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The best piggy banks are not only made from metal but also have other features such as being able to hold coins or small bills. They come in different sizes and shapes. Some of them are round, some are square, some have a raised lip at the top which makes it easier to insert coins into them, while others don’t even have any feature at all. There are also various colors available. You can choose the color that you like best and then make your own piggy bank with it.

There are many reasons why you might want to use a novelty coin bank instead of a regular one:

You don’t need to carry around lots of cash; you just need enough money so that you can buy something with it when shopping.

You may have a hard time finding the right size coin bank because they’re usually too big for your child’s hands. A novelty coin bank will fit their hand perfectly.

They’re fun to play with! You can make them do funny things like dance or sing songs. Children love playing with these coins, especially if you give them a little encouragement every now and then.

(Of course, they’ll probably get bored eventually. It’s still better than them getting bored with a plain coin bank they don’t even want to play with.)

You can choose a piggy bank that best suits you. You also have a lot of options, so you can buy several and rotate them. You can use them as much as you want and then store them when you’re not using them.

You can buy a plain coin bank or a decorative one. They’re also not that expensive…well, some of them aren’t, so you can easily afford to buy several of them.

There are many interesting and unique types of novelty coin banks. The following list provides an example of just some of the different types of coin banks you may want to choose from.

Images Of Cartoon Characters

These coin banks generally have a cartoon character on the front of them. They’re usually made of plastic, so they’re generally very durable. They often make a coin slot on the bottom so that you can store coins on it more easily.

Some of them will have a counter or holes in the bottom so that you can see how much money is inside the bank. Kids love them because they can put their money into a toy that’s something that they really like, and adults love them because they don’t have to look at them all day!

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Shaped Like Animals

These are very similar to the above type of coin banks, except that these are shaped like animals. The most common ones you’re going to find are piggy banks, since “piggy” is part of the name of the product. Just like with the cartoon character coin banks, they usually make a slot on the bottom so that you can easily store your coins.

They also generally have eyes that open when you put money into them.

Sometimes they’re shaped like something else, such as a football or a Volkswagen Beetle.

Shaped Like Furniture

These are coin banks that are in the shape of something you might find in a house or an office. For example, you might find a coin bank that’s shaped like a chair or a bookshelf. Kids probably wouldn’t be interested in these types of coin banks, but adults might.

They make good decorations and assist you in saving your money.

More About Piggy Banks

As I’m sure you know, a piggy bank is a container in the shape of a pig that you’re supposed to put your money into. The reason why they’re shaped like pigs is lost to history. My guess is that the person who invented the idea of a pig shaped jar was either fond of pigs or had a grudge against dogs.

In reality, you could put anything in these jars. They don’t have to be pigs, and they don’t even have to be jars. You could make a coin bank out of anything.

For example, you could take a hunk of wood, carve a hole into it, and then paint your favorite cartoon character on the side. The shape doesn’t matter…well, unless you’re a kid, then it sort of does.

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The best coin banks, in my humble opinion, are the ones that have something to do with a cartoon character. Kids love to see their favorite cartoons staring at them every time they put money into the bank. They also love taking them out and looking at them whenever they want.

However, these types of coin banks can be a bit fragile and can be broken if they’re dropped on a hard surface. You should be careful when handling these, especially if you have kids around.

The advantage with these is that you can usually get more for your money. That is, you can usually get a larger coin bank for less money than you would if you bought a regular jar or box to put your money into. Of course, the goal is to save your money, not look at it, so maybe that’s not as important to you as it is to some.


Putting all your money into one type of bank isn’t a good idea. You should probably have at least two or three different types, so if one type breaks or you lose it, you still have someplace to put your money.

Also, keep in mind that even though piggy banks are fun, and maybe the most fun, you don’t want to rely on them exclusively. You should also open a savings account at a real bank so that your money is working for you even when you’re not.

In Closing…

As you have seen, there are many different types of piggy banks available these days. You just need to decide which one is best for you. If you’re saving enough money to buy a big ticket item soon, then maybe a large bank that holds a lot of coins would be good for you.

But if you just need to save smaller amounts from time to time, then maybe a small pig shaped bank or one in the shape of your favorite cartoon character would be good for you.

The important thing to remember is that saving your money is a very, very useful habit to get into. It might not be as much fun as buying new video games or going out to the movies, but in the long run, you’ll be much better off if you do.

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Good Luck!

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