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The Best Pool Heater: Hayward Universal Series

Hayward’s Universal Series Pool Heaters are a great choice for most households. They’re easy to use, quiet, efficient, and they look good too! These pools have been designed with durability in mind. The universal series features a stainless steel frame that makes them strong enough to last through many years of use without breaking down.

The metal construction provides excellent resistance against corrosion and rusting. All of these features make it possible for you to enjoy your pool all year round.

Hayward pools come in a variety of sizes and styles. You’ll find that there are two types of Hayward pools: the standard size and the extended size. Both models feature a single door entryway, which allows you to easily switch between indoor or outdoor use at any time. If you need extra space, you can add a second deck.

Hayward pools come in various colors and finishes. Some models come with built-in furniture like sofas and chairs. Others include decorative elements such as fountains, lighting fixtures, and patio furniture. For those who want to create their own decor, there are plenty of options available including paint schemes, wallpapers, floor coverings and even murals.

Hayward has been manufacturing high-quality, durable above ground pools for years. Since 1952, the company has been at the forefront of innovative design and construction. Over the last sixty years, they’ve come out with hundreds of different models and added several technological advances to their product line. One of those advances is known as the SmartTile System.

The SmartTile Heating System is a unique feature that’s only available on the Hayward Universal series. It consists of a series of interlocking panels that can be arranged to fit your specific pool. These panels are made with a high-density foam insulation and covered with a textured vinyl facing. This special material helps retain heat so that you can enjoy your pool water all year long.

The Best Pool Heater: Hayward Universal Heating System

This high-tech heating system is powered by a gas burner that sits underneath the pool. An automatic control system turns the burner on and off as needed. These units are energy efficient and need to run for very short periods of time in order to heat your pool. The SmartTile system features a stainless steel finish that complements the rest of the swimming pool.

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It also comes with a built-in safety cover.

One of the best things about the Hayward Universal Heating System is how easy it is to operate. All you have to do is plug it in and set the temperature that you want. The built-in thermostat will do the rest. The system also comes with a built-in cover safety feature that prevents the unit from running if the cover is still on.

The unit also shuts off immediately if there is a power outage or other problem with the circuit.

The Best Swimming Pools in Town

Hayward Pools are second to none when it comes to designing and manufacturing some of the best inground and above ground swimming pools in the industry. We’ve been at it for over 60 years, so we know what it takes to stand out from the competition and deliver a quality product that will last for years. Our inground pools are available in a wide range of models including the Gibraltar, Meridian and Fortress Series. If you’re looking for a flexible option, take a look at our powerful and innovative LX and Advantage Frame above ground models.

No matter which pool you choose, you can be sure that it will be durable, long-lasting and designed to provide years of fun and entertainment for the entire family.

We also offer a wide range of high-performance pool accessories including automatic covers, robust pool filters, easy to install decking and everything else you need to make your backyard swimming experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. Browse our website to learn more about all the different products we offer and how they can enhance your overall swimming experience. If you have any questions, please contact us. One of our friendly product experts would be happy to assist you.

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