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What are Low Cost Over the Range Microwaves?

Over the range microwaves (also known as “low cost” or “budget”) are inexpensive microwaves that have been designed to provide reliable long term service at lower costs than their higher priced counterparts. They typically operate between 2 and 20 watts, but some models may even offer up to 30 watts. These units usually come with a single button control panel and no remote controls.

Why Choose a Low Cost Over the Range Microwave?

These devices generally deliver good performance and are very affordable. They are also relatively easy to install since they do not require any special tools or expertise. There are many different brands available, so it is important to choose one that suits your needs. Some of these microwaves include the following:

Microwave OTR – A low cost microwave that offers high quality performance at a reasonable price.

Daewoo OTR – This unit is a great buy that comes with an array of useful features at an affordable price.

Sharp OTR – This low cost microwave comes with a large 23L interior and a 10 power levels.

Whirlpool OTR – This microwave not only looks good, but it also offers more features than similar microwaves that are priced much higher.

Should I Buy a Low-Cost Over the Range Microwave?

These devices are a great choice for buyers that want to save money without having to sacrifice quality and performance. They are also ideal for renters and people that lack expertise in the microwave installation process.

What are the Advantages of a Low-Cost Over the Range Microwave?

These units are very affordable and they typically offer more features than their lower priced competitors. They are also very easy to install since no special tools or expertise is required.

What are the Disadvantages of a Low-Cost Over the Range Microwave?

These devices generally do not come with many “bells and whistles”. They are very straightforward and lack some of the modern features that are offered by many of the more expensive microwaves on the market.

How can I Buy a Low-Cost Over the Range Microwave?

By visiting stores that carry appliances such as Sears, Best Buy or Wal-Mart, you will have no problem finding various models to choose from. You can also purchase these devices online through merchant websites such as Amazon.

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