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Best Pickaxes – Top 10 Rarest Pickaxes in Fortnite

The following are the top ten most expensive and rarest pick axes in Fortnite. You will see how much they cost, what kind of materials they are made from, and their advantages over other types of tools. If you want to get these picks, then you need to make sure that you have enough money to buy them or trade with someone else who does have some money.

1. Reaper Pickaxe (10)

Reaper Pickaxe is one of the most common pickaxes found in fortnite world. Reapers are used to dig through dirt and rock, which makes them very useful when it comes to building tunnels and caves. They are also quite powerful, being able to break down stone blocks up to four times their size before breaking completely.

2. Blood Pickaxe (9)

Blood Pickaxe is another type of pick axe, but its main use is for mining blood veins. These pick axes are also very valuable because they can easily be sold at a profit if needed.

3. Firepick Axe (8)

Firepick Axe is a special kind of pick axe that can only be obtained by killing fire elementals in the game Terraria. Since they are so rare, these tools have become a status symbol among the most hardcore pickaxe fanatics.

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4. Cloud Pickaxe (7)

The cloud pickaxe is a powerful pick that can not only mine clouds but also stone, metal, and wood. The only way to get one of these picks is to trade for it with another player, since they are very uncommon.

5. Molten Pickaxe (6)

The molten pickaxe is another pickaxe that can only be traded with other players. It can also be used to mine various types of ores, as well as wood and stone. The molten pickaxe is known for its short handle, which is often made from a hardwood and cooled in magma.

6. Ice Pick (5)

The ice pick is a common tool used to mine ice and packed ice. These tools can be used in certain trades involving ice, such as selling it or trading it with another player. Ice picks can also be used to mine bricks, wood, and stone as well.

7. Sanguine Pickaxe (4)

The sanguine pickaxe’s name comes from the dried blood that often coats the tool. The tool’s main use is to mine through rocks and other types of ores. Many of these pickaxes have been used so much that the original owner’s blood has long since corroded off.

8. Obsidian Pickaxe (3)

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The obsidian pickaxe is a powerful tool made from obsidian, which is a type of volcanic glass. While it can be used to mine rocks and ores, it is also used by players to fight enemies.

9. The Stalactite Pickaxe (2)

The stalactite pickaxe is a very rare tool that can only be found by mining rocks and other materials underground. These pickaxes are often made from stone, metal ores, or even bone. Though most of these tools are fairly common, it is very rare to find one with a handle.

10. The S.A.M.U.R (1)

The S.A.M.U.R (Self-Adjusting Mattock Mining Unit Robotic) is the rarest and most powerful pickaxe in the entire game.

These tools can only be obtained by building them, which requires a large amount of resources and player levels. These tools are so strong that they can mine through any type of material, and even damage enemies if necessary.

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