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Best Classical Guitar: Best Nylon String Guitars for Beginners?

The question arises whether it’s better to start with a classical guitar or a cheaper one.

And if so, which one is better? Is there any difference between them?

Let’s see what are the pros and cons of each type of guitar.

Classical Guitar Pros & Cons


1) You will have a good quality instrument at an affordable price.

2) You will get a very nice sound from your instrument.

3) They are easy to play because they use only one string.


1) Some may not like the fact that they need to learn how to strum a single string.

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It takes time and practice!

2) If you want something simple, then go for a cheap guitar instead.

3) They may not be as loud as a professional guitar.

4) They don’t come with all the accessories such as tuners, pickguards etc.

5) Most of them do not have a tremolo system.

You might need to buy one separately. (Some models do). So, you’ll need to spend extra money on this feature.

6) They don’t look as aesthetically pleasing as other guitars do.

The main reason why someone would buy a classical guitar is because of the sound quality. The sound they produce is very rich and blends with the music well. If you are a beginner, then this guitar is perfect for you since they are easy to learn on. It will make it easier for you to play with less effort.

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Cheap Classical Guitars

Are you a beginner or you need a back up guitar?

If so, then you should go for a cheap classical. They are not as good as the high-end ones, but they will do for now. I know that it is hard to find a quality instrument at an affordable price, but it’s possible with some research and patience.

Look for Classical Guitars with Solid Wood

If you are looking for a cheap classical guitar, make sure that it has solid wood. Solid wood makes the sound of the instrument richer and fuller. Take for example, the Yamaha CG143 is made out of solid wood. This is why it sounds better than other classical guitars that I’ve tried in this price range. It may be cheap, but the tone and sound that it produces is way beyond its price tag.

Solid wood also helps with the durability of the instrument. It can last a lifetime if you take care of it properly. This is why you should spend a few more dollars on a quality wood material.

Don’t Buy a Guitar With a Bolt-on Neck

The neck of the guitar is very important since it is what you will be focusing on when playing. It should be smooth and easy to slide your hand up and down it. If the neck is made out of cheap material, then it will be harder to play and may cause hand fatigue.

Also, make sure that the neck is not bolted on. Some low priced classical guitars have necks that are bolted on. This makes the guitar very unstable and it will be hard to keep in tune. You should also check the material that the neck is made of. Rosewood is a good choice.

The Most Important Part of a Classical Guitar

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This may be hard to believe, but the strings are the most important part of a guitar. Even if you have the best guitar in the world, but with bad strings, it won’t sound that great. You will need to restring your instrument every once in a while in order to keep your tone quality high. Make sure that you buy quality strings otherwise you will have to keep on adjusting the strings that you bought.

There are two types of strings for a classical guitar, nylon and gut. Both of them have their own tone and feel to them. Make sure to experiment with both in order to see which one you like best.

Classical Guitars Have a Humbucker Pickup

Unless you are planning on playing in an orchestra or with a band that plays classical music, then you are probably not going to need an acoustic amplifier. Most classical guitars have a humbucker pickup installed on the body. This allows you to plug your guitar directly into your computer. There are several great recording softwares that allow you to record what you are playing. This is great for when you are practicing and you can also play along to your favorite songs.

I hope this list helps you with your future purchase. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment box below.

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