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Rat Poisoning: What You Need To Know About Rats And Rat Bait

What Is A Rat?

Rats are rodents native to most parts of the world, but they have been introduced into many countries. They are small, furry mammals with long tails and large front teeth (called incisors) which are used for chewing wood. Their diet consists mainly of insects and other invertebrates such as termites, ants, beetles and spiders.

Why Do People Get Rotten Eggs From Rats?

The reason why people get rotten eggs from rats is because rats eat their own feces. When humans leave garbage out, it gets eaten by animals or birds. However, when rats do not have any place to go, they defecate in the ground where it becomes contaminated with human waste. This causes the contamination of eggs and other foods containing animal products like milk and meat.

How Can I Protect My Family From Getting Rotten Eggs?

If you live in a house, then there is no need to worry since rats cannot enter houses. If you don’t want your family getting sick, then you can buy rat poison. There are several brands available online and offline. You just need to make sure that the brand contains rat poison only. Other types of poisons may cause health problems like nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, high fever or even death.

Are There Other Ways To Protect My Family From Rotten Eggs?

Here are some other ways to protect your family from rat poisoning.

1. You can buy rat traps from the nearest hardware store or supermarket.

Just make sure that the brand does not contain any other toxic substances except for the snap trap. Snap traps are usually made of metal and its main purpose is to kill rats instantly when it snaps their neck. Once a rat is killed, the trap makes a loud sound similar to that of a gun.

2. You can also make traps yourself.

All you need are large buckets, wooden boards and ropes. Here’s how to make them:

a) First, cut a hole on the bucket slightly bigger than the size of your board.

b) Place the board horizontally in the opening of the bucket with its bottom side facing down. Make sure that it fits tightly.

c) Fill the bucket three quarters full with water.

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d) Tie a rope to the board and hang the bucket somewhere high where rats usually go. Make sure that the rope is tied tightly to something so that no rat can escape.

Rats are intelligent animals and will not enter a bucket of water. They will try to climb up the board to get out of the bucket, but they won’t be able to since its bottom side is facing down. As a result, they will be forced to stay inside the bucket of water and they will drown.

What Should I Do If I Suspect That I Have Eaten Rotten Eggs?

If you think that you have eaten rotten eggs, then drink a lot of milk or any dairy product. This will help your body eliminate the toxic substances found in rat poisoning.

You can also eat a spoonful of mustard. The vinegar and spices in mustard will also help eliminate the rotten egg taste in your mouth.

But remember, if you think that you have eaten a lot of eggs (more than 3), then you have to seek immediate medical attention!

How Long Does It Take Before The Poison Takes Effect?

The poison may take effect immediately or it may never take effect at all. The amount of time before the poison takes effect depends on how much rat poison you have ingested. If you have ingested a small amount, then the poison may not take effect at all. If you have ingested a large amount, then the poison might take effect after a few minutes or even an hour.

What Are The Symptoms?

The first symptom is vomiting. You may experience excessive vomiting that will cause your stomach to become severely dehydrated. If not treated immediately, then your body will continue to vomit until all the inner linings of your stomach are gone. This will cause severe diarrhea and dehydration, which can lead to death. If your body continues vomiting, but nothing comes out, then your esophagus will start to degenerate and you will experience chest pains due to the acidity of your vomit.

What Should I Do If The Poison Has Taken Effect?

If you think that the poison has already taken effect, then you have to act fast. Remember that the quicker you act, the higher your chances of survival are. Stay calm and try the following steps:

1. Drink milk or any milk product you can think of.

This will help your body to neutralize the toxic substances that are causing your vomiting.

2. Take a bath using salt water.

This will help to remove the toxic substances on your skin and inside your digestive tract. Make sure that the water is not too hot. If possible, use a shower instead of a bathtub.

3. If you can still throw up, then do so.


This will help eliminate some of the toxic substances from your body.

4. Rinse your mouth using a mild salt water solution.

If you do not have any salt at home, then you can use soda as a substitute.

5. Drink two teaspoons of mustard or ketchup to help eliminate the rotten egg flavor in your mouth.

6. If none of the steps work and you continue to vomit, then go to the emergency room.

The sooner you can get medical treatment, the higher your chances of survival are.

What Are The Long-Term Effects?

Long-term effects will vary depending on how much poison was ingested and the general state of your health. Some of the more common long-term effects include:

1. Severe dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

2. Poor appetite and malnutrition.

3. Liver problems due to prolonged poor diet and dehydration.

4. Protein deficiency, causing muscle loss and organ failure.

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5. Weakness and fatigue

6. Unnecessary strain on your heart.

7. In rare cases, death due to severe liver and kidney failure.

Can The Long-Term Effects Be Prevented?

Yes. The long-term effects can be prevented by maintaining good hygiene, seeking immediate medical attention if you experience symptoms, and trying to maintain good health in general.

What Are The Prevention Methods?

1. Maintain good hygiene at all times.

Keep your hands clean, and avoid places where you might come in contact with infected water or food.

2. If you think that you have ingested a harmful substance, then seek immediate medical attention.

Try to remember what the substance looked like so that you can tell the doctors.

3. Avoid drinking from unknown or suspect water sources.

If you have the means, then use a water purifying agent. Boiling water is always a good alternative if you do not have the equipment to do so.

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4. Eat well-balanced meals at regular intervals to avoid malnutrition and weakness.

Pack some food with you before heading out into the wilderness.

5. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, or any other strange symptoms.

What About Animal Poisons?

Firstly, it is important to note that animal poisons are different from plant poisons for a variety of reasons. While plants are “natural”, animal poisons are not and must be processed by the body differently. As a result, animal toxins can cause devastating and fatal results.

How Can You Identify Animal Poisons?

There are a few key identifying factors in animal poisons.

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