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Best Programmable Coffee Makers

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It is the second most traded good in international market after oil.

The United States elected coffee as its national drink. Though tea is considered to be more popular than coffee in many countries, coffee still holds a special place in people’s hearts. There are different kinds of coffees which vary from country to country and differ in taste also. Coffee is a drink which people cannot survive without. There are different kinds of coffee makers available in the market. These devices make the job of brewing coffee easy.

There are basically two different types of coffee makers, based on the method of brewing:

Drip Coffee Makers: In this kind of coffee maker, water is first heated up and then it is transferred to a container sitting on top of the coffee maker. After that, the water slowly drips down into a pot containing coffee grounds.

This process is slow and this is why such brewers are called drip coffee makers.

Percolators: These coffee makers work on a different principle. Water and coffee grounds are put in a cylindrical container and hot water is pumped up from the bottom container and circulated back.

After a few minutes, the brewing is complete.

Best Programmable Coffee Makers

Coffee makers are typically of two types: automatic drip and percolators. These coffee makers come in all sizes, from small coffee brewers that can serve a cup or two to large machines that can serve half a dozen cups at a time.

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Before buying a coffee maker, check the amount of cups you need it to brew at a time. If you need it only for yourself, a small coffee brewer would be a good choice. But, if you need coffee for the entire family, a large programmable coffee maker would be more suitable.

Currently, most of the coffee makers available in the market are programmable. There are many brands available and choosing one can be a daunting task.

The following is a list of some of the best programmable coffee makers available in the market:

On the basis of convenience:

Bunn My Cafe MCU

This is a personal sized coffee maker. The container has a digital clock and it can be set to brew coffee automatically.

It can serve one to four cups at a time. A feature that makes this coffee brewer unique is the ‘re-set’ button. If you add water to the machine and don’t add coffee grounds, pressing this button will reset the machine without turning it off. This way you can add the coffee grounds after the machine has been set up.

Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffeemaker

This is one of the best selling coffee makers in the market today. This coffeemaker by Mr.

Coffee has many programmable features and brewing options. It can brew 5 to 12 cups at a time. It keeps the coffee warm for 4 hours using its auto-shut off feature. The delay brew timer lets you schedule the coffee brewing up to 24 hours in advance. You can also prepare a cup before the entire brewing is complete.

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On the basis of flavor:

Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System

This is the smallest coffee brewer from the brand, Cuisinart. It brews excellent quality coffee using its special technology.

It brews one cup at a time and uses a special ‘on demand’ heater that activates when needed. The coffee it brews is kept hot for hours using its Keep Hot carafe.

Mr. Coffee DRX5 4-cup coffeemaker

This coffee brewer by Mr. Coffee brews excellent quality coffee and is very easy to use.

It has many programmable features like an automatic shut off, a ‘keep hot’ feature that keeps the coffee warm for up to four hours and a ‘pulse’ brewing option that increases the water flow during the brewing process. The non-stick warming plate eliminates the need for paper filters.

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