Best Police Scanners

The following are some of the features which make up a good police scanner:

• High quality audio with crystal clear voice communication;

• Voice identification (if available); • Ability to listen to all channels simultaneously; • Automatic channel switching if multiple devices are connected; • Channel scanning function for specific locations or areas of interest; • Audio files can be downloaded directly from the Internet or purchased and played offline.

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I. Top 7 best digital police scanner under 100 bucks

1. Uniden BCD536HP

This is one of the most popular professional-use police scanners on the market, and it comes with all of the latest features. There are a wide range of channels and it can store up to 10 of your favorite channels. You can listen to NOAA weather alerts and it can provide you with a regular backup battery to ensure that you never lose power. The display is simple and easy to read from a distance or even in the dark.

It can easily pick up a signal from up to a maximum of 550 miles away (depending on the location), so no matter where you are in America, you can be sure that this will work for you. It also comes with an advanced feature that allows you to lock onto a signal and monitor it so that you never lose the information that you are interested in.

You can use this for extended periods of time without experiencing fatigue, as it has been designed to reduce the amount of stress placed on your eyes when using it for long periods of time. It can store up to 1,000 channels. The bar graph display makes it easy to see exactly which channels are being used at any one time, and also the relative strength of those channels. It also has a regular alarm clock so that you can set it to wake you up in the morning.

You can easily use this product with a series of external speakers if you want to share the information that you are picking up with other people who are nearby.

4.3 stars on Amazon

Best Police Scanners - Purch Marketplace

Uniden BCD536HP 100-Channel 50,000-Channel Scanner w/ Police Fire & Airband

2. Whistler Pro-97

This is one of the highest rated police scanners on the market and has superior sound quality thanks to the digital clarity of its reception – making it ideal if you are interested in listening to the police. The frequency range makes it possible to listen to all of the main emergency services. You can also share the experience with others by allowing them to listen in using their own headphones.

This is a durable product that can handle being dropped, making it ideal if you are a little bit clumsy – although it is recommended that you take out the batteries first! It can store up to 1000 channels and has an easy-to-use channel search function. The signal strength indicator makes it easy to see the general strength of the channels that you are picking up.

This product is capable of picking up frequencies from up to 550 miles away, so no matter where you are in the country you can be sure that this will work for you. It can easily pick up a signal from nearby cell phones as well as air traffic control signals thanks to its advanced GPS system. You can even use it for hands-free operation by installing an intercom speaker.

If you are interested in aviation then there is an aviation band on this device that can pick up transmissions from planes, helicopters, and air traffic control.

4.2 stars on Amazon

Whistler Pro-97 Handheld Scanner

Best Police Scanners - PURCH MARKETPLACE

3. Uniden HomePatrol-2

This is the perfect police scanner for those who have a little bit of experience with these devices, as it has a lot of features that make it easier to use. One thing that makes this stand out from other similar devices is the color display, which makes it a lot easier to see whether you are picking up channels or not.

The instant channel check makes it a lot easier to see the exact number of channels that are available in your location. It also has a lock feature, so you can make sure that you don’t lose any of the channels that you have already found.

Other useful features include the GPS receiver, 10,000 channel capacity and the ability to export and import lists of channels. The weather alert feature can also warn you about extreme weather conditions in your area, for example if there is a tornado warning in your location.

There are a number of different visual alerts that this scanner can provide, including for fire, police and more. It is also easy to use thanks to featuring a virtual keypad, shortcut keys and also quick keys.

The ability to automatically set the time and date on your device and also link up with your computer makes this an incredibly simple device to use.

The two largest purchaser recommendations are easily the battery life and the ease of use, with many reviews specifically mentioning how you do not need to be a specialised user to get the most out of it, even if you are a beginner.

One of the main downsides mentions in reviews is the price; some people feel that it is a little on the expensive side. However, it also has a lot of positive reviews and is one of the highest rated police scanners on Amazon.

4.5 stars on Amazon

Best Police Scanners - from our website

Uniden HomePatrol-2

5. Whistler CR95

This is another great choice if you are interested in listening to police, as well as fire and taxi frequencies. The large display makes it easy to see the information clearly and it also stores up to 800 channels, so you will not need to continuously be finding new ones when you move locations.

When you purchase this device, you will receive the scanner itself as well as a vehicle power adapter, cigarette lighter adapter and mounting brackets so you can easily connect it and use it right away.

The general frequency detection feature is able to search and automatically set the local AM/FM/SW frequencies for you. However, you can also set up your favorite channels and get alerts when they have any activity on them.

One of the more interesting and useful features is the Close Call feature, which can give you an alert if you are within range of a frequency that the scanner can pick up. This is ideal if you are looking for a specific channel that might be used near you.

The reviews for this product are generally positive, with many people pointing out that the product itself feels well made and sturdy. They also mention that the size is about right, as it fits easily into a bag or pocket without being too big or small.

One of the main complaints that some people do have is the price; some feel that it is a little on the expensive side. Others also would like if the battery life was longer. However, you can also find positive reviews that address some of the concerns and explain how the scanner is great value for money.

One of the highest rated police scanners on Amazon, especially among those who want a device that specifically looks out for police channels.

4.5 stars on Amazon

Whistler CR95L

6. BaoFeng BF-F9V

Best Police Scanners - Purch Marketplace

This is a great little product if you are looking to save money but still get a good quality radio. It is also great for those who want to get started in the hobby of listening to police, taxi and other scanners without having to spend a lot of money.

The battery life lasts an impressive amount of time, which is often a problem with more basic devices. Although the display is a little small, it is still easy to see from a distance and you can choose between green and white lights to suit your personal preference.

The product is also incredibly easy to use. You simply turn it on and scan for the channels that are within your area, then wait for activity. It stores up to 200 channels, so even if you don’t find something the first time, you can keep trying until it works.

Some people feel that the item is a little on the large side, but this is down to personal preference as it certainly is not too big to be carrying around.

The reviews for this product are generally positive, with many people saying that it picks up a lot of channels. Some have even managed to pick up ones from other countries, which is great if you are looking for international travel.

One of the downsides of this product is that it does not come with an AC adapter and instead requires 8xAA batteries. This is a little on the large side, so if you travel a lot this might be inconvenient for you.

One of the best valued scanners on the market, great for those on a budget.

4.5 stars on Amazon

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If you are looking for a great value police scanner that offers excellent reception then we would recommend either the Uniden HomePatrol-2 or the Whistler CR95L . Both of these models are great value for money and have excellent reception, whichever you choose you won’t be disappointed.

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