10 scale monster truck, the Traxxas Stampede is perfect for you. It’s huge, fast, and durable. This thing can take some serious abuse and it’s going to keep on going. It has a classic style and will always be popular among enthusiasts.

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Road or trail, if it’s got dirt, rocks or mud the Stampede will devour it. It comes ready to roar right out of the box with everything you need to terrorize your neighborhood including a 2.4GHz radio system and a powerful Titan 12T 550 motor.

Ready for action right out of the box!

Powerful Titan® 12T 550 motor

Velineon® 380XL motor 2.5mm, 3mm and 4mm pinion gear sets Waterproof technology Full-time all wheel drive Aluminum GTR shocks Adjustable oil filled aluminum steering links Reversable transmission Delrin spur gear White metals in critical places – steel gears, solid axle carriers and steering knuckles Adjustable camber tie rods

The Stampede is the ultimate 1:10 scale truck for those in the know. Its no nonsense approach is sure to bring a winning smile to your face as it devours the competition. Its transmission and drivetrain are locked in a permanent all wheel drive, zero swing. A VXL-3s speed control and Titan 12T 550 motor team up to unleash 45+ mph of tire shredding power with absolute acceleration that wont be found anywhere else.

Traxxas pushes the future of technology with the Stampede. This short course terror is ready to devour the road.

TQ™ 2.4GHz Radio System

Titan® 12-Turn 550 Motor

Three gallons of fun!

TRX 3.3 LiPo Battery Pack

Waterproof receiver box

Best RC Trucks - Picture

Receiver saver

Waterproof XL-5 HV Speed Control

The ultimate monster truck just got better!

Velineon® Inverter technology

VXL-3s speed control

Larger XL-5 HV Motor

Larger steel drive gear

Heavy duty extended range transmission (xrd)

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TQi 2.4GHz Radio System

Waterproof receiver box

Receiver saver

Waterproof XL-5 HV Speed Control

Waterproof steering servo

The Traxxas Stampede is sure to be the next 1:10 scale monster truck on your list!

2.4GHz Technology

Traxxas dash-mounted receiver

Never lose contact with your Traxxas RTR Radio Controlled Vehicle again with Traxxas’ exclusive 2.4GHz technology! No frequencies to learn or channels to select. Just switch on and drive!

Waterproof Receiver Box

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Traxxas models are equipped with a waterproof receiver box so you can take your Traxxas vehicle out driving in the rain or snow. The receiver box is tucked down inside the body to keep it safe from the elements.

XL-5 HV Speed Control

The Traxxas XL-5 HV electronic speed control has been redesigned for lightning fast control and reactivity. It’s designed to take abuse and the terrain you throw at it. With On Track Models, you’ll get superior control with three drive profiles, titanium tranny gears, high strength gears and pinions and 100% waterproof technology.

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