Best Pioneer Car Stereos

Best Pioneer Car Stereo Models: Mixtrax & Double Dins

The Best Pioneer Car Stereo Model: Mixtrax

Mixed-Din Car Stereo – Pioneer’s first car stereo model was called “mixtraxx”. This was their first attempt at making a stereo system which could play both music and radio stations simultaneously. They had to make some compromises in order to achieve this goal.

In order to do so they used two separate speakers which were connected via a speaker wire. These speakers were mounted in the front and back of the car. When one speaker was playing music, the other would be muted. This meant that when you turned your head from side to side, you would hear only what was being played in the front speaker or none at all!

When you listened to music through the mixtraxx, it sounded like nothing else on the market. You couldn’t get any better than this! However, there were several problems with this design. First of all, if someone drove into your rear window while listening to the radio (which happened quite often), you wouldn’t even notice because the sound would come from somewhere else in your vehicle. It wasn’t until recently that this stereo model was replaced by the better double din stereo system.

The Best Pioneer Car Stereo Model: Double Dins

We can talk about pioneer car stereo models such as PLX-1000 or PLX-500, but a comparison of these two models would be an injustice to the double din car stereos. The reason for this is because they are not nearly as popular as double dins. They are simply better in every way. They are more reliable, more accessible, and can be connected to far more devices.

The Best Pioneer Car Stereo: Single Dins

If you just want to play music from your phone or tablet, then you might be able to get by with a single din stereo system. In this case, the best pioneer car stereos would be the DEH-X6900BT or the DEH-X7800BHS. These stereos both have a CD player and are able to connect to your devices via Bluetooth or USB.

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However, if you want to play music AND watch DVDs in your car, then you’ll need a double din stereo system such as the AVH-X7890BT. This model is the only one able to do both of these things. It can also connect to all of your essential devices and comes with advanced features such as Siri Eyes-Free.

Best Pioneer Car Stereo: Which One Should You Get?

As we’ve seen, there are different types of pioneer car stereos for every type of driver. If you want to listen to music and nothing but music, then perhaps the best pioneer car stereo for you is the PLX-1000 DJ Turntable.

However, if you are a person who lives to drive and wants to be completely immersed into a multidimensional experience behind the wheel, then a double din stereo with an in-dash navigation system would be more your style.

You can also go with a single din stereo if you just need a basic system without spending too much money. Using our guide you’ll be able to find what exactly you need from a car stereo system. Have fun and drive safe!

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