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The first thing you need to do is make sure your house is safe from fire. You can’t have a gas leak inside the house, because it will cause a huge explosion! So you need to make sure there are no leaks anywhere else in your home. To prevent any potential fire hazards, you need to check all electrical outlets and appliances. If you see anything out of place or malfunctioning, then you need to replace them immediately.

If your house is not equipped with smoke detectors, then you need to get one installed right away. There are many different types of smoke alarms available in the market today. Some are very expensive while others cost less than $20. These devices detect the presence of a fire and will notify you so that you can take necessary actions to put it out quickly.

You might want to consider buying a smoke detector which is designed specifically for your home. They come in various models and features such as being able to alert you when someone enters or leaves the room, whether they are coming back or going out, etc. Some of these devices even include built-in cameras so that if something suspicious happens, then you can just look at what happened without having to go outside yourself.

Gasoline powered tools are extremely dangerous if used improperly. You can seriously injure yourself if you aren’t careful. Make sure that there are no sparks or any naked flames nearby before you start using the tool. If a spark gets into the gas tank, then there is going to be an explosion. The last thing you need is your house going up in flames!

How to choose the best gas pole saw?

There are many different types of gas pole saws available in the market today. It can be confusing to know which one is right for you and your needs.

You may find yourself asking questions like: do I need a particular brand name? What type of power source should it have (gas or electric)? How much am I willing to spend?

To answer these questions, let’s take a detailed look at the various types of gas pole saws on the market.

Gas Powered Pole Saws

This is the most common type of pole saw. These saws are typically made from cast aluminum, which makes them very lightweight. Since they are so lightweight, you will not experience as much fatigue when using them for long periods of time. This type of pole saw uses a gasoline powered engine to run its chain and blade. Some of these devices come with a two-cycle engine while others have a four-cycle engine.

The decision on which one you should get depends upon your personal preferences. You may also want to consider how frequently you plan on using the pole saw as this can also dictate which one you need to get.

Gasoline powered pole saws are great if you use them on a regular basis. Just make sure you keep it properly tuned up and serviced. If not, then the engine may burn out. You should also never try to use gasoline from one saw in another saw. They are designed to be used with that particular engine.

Another thing you may want to consider is if you plan on using it for more than just trees and shrubs. If this is the case, then you will want to look into getting an electric pole saw instead. More on this later.

Electric Pole Saws

This is another type of pole saw that you may want to consider. These types of saws are typically battery powered or run off a power cord. Just like with regular chainsaws, there are pros and cons to each type. With an electric pole saw, the main advantage is that you won’t have to worry about keeping it fueled. You just need to keep the battery charged or connect it to a power source.

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The disadvantage, however, is that these types of saws do not typically have as much power as the gasoline engine saws. So if you need something more heavy duty, then an electric pole saw may not be for you.

Another thing to consider about the electric pole saw is that they can be quite expensive compared to a gasoline-powered one. A good quality electric pole saw can range anywhere from $200 to $500.

If you do decide on purchasing one of these, make sure you keep the battery charged and don’t overwork it. If the battery is fully charged, then only use the saw for a limited amount of time (30 minutes or so). This will help ensure that the battery retains its charge longer.

Electric Pole Saws pros: No need to worry about keeping it fueled or having to mix gasoline and oil together. Runs using electricity from any standard power outlet. This makes it great for homeowners who only need to use it for light duty work around the yard.

Electric Pole Saws cons: Since these types of saws are not as powerful as their gasoline-powered cousins, they typically come with a shorter (8 to 10 foot) pole. If you need to cut something higher than that, you will have to buy a separate extension. (We’ll talk more about this in a minute.) These types of saws are typically more expensive than gasoline ones. And since they rely on batteries or electricity, you have to worry more about the maintenance of them.

Magnetic Pole Saws

This is a relatively new type of pole saw and not as many people have them yet. The good thing about this type though is you can use it with other metal poles (such as those used for curtains). So if you’re cutting something high up or over brambles, then this is a good tool to use. The other advantage is that these types of saws typically come with long poles (12 feet long) so you won’t have to worry about buying extension poles.

The downsides are that these types of pole saws are typically more expensive than other types and they also only work when there is metal in the area that you need to cut (limbs or branches). So unless your yard is filled with metal or you have a fence in your yard made of it, then this type tool isn’t going to be all that useful. But if you do need to cut through a lot of metal (like if you live in the country and have a lot of old rusty barbwire fences), then this tool comes in very handy.

Magnetic Pole Saws pros: Long poles (typically 12 feet) allow you reach items higher up without having to stand on a ladder or have someone else hold it for you. Works in combination with other metal poles so if you need to cut through something that isn’t metal, then you can still use this tool.


Magnetic Pole Saws cons: Typically more expensive than gasoline saws. Doesn’t work if you don’t have any metal poles around. Doesn’t work at all if you need to cut wood.

Extension Poles

Most of the time, the average pole saws that come with the bundles are usually around 8 feet. This may be okay for most homeowners because they typically don’t have trees that are higher than that.

However, if you need to reach items above 10 feet and don’t want to spend money on a more expensive pole saw, then buying an extension pole is a good idea.

A word of caution though: be very careful when using these. While the pole itself may be sturdy enough to support your weight, it could still give way if you push it too hard. Always make sure that you’re using a strong pole and that it can handle your weight along with that of the saw.

Even a little bit of slippage can cause serious injury. A good rule of thumb is to never extend your arms fully out to either side. This could cause the pole to tip over and if you’re at the top of a ladder, then you could fall off of it.

Also, don’t try to reach anything by yourself. If possible, have someone else there who can help you in grabbing or adjusting whatever it is that you’re trying to cut.

Pole Saver

This is a relatively new invention that has hit the market in the past few years. I haven’t actually used one yet (I personally prefer using a regular saw), but it looks like it could be a good idea.

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Basically, what this does is it keeps your pole saw blade from constantly making direct contact with whatever you’re cutting. It does this by elevating it slightly and spinning it. The saw part itself doesn’t actually touch what your cutting, but instead spins like a drill bit that is being held against whatever you’re cutting.

The theory is that this should reduce the amount of friction caused by the saw which should in-turn make your saw last longer and also save your arms some energy (since they aren’t being used as much).

I can see how this would be useful for people who have a lot of tree trimming to do or who do it on a regular basis. However, as I already said, I haven’t actually used one of these yet myself.

If you have used one, then let me know what you think of it below in the comments section.

If you have a good experience with one, then perhaps I’ll pick one up sometime in the future.

Just a quick note though… I haven’t seen these for sale at Home Depot or Lowes yet (they may have them though), but I have seen them for sale at some online stores. Just do a search for “pole saver” and you should be able to find some.

One last thing: Pole Saver is a registered trademark of the Pole Saver company. I don’t know if you can get in trouble or not for using one of their products without authorization, so again, you’re doing so at your own risk .

Gas Powered Pole Saws

These are the big guns when it comes to cutting branches and trees. Most homeowners don’t really need one of these, but they sure do come in handy when the need arises. Most gas pole saws come with an extension pole that is anywhere from 10 – 20 feet long. This allows you to reach anywhere from 10 – 20 feet off of the ground.

These are a little more expensive than the electric ones, but then they do the job a whole lot faster too. They also typically come with safety features like brake systems and anti-vibration features which can make them a lot safer to use as well.

The one that I have is an Oregon Pro series and it has served me very well. I’ve had it for years and it starts right up every time. I’ve also never had to replace the chain or the bar/chain oil either.

The only real downside that I can think of is they can kick back pretty bad if you try to cut through larger diameter branches. This is because there isn’t a lot of resistance being put up against the saw since the chain is very far from the base of the saw.

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So, if you try to cut a branch that is too big, it can cause the saw to kick back and possibly hitting you. This can obviously be dangerous so you should always be very careful when using these types of saws.

The upside however is that they are pretty safe to use on smaller diameter branches because it isn’t easy to accidentally hit larger branches. The chain just isn’t close enough to the base of the saw to reach out and beyond the base plate (i.e. too large of a diameter branch).

If you use a little caution and pay attention to what you’re doing, then these types of saws can be very safe. I can cut up to about a 2 1/2″ thick tree limb before it starts to get a little dangerous with my saw. This is because the branch I’m cutting is starting to get larger in diameter than the base plate (which is about 2 1/2″).

Once again though, this is coming from my own experience with my own saw. Each brand and model will vary slightly, but the same basic rule should still apply. You shouldn’t try to cut anything that is going to put your saw in a dangerous position.

Here’s a video of me actually using my saw:

As you can see, it isn’t as simple as just pushing a button and making pretty cuts with these things. They’re a lot heavier and with much more power than the smaller electric ones. Always wear eye protection too, because these things throw chips a lot farther than the smaller ones do.

Oops, I think I’m starting to sound like a salesman for Oregon!

Anyway, I hope this information has helped some. If you have any comments or questions, please just post them directly below. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, I really appreciate it!

Thanks again!

I decided to use my pole saw to trim the branches out of the way so that I’d have more room to work.

Wish I had a photo of it, but the tree actually fell in the direction that I wanted it to instead of sideways or backwards. Once again, I was lucky.

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I didn’t take a lot of pics during the process, but I did manage to snap a few…

After the tree was down I began to drag the branches over to the brush pile where I dump them. I have quite a collection there now.

While dragging over some of the larger branches, I noticed this really cool looking mushroom that had popped up in the mulch next to one of the ornamental shrubs.

I have no idea what kind it is, but it was really neat looking.

Another example of how even the smallest yard decorations can add interest to the overall landscape design.

A little bit later, I was dragging over another large branch and looked over towards the street when I noticed this

This man was just standing there staring at me. Naturally, I waved since I figured he was just lost in thought and didn’t realize that he was staring in my direction. Anyway, he waved back and then proceeded to take his shirt off.

At this point I stopped what I was doing and just stared at him for a while. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing. He just stood there in his shorts and socks and continued to stare in my direction, but not at me. He would look over in the direction of the house next door from time to time, but always came back to looking at me.

I couldn’t tell how old he was, but he had a full head of gray hair so I figured he was probably in his fifties or sixties. I was really starting to wonder what he was doing when his attention was diverted somewhat by a couple of guys on bikes that rode by. He called out to them and then turned his back to me.

Best Pole Saws - Image

I put down the branch and watched him for a while. He didn’t turn around again, so I grabbed my camera and snapped this photo of him through the shrubs while he was distracted.

Just as I thought, the two guys on the bikes rode right up to him and they all talked for a while. The three of them looked over in my direction a few times and I just stayed put. After a few minutes, they all shook hands and the two guys on the bikes rode off while the older guy walked up the street towards where I assume he had parked his car.

For a while I just sat there by myself wondering what that was all about. I never saw him again, so I can only guess that he was some sort of lost soul and wanted to be sure that someone was there when he finally left this world. Strange, but a good story to tell now that I’m getting ready to call it a day.

I’ll wrap this up here since there isn’t much else to tell. No sign of the raccoon or neighbors today, so it was a pretty uneventful day.

I sure hope I pass inspection on Wednesday.

Until then…

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