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I have been wearing Oakleys since I was a kid. They are my favorite brand.

My first pair were the “Classic” Oakleys which came out in the 70’s and 80’s (the Classic version had no visor). These were very comfortable but not super light weight.

The next generation of Oakleys were the “Performance” Oakleys which came out in the 90’s and early 2000’s. These were much lighter weight than their predecessors, but still comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Then it got really interesting with the “Sunglass” Oakleys which came out around 2006 and 2007. These were designed specifically for cyclists because they featured a built in lens shade so you could see what kind of weather conditions you might encounter while riding your bike or even just going about your daily life.

These new models were also made from a stronger material than previous generations and included features like a built in strap system for easy carrying, water resistant materials, etc.

Nowadays Oakley produces several different lines of sunglasses ranging from the classic “classic” style to the modern “performance” style. Each line has its own unique design elements and features.

The most popular lines now are the “Flak Jacket” and the “M-Frame” lines. These both have good reviews.

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One thing I really like about Oakley is that you can purchase spare lenses for most of their sunglasses so if you get a lens chip or get some scratches on the lens you can easily replace them without having to buy a whole new pair of sunglasses.

The following sunglasses are ranked in my very own opinion in the following order:

1. Oakley M-Frame – I like this style of sunglasses because they are similar to the old “performance” style but are made with stronger materials and have more modern styling.

Oakley makes several different models in this style so you can choose from a variety of different colors, lens tints, etc. They also have interchangeable lenses so you can swap them out depending on the light conditions outside.

2. Oakley Flak Jacket – These are similar to the “Sunglass” style of sunglasses but have more modern styling and a slightly different frame.

These are very popular right now and they come in several different colors, lens tints, etc.

3. Oakley Canopy – These are a different style of sunglasses than the other two listed here.

They wrap around your head to cover more of your face than the other two styles listed here. They are good for extreme sports because of this. Oakley even makes a model with a built in camera so you can take pictures while you are doing your extreme sports!

4. Oakley Radar – These are much like the “Flak Jacket” style except they cover less of your face and the arms are longer.

They do have interchangeable lenses however so you can change them out depending on light conditions outside.

5. Oakley Flight Deck – These are very large frames and by far the most popular of the “classic” style.

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They have interchangeable lenses much like the other styles listed here.

These are just my personal preferences in terms of what style of Oakley sunglasses I think are the best ones. There are plenty of other styles made by Oakley that you may prefer over those listed above.

The best place to buy Oakley sunglasses is online. You can get better deals there than you can buying them from a store. There are several good online retailers that I have bought from in the past such as Amazon and eBay.

Make sure you read up on consumer reviews for the company you are buying from prior to purchase.

Another place you can buy Oakley sunglasses is at a place called Oakley Vault. This is a store located in several different malls throughout the country. A lot of the times you can find better deals on sunglasses here than you can online.

You can try looking for them at local stores in your area too. Stores like Performance Bicycle and Scheels may carry them. If not they can special order them for you.

I hope this advice on where to buy Oakley sunglasses helped you out.

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