Best Portable Generators

Best Portable Generator For Electronics: Which One Is Better?

The most popular choice among electricians and DIYers is the compact, small size generator. These are usually easy to store in your garage or basement and they provide good power for several hours without having to refuel them often. They’re also convenient because you don’t have to worry about keeping a full tank of gas around at all times.

However, these generators are not always the best option if you want to run your appliances continuously 24/7. If you need to keep running things like lights, fans, air conditioner and other electrical devices for extended periods of time then a larger generator is what you’ll need. A large generator will allow you to run everything continuously even when there’s no wind blowing or there isn’t much sunlight. You can use it for a number of years before needing to replace it with another one.

There are two main types of large generators: diesel and gasoline powered ones. Diesel generators are usually bigger than the typical gas-powered units and they burn fuel oil instead of natural gas. Gasoline powered generators work just like their diesel counterparts except they use gasoline rather than liquid petroleum gas (LPG). Both types of large generator come in different sizes depending on how many people you plan to power at once.

Best Quiet Portable Generator: Which One Is Better?

When looking for a quiet garage generator, you’re probably wondering whether or not it’s worth the extra money to get one. After all, they cost quite a bit more than your average model. Here are some reasons why you might consider paying a little extra on your first purchase.

1. They’re Perfect for Hosting Concerts and Other Outdoor Activities

When you host parties in your backyard, you don’t want the noise complaints that usually come with the activity. A quiet portable generator will allow you to run a few lights, a stereo system or TV without having to turn it up loud enough for the neighbors to hear. It’s also great for concerts and other outdoor events where you need the ambiance but can do without the obnoxious racket.

2. They’re More Environmentally Friendly

A common misconception is that they’re noisier than traditional generators. While this might be true for cheaper models, the newer ones are about as loud as a refrigerator. If you’ve ever slept in the same room as one of these without earplugs, you’d know that they’re actually quieter than a normal conversation. Another benefit is that they don’t release any harmful gases into the air like traditional ones do.

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