Best Olive Oil Dispensers

The best olive oil dispensers are essential tools for every kitchen. They make life easier when preparing food or even just cleaning up after dinner. However, there are many different types of olive oils available today and some of them are better than others. There is no need to spend hours searching through grocery stores looking for the perfect one since you can easily order online from Amazon and get your hands on the right type at the time you want it!

There are several things to consider before choosing the best olive oil dispenser for your home. You will have to decide which type of oil you prefer, how much you would like to spend, what kind of storage method you’d like to use, and so forth.

What Type Of Olive Oils Are Available?

Olive oil comes in various grades, with each grade having its own characteristics. Some of these include: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Lightly Salted Olive Oil (LTO) and Darkly Salted Olive Oil (DSO). All three types of olive oils contain varying amounts of saturated fat, but they all have a similar composition.

What separates these oils is the time they have been left to sit before being bottled. EVOO oil has had the least time, DSO oil has had the most time, and LTO falls in the middle. The longer it sits, the more flavor it is said to gain.

In addition to these three types of oil, there are flavored oils. These contain herbs and other ingredients that are mixed in with the oil after it is made. There are various herbs that can be used to flavor the oil, such as basil, garlic, or chili.

What is the Best Olive Oil Dispenser?

There are several different types of dispensers on the market and some tend to be better than others. You will be able to find many different models in your local grocery store, but it is always a good idea to do your research before buying.

Some of the dispensers that you can choose from include: spouted, spigot, trigger, pump, spray, and squeeze. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, but there isn’t one that is necessarily better than all of the others. It is up to you which model you would prefer to use.

Best Olive Oil Dispensers – Spouted

Olive oil spouts have a small opening at the top where the oil pours out. The spout is concealed by a cap, which is removed to pour the oil. Olive oils that come in spouted containers are typically in glass bottles and have a wide opening at the top for easy pouring.

A few examples of these oils are Bertolli, Colavita, and Pompeian.

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The advantage of spouted dispensers is that they tend to be easier to use than some of the others. You won’t have to worry about the oil dripping down the side of the bottle when you are trying to pour it.

Best Olive Oil Dispensers – Spigot

Olive oil spigots function in a similar way to spouted dispensers, but they typically have a larger opening on top of the dispenser itself. This makes for easier pouring, but it also means that the spigot is more likely to drip after use if not properly capped. While some of the oils that come in this type of container have wide openings at the top, others such as Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil do not, so you will have to remove the spigot before each use.

Best Olive Oil Dispensers – Trigger

Olive oil dispensers with a trigger are probably the easiest to use, but they are also the most expensive. These types of dispensers are typically made out of glass or plastic and have a pump on top. This type of pump works like a trigger on a watergun and is very easy to use.

When you push down on the pump it puts pressure on a hollow container that holds the oil within it. When you release the trigger, a small hole at the top of the pump releases the oil and then closes so the oil doesn’t run out.

Best Olive Oil Dispensers – Pump

Pump dispensers for oils are very similar to trigger dispensers, but they are usually made of metal and have a spout instead of a trigger. The pump works in the same way as it puts pressure on a hollow container that holds the oil within it. When the pump is pressed down it forces the oil out of the container.

Pump dispensers are typically more expensive than trigger dispensers and are usually made out of metal rather than glass or plastic.

Best Olive Oil Dispensers – Spray

Spray dispensers are very easy to use, but they tend to waste more oil than other types. These olive oil spray bottles have a button on top that you press to release the oil. The nozzle sprays the oil out in a fine mist and it is very easy to cover a large area with just a few sprays.

Spray bottles are typically made of plastic and are not as durable as some of the other dispensers on the market. The oil can also begin to deteriorate the plastic over time if you don’t clean it out thoroughly. This type of dispenser is very popular for everyday use and it is very easy to find them in most grocery stores.

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Best Olive Oil Dispensers – Squeeze Bottles

Squeeze bottles are probably the least expensive type of dispenser on the market, but they also tend to waste the most oil. Olive oils that come in squeeze bottles have a wide opening at the top and a narrow nozzle at the bottom. You squeeze the bottle to force the oil out of the nozzle and into your food.

Squeeze bottles are typically made of plastic and they can break easily if you aren’t careful with them. They are not very durable and you will probably only get a few uses out of one before it starts to leak or burst.

How To Store Olive Oil

There are a few different types of storage containers that olive oil comes in. Most olive oil containers have a spout or nozzle on the top that allows you to easily dispense the oil. These containers should be stored in a cool, dark place in order to preserve the taste and integrity of the oil.

Keep them away from any direct sunlight or heat source such as a heating vent.

Olive oils that come in glass bottles should not be kept in the refrigerator because the drastic change in temperature can cause the oil to cloud up. It is also not a good idea to keep them in the cupboard because constant changes in temperature can still alter the taste and consistency of the oil. Olive oils should be stored at room temperature in a dark place so they stay fresh.

Always check the expiration date on the bottle to make sure you are getting the best quality.

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How To Cook With Olive Oil

Olive oil tastes great on almost anything and it is very easy to cook with. You can use just a little dab to add flavor or you can submerge the food in it. Olive oil has a low burning point, so you should never cook with it at high heats.

It also tends to smoke at lower temperatures, so keep an eye on what you are cooking.

Olive oil is not recommended for deep frying because it has a low burning and smoking point. Peanut oil or sunflower oil are better suited for deep frying due to their higher burning points. Olive oil is best for sautéing, baking, broiling, and slow cooking.

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