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Razer Keyboard Comparison: BlackWidow Ultimate vs. BlackWidow Elite

The following table shows the main features of both keyboards. The keyboard is called “black widow” because it was designed to kill its victims with a venomous bite, but the name has been changed to avoid trademark infringement issues. The keyboard is available in several colors and models. The keyboard is very popular among gamers and professionals.

It has a full backlit keyboard which makes typing much easier than without it. The keyboard comes with a number pad, arrow keys, function keys (F1 – F12), multimedia controls (volume up/down, mute, play/pause) and many other functions. There are two different types of switches used: Cherry MX Red and Brown Switch. These switch type have their own advantages and disadvantages when compared to each other.

Cherry MX Red switches are known for being loud and noisy, but they offer excellent tactile feedback. They are preferred by typists due to their superior speed and accuracy. On the other hand, Brown Switches provide better durability and reliability than Cherry MX Red switches. However, Brown Switches do not offer the same level of tactile feedback as Cherry MX Red switches.

Therefore, some users prefer Brown Switch keyboards over those using Cherry MX Red switches.

Cherry MX Keyboards: The difference between the original and the elite version is that the original does not have removable cables while the elite has. Other than that, both models seem to be pretty much identical. You can remove keycaps from both keyboards, allowing you to replace them in case they break, get lost or you want a different color.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate vs. BlackWidow Elite: There are some slight differences between the BlackWidow Ultimate and the BlackWidow Elite. The main difference is that the BlackWidow elite has a removable USB cord while the original’s is not. Other than this, both keyboards are pretty much identical in terms of functionality and features.

Razer Orbweaver vs. BlackWidow: The two keyboards do share some similarities, but the BlackWidow is much different than the Orbweaver. The main difference between these two is that the BlackWidow has the traditional letter, number and some gaming keys on the right side, while the Orbweaver has a different layout that is more suitable for gamers (i.

Price: You can find the BlackWidow Ultimate for around $90, the BlackWidow Elite for around $170.

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It is pretty easy to see which one is better considering that you are paying more than twice the price of the original BlackWidow only to get a keyboard with a removable USB cord.

It seems pretty obvious that you should just save around $80 and go for the BlackWidow Ultimate, right?

Well, maybe not.

The BlackWidow Ultimate does not have a removable USB cord, making it more durable. However, it is not really that big of a difference to justify spending around $80 more. It really depends on your preferences and budget. If you do not really care about the price, the BlackWidow is the way to go since it has a fuller range of features and aesthetic design.

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