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Best Overshoes: Best Shoes Cover?

There are many types of shoes cover available in the market. There are shoe covers made from leather, plastic or even metal. Some of them are waterproof, some not so much. Some of them have different designs and colors, while others don’t have any design at all. All these things make it very difficult to choose the right one for your needs when you need to wear your shoes outdoors every day.

So what do you think? Do you prefer a waterproof shoe cover or not? If yes, which type would you like to use?

The first thing that comes into mind is the fact that if you want to ride your bike outside everyday then you will definitely need a waterproof shoe cover. You might be wondering why I say “will” because there are plenty of times when I just leave my shoes inside my house and go out without wearing them.

But I guess you could ask me how often I actually do that?

Well, let’s see…I don’t really remember the exact number of times but it doesn’t matter since I always take them off before going out anyway.

If you’re still thinking about whether or not you’d like to use a waterproof shoe cover, then here are some reasons why you might want to consider using one:

You’ll save money on replacing your shoes!

They’re also great if you’re living in a place where it tends to rain often.

You’ll be able to walk without getting your feet dirty!

You can choose your favorite color of shoe cover!

Best Overshoes: Castelli Over Shoe Covers Review

These overshoes fit well over my Shimano SH-MW41 shoes and stayed on nicely when down pouring rain hit while I was out on my ride. I do use a size 45 (10.5 US) and these are listed as fitting up to a size 48 (12 US). I can get them on and they are snug, but once on they stayed in place without any issues.

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After several rides in some really heavy rain they have kept my feet dry so far. I did apply water repellent before my first ride just to be sure, the included patches are marked L and R to ensure of proper application.

The large reflective patch is great for keeping you visible in the dark, and I can still see myself in them when looking at my bike from a few feet away in a darkened garage. The top of the over shoe has a nice woven texture which has held up well after several rides, no snags or loose threads yet. The tread on the bottom is not overly aggressive so you can still put enough pressure to clip in and out of your pedals, but provides good traction. The dark gray matches my black shoes and doesn’t stand out too much when looking at them from the side, they really do look like a normal pair of sneakers.

You can find more about castelli over shoe covers here.

Best Overshoes: Tred Wear Reflective SR1 Overshoes Review

The Tred Wear Reflective SR1 Overshoes are excellent for adding overshoes to my existing shoes and not having to worry about them coming off while riding. They are easy enough to put on without even looking at them. The Velcro® brand fastener makes it easy to wrap around my foot and then fasten. The plastic “hooks” on the fastener are very durable, so no worries about them coming off.

The molded sole gives me a lot more traction for riding in the rain as well as the normal safety I get from my cycling shoes. The reflective material is great for making sure cars see me on those early morning rides or late evening rides. The gray color blends in with most of my shoes so they are not that noticeable but the reflective material still gives me more visibility to others on the road. The design and material both give me confidence these overshoes will last me a long time.

They are also easy to clean with a wet paper towel and some dish soap, then you just shake off the excess water and allow to air dry. You can find more about Tred Wear overshoes here.

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