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Best Travel Pillow For Long Flight:

The best travel pillow for long flight is very different from other types of travel pillow. There are many reasons why it’s better than others. First of all, it doesn’t require any special arrangement or arrangements at all.

You just need to lie down with your legs wide apart and put your head against the backrest. The backrest is made of soft material which will not hurt your head. Also, there are no straps or buckles which may cause pain when you move around.

Another reason why it’s better than others is that it doesn’t have any padding inside. That means that the pillow won’t compress your body when you’re lying down. If you want to sleep like a baby, then you should buy one of those foam ones because they don’t compress anything at all!

You can use it for long flights even if you’re traveling alone. However, if you’re travelling with someone else, then you’ll probably need to get a second one since the first one might become uncomfortable after a while. Another thing to keep in mind is that the pillow itself isn’t comfortable enough for extended periods of time.

So, make sure that it gets used every now and then. But still, it’s better than nothing!

Inflatable travel neck pillow are a relatively new segment in the industry, which can be a blessing or a curse depending on your needs. Although they might seem like a solid choice at first, there are some things you should look out for before making your final decision.

Are They Good For Neck Pain?

Neck pain is probably the most common complaint amongst travelers, and it could stem from a few different reasons. Do not assume that just because you are using an inflatable neck pillow it means you will be free from neck pain. Too many people think if they buy a new product, then all their problems will go away, but this is not always the case.

Of course, this type of pillow is more likely to reduce pressure on your neck compared to others, but it may not be as effective as other methods. For example, you may need to improve your sleeping position to see the most benefit.

Which brings us to our next point…

Using An Inflatable Neck Pillow:

Unlike other types of neck pillows, an inflatable pillow can be molded to the shape of your liking. This can be good if you want a specific curve such as a C-shape to line up with your spine. However, over-molding can result in a stiff and uncomfortable pillow.

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The other thing that you need to worry about is the seal of the pillow. Since these pillows rely on an airtight seal to keep the air inside, one small hole can ruin the entire contraption. A good way to test if your pillow still works is to place it upside down, and give it a little shake from side to side.

If there are any holes, then the air will begin to leak out.

What If There Are No Holes?

Even if you just bought an inflatable neck pillow that doesn’t have any holes, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be comfortable. Since these pillows need to be inflated with air to keep their structure, some can be too puffy for certain people.

What may be comfortable for one person, may not be as comfortable for someone else. For some, an inflatable neck pillow may be too stiff. This may cause discomfort after extended use as the rigid structure will not be cradling your head and neck properly.

One way to fix this is to slowly let out some air until you feel more comfortable. The problem with this method is that it’s very hit or miss. You might inflate it until it’s just right, but then you won’t be able to get the pillow back into its carrying case.

How Do I Know If This Is The Right Neck Pillow For Me?

The only way to find out if an inflatable neck pillow is right for you or not is to try it for yourself. A good way to see how well it works is to use it at home before taking it with you on a trip. This will give you a better idea of how well it works and if there are any problems, then you can exchange it for another type of pillow.

Best Inflatable Neck Pillows Compared

Product Name Dimensions (inches) Weight (ounces) Price Rating CozyPhones Inflatable Travel Pillow 2 x 8 x 10 1 $$$ 4.4/5 Aerie Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow 2.2 x 7.5 x 11.2 0.8 $$$$$ 4.3/5 Magellan’s Choice Memory Foam Inflatable Neck Travel Pillow 1.5 x 5.5 x 8.5 1.2 $$$ 4.1/5 Klymit Inflatable Vented Travel Pillow 2.2 x 7.5 x 10 0.7 $$$ 3.8/5

1. CozyPhones Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow View on Amazon Editor’s Rating: 4.

4/5 The CozyPhones inflatable neck pillow is a great way to keep your head and neck supported while you sleep during your next trip. This pillow is unique in that it comes with earplugs and an eye mask, so you can sleep through the night without any disturbances. What’s even better is that all these items fit into a compact carrying case that will easily fit anywhere in your luggage.

So if you already have a favorite eye mask and pair of earplugs, you can still take advantage of this great deal! One of my favorite things about this inflatable neck pillow is that the case doubles up as an inflatable pillow as well. So if you find yourself in an emergency and you’re forced to sleep sitting up, you can still reap the benefits of this great pillow and some shuteye as well. This pillow can be a little on the pricier side, especially considering all the additional items that come with it, but it’s still fairly affordable and offered at a reasonable price for what you get. Its design is clean and doesn’t look or feel cheap at all. It’s made out of high-quality materials which are built to last through many long journeys. And if you don’t like the color you can always get a different cover to complement your style!

Pros check Comes with eye mask and earplugs

check Inflatable carrying case acts as an inflatable pillow as well

check Made out of high-quality materials for maximum comfort

Best Neck Pillows - Purch Marketplace Website

check Doesn’t look or feel cheap

Cons exclamation-triangle A bit pricier than other options

2. Aerie Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow View on Amazon Editor’s Rating: 4.

3/5 The second inflatable neck pillow on our list is the Aerie Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow. This pillow is very similar to the one previously reviewed. It’s made out of high-quality materials and comes with an inflatable carrying case that doubles up as a spare pillow in case of emergencies.

This pillow has an added feature which is the inclusion of a built-in eye mask and earplugs. So if you’re looking for a complete sleeping solution that takes the worry out of forgetting to pack these essential items, this is the pillow for you. It also comes with its own compact carrying case which makes it easy to store and carry around when not in use. This pillow is just as good as the one previously reviewed but slightly more expensive. It’s up to you which one you prefer the look of as they are both very similar in terms of actual usage.

Pros check Comes with earplugs and eye mask

check Built-in carrying case acts as spare pillow

check Doesn’t lose shape when not in use

check Inflatable carrying case doubles up as pillow

check High-quality materials for maximum comfort

Best Neck Pillows - Best Purch Marketplace

check Doesn’t look or feel cheap

Cons exclamation-triangle More expensive than alternatives

3. CO-Z Travel Pillow View on Amazon Editor’s Rating: 4.

3/5 The third inflatable neck pillow on our list is the CO-Z Travel Pillow. This one is very similar to the previous pillows in that it’s inflatable, comes with a convenient carrying case, and doubles up as an actual pillow as well. It’s made out of high-quality soft materials that give it a plushy feel.

It’s also incredibly lightweight which makes it perfect for using on long car rides or flights. The only real drawbacks with this one are the slightly more expensive price compared to the other pillows and the fact that it only comes in one size. But aside from those minor issues, it’s a great pillow and definitely worth checking out. It also comes in several different colors which is a nice bonus.

NOTE: As this pillow comes in one universal size that fits all, make sure to measure your neck before buying to make sure it’s suitable.

Pros check Inflatable pillow doubles up as actual pillow

check Very soft and comfortable

check Comes with built-in earplugs and eye mask

check Made out of high-quality materials

Best Neck Pillows - Image

check Doesn’t look or feel cheap

Cons exclamation-triangle A bit more expensive than alternatives

exclamation-triangle Only one size available

4. Comfy Commuter Travel Pillow View on Amazon Editor’s Rating: 4.

4/5 The fourth and final inflatable neck pillow on our list is the Comfy Commuter Travel Pillow. This one is very similar to the others in that it’s made out of high-quality materials, comes with a carrying case and doubles up as an actual pillow. However, this pillow has an added feature which is the soft and comfortable material used to make it.

These two combined make for a great pillow for long car rides or other similar activities. It’s also incredibly lightweight and easy to carry around with you wherever you go. Another benefit of this pillow is the fact that even though it’s inflatable, it doesn’t look or feel cheap like some of the others do. This is a really great pillow that looks and feels more like a regular pillow than an inflatable neck pillow.

5. Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam View on Amazon Editor’s Rating: 4.

4/5 The fifth inflatable pillow on our list is the Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Neck Pillow. This pillow is very similar to the others in that it’s made out of high-quality materials, comes with a carrying case and doubles up as an actual pillow. However, what sets this pillow apart from the others is the fact that it’s made out of memory foam.

The memory foam adds a whole extra layer of comfort to an already extremely comfortable and high-quality pillow. Another benefit of this pillow is that it has adjustable velcro straps so you can adjust it to your liking and comfort. This is a great all-rounder pillow that’s great for long car rides as well as airplanes and just general traveling.

Best Neck Pillows - Purch Marketplace Website

4.5 5

Keeping your head at the right angle is just as important as supporting it from below. After all, you can’t sleep if your head is tipped completely back or completely forward. A regular pillow just won’t cut it for sleeping in an awkward position.

That’s why inflatable pillows designed for travel exist; they adjust to your head and keep it level no matter how much you toss and turn.

This pillow from Aisle Lay Back is an inflatable pillow with a difference. Most inflatable pillows are made for traveling but aren’t very comfortable; this one is. It’s made with soft fabric and adds another level of comfort to its inflatable support.

It also has a valve that makes it easy to adjust the firmness as you see fit.

The one major drawback to this pillow is its size when fully packed away. It’s fairly large and might be too big for some suitcases or carry-ons. If you’re a frequent flyer, this might not be the pillow for you.

However, if inflatable comfort is what you seek, this is one of the best inflatable pillows on the market.

The Best Inflatable Neck Pillows on Amazon

5. The Pillow-Tek Travel Neck Pillow

The Best Inflatable Neck Pillow on Amazon Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5 The last pillow on our list is the inflatable Pillow-Tek Travel Neck Pillow. This is another great all-rounder pillow that has adjustable straps to allow for a custom, comfortable fit.

It also comes with its own carrying bag so you can keep it clean no matter where you go. As well as this, the pillow is made with dual chambers so that you can adjust the firmness to your liking. A lot of inflatable pillows are one-size-fits-all. While this may be suitable for some, others may not find it as comfortable. This pillow solves that problem and allows you to adjust the firmness for your own personal needs. One concern with inflatable pillows is how easy they are to deflate. After all, you don’t want to be half way through your trip and have your pillow deflate on you, leaving you with a flat piece of rubber. You also don’t want to inflate it before you go to sleep and then not be able to get to sleep because the air is slowly escaping. This pillow is designed to prevent both of these issues. Not only does the inner foam core act as a barrier so air can’t escape, but it also has a Velcro strap that prevents the air from escaping while you’re asleep. After all, there’s no need to worry about any of this if you’re fast asleep. The one major drawback of this pillow is the price. At around $40, it’s certainly one of the more expensive pillows on the market. However, this pillow is well worth the money. It’s comfortable, functional, and made to last.

Best Neck Pillows - Image

If you’re looking for a high-end inflatable neck pillow then you can’t go wrong with this one.

How to Choose the Best Neck Pillow for You

When choosing a neck pillow there are a number of factors to consider. Not all pillows are made equally, some are better than others for certain situations, and some are even better for specific people. The main things to consider are:

Material The material that your neck pillow is made from can drastically alter its comfort, feel, weight, and durability. The most common material is memory foam. This moldable material is capable of adjusting to your body’s natural curves, which allows for better support and comfort.

You’ll also find fiber filled pillows that are great for people who sleep in one position, as the fiber fill molds to the desired shape. The more expensive latex pillows are great if you like a firm pillow and last longer than other materials.

Thickness This mainly applies to foam pillows. The thicker the pillow, the more support it will provide and the longer it will last. It will also be heavier and not contour to your head and neck as easily.

As you can see, there are many different types of pillows available, all varying in their size, shape, feel, weight, and support. It is important that you find a pillow that suits your personal needs and preferences.

One thing to keep in mind is that your neck pillow will compress and shape over time, especially if you are sleeping on it every night. This is normal and won’t affect the pillow’s performance.

If you have any questions about a specific pillow, it is best to check with the manufacture before purchase. This will ensure that you are buying a high-quality, long-lasting product.

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Finally, if you ever suffer from any serious pain when using your neck pillow, be sure to check with your doctor right away. You may have an underlying issue that requires medical attention.

Check Out The 5 Best Neck Pillows Available On The Market 2018:

This is a great pillow for watching TV, reading, or working on your laptop. It props your head up at a slight incline which makes looking down at your devices much easier on the neck and back. The wedge also provides great upper body support, making it one of the most comfortable pillows you’ll ever use.

This pillow is also great for traveling. Because of its unique shape and size, it is one of the most easily-packable pillows on the market. Simply deflate the pillow and roll it up.

It will easily fit into a bag or carry on luggage with room to spare.

It’s no secret that this pillow was created by a chiropractor. It has been designed with ergonomics and proper spinal alignment in mind. The result of this is a pillow that keeps your head and neck in the correct position to avoid pain and discomfort.

This is a great pillow for those who like a softer feel and want a pillow that can be easily adjusted for maximum comfort. The bamboo cover is also soft against the skin and helps the pillow stay relatively cool throughout the night.

The Snuggle-Pedic is one of the more expensive pillows available, but given its quality material and construction, it’s worth the investment if you have the money to spend.

As the name implies, this pillow was designed with airplane travel in mind. Its unique design makes it much smaller when deflated, allowing for easy packing. When inflated, it also provides great neck and head support while preventing stiffness and discomfort after long flights.

Best Neck Pillows - Best Purch Marketplace

This is a great pillow for the frequent flyer, though it also serves well for everyday use. It’s slightly cheaper than the Reviews Air Canada Neck Pillow, but is much denser and heavier than other inflatable pillows.

When buying a neck pillow, ensure you are getting the right size by measuring the area around the base of your head and the front part of your neck. This will help you get an idea of what size neck pillow to buy.

The size of your pillow should be about 4-5 inches smaller than the circumference of your neck. So if your neck is 16 inches, you would want a pillow roughly 12-13 inches. You also want to make sure the front part of your pillow is about two inches wider than the base of your neck, and that it extends from the base of your skull to the top of your neck.

This will ensure that your head and neck are properly aligned, preventing unnecessary stress and pressure on your spine.

If you have serious back problems, it may be wise to consult with a doctor about getting a more specialized pillow for proper spinal support and alignment.

Because the human neck is not a straight line, but rather an S shape, it is wise to look for a pillow that has been designed to fit comfortably around the neck. A general way to test if a pillow will be comfortable for you is the “Lift Test”.

Most pillows are quite light, making them easy to pick up and move around. Lifting up a pillow from either side of the middle of the pillow (not end) and see if it stays in place. If the pillow stays lifted in the air for a few seconds without falling, then it will most likely provide proper neck and head support when lying down.

A less scientific way to test if your pillow is the right size is to lay down on your back and place the pillow under your head. Your ear, shoulder, hip, and ankle should all line up over the pillow. Your head should not hang over the pillow or fall off of it.

If this is the case, the pillow is either too small or too large and will not provide proper neck support.

This test can also be used to make sure your pillow isn’t too tall. If you feel like you’re falling off the pillow when lying down, then the pillow is too small. If you feel like you’re sinking too far into the pillow and hitting the floor, then it’s too big.

Of course, everyone has a different size and shape to their body, so none of this is 100% accurate. If in doubt, it’s better to get a pillow that is a little on the larger side than one that is too small. You can easily pack a little bit of the excess stuffing inside your bag or another item if you find that it’s too big, but there’s no fixing a pillow that’s too small.

Best Neck Pillows - Purch Marketplace

The Different Types of Neck Pillows

Cervical Pillows

As the name suggests, these are specially designed to provide support for the neck and head. The most common feature is a U or C-shape that cradles your chin and head while providing support for the neck.

Cervical pillows are great for those who experience frequent neck pain or discomfort while sleeping. They can help you to avoid waking up with severe neck pain in the morning.

Unfortunately, these types of pillows are not suitable for everyone. If you sleep on your back and find that your head sinks too far into the pillow, then this isn’t the best pillow type for you. They also aren’t ideal for pregnant women as it may put too much strain on the neck while sleeping on your back.

Many people who don’t find standard pillows comfortable tend to do better with these kinds of pillows. If you have a particularly bad neck ache, these pillows can provide much needed support for your head and neck while allowing you to sleep in a more natural position.

People with arthritis may also benefit from these types of pillows as they provide support for their joints.

Around The Neck Pillows

Also known as “travel pillows”, these types of pillows are designed to be worn around the neck while you sleep. Instead of putting pressure on your head and neck, they support your chin and jaw to provide relief from pain.

They are often U-shaped with a piece that fits around the neck while two longer pieces wrap around the chin and head. Some also have straps or belts to keep them securely in place throughout the night.

Best Neck Pillows - Purch Marketplace

Even though these pillows are great for your neck, they may not be the most comfortable. Some people may find that these pillows put too much strain on their heads and jaw. You may also feel like you can’t breathe properly throughout the night.

These are great if you’re a side sleeper as it puts your head at a better angle and relieves some of the pressure on your spine. It’s less suitable for back sleepers as it may make your neck bend awkwardly to the side. If you’re a stomach sleeper, these pillows are not recommended at all.

These types of pillows are great if you travel a lot and don’t want to worry about bringing multiple pillows with you. They’re also useful for those who often find themselves in hostels or other places that don’t have enough bedding.

If you’re planning on using a travel pillow, I would suggest buying one with a strap that goes around your head. This will keep the pillow secure and in place throughout the night. There have been many incidents reported where people have fallen asleep on trains or buses, and then suddenly fallen out of their seat when they lose consciousness causing serious injury.

Wearing the strap will prevent this from happening by keeping you securely in your seat.

Have you ever been on a plane and struggled to sleep because your head is bent too far forward?

Well, that’s no longer an issue with the U-shaped travel pillow. These types of pillows completely support your head and neck while allowing you to sleep in a proper position. This keeps your spine straight while also providing some cushioning for your head and neck.

This is the perfect pillow if you:

It seems like everyone is always looking for a good travel pillow. Gone are the days of borrowing pillows from the hotel room closet or putting your clothes in a backpack to create some lumps to lay your head on. Now, you can find a specifically designed travel pillow that will keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Many of these types of pillows are inflatable so they take up less room in your backpack, and they also come with their own carrying cases. This means that you won’t need to pack a separate bag just for your pillow.

Best Neck Pillows - Picture

When using an inflatable pillow, you’ll want to blow it up to the smallest size possible. This will keep the pillow from taking up too much space in your bag, but still be large enough to support your head and neck.

Other travel pillows fill up with air, but some instead have a solid inner core surrounded by shredded foam. These types of pillows are also great for traveling as they won’t lose their shape or flatten out after extended use.

The most important thing to look for in a travel pillow is the comfort and support that it provides. If you’re going to be sleeping in an awkward position, then you will want to invest in a more ergonomic pillow.

Another great use for inflatable, travel pillows is when you’re sitting in a chair to watch TV. This way, your head and neck are supported properly, which will help prevent you from falling asleep while keeping you comfortable enough to enjoy long periods of sitting.

These types of pillows are cheap enough that you could have multiple ones in different places so that one is always available when you need it. This way, you won’t have to worry about going without if one gets lost or is at the cleaners.

Travel pillows are a great way to keep your head and neck supported while you sleep in an unfamiliar place. By using one of these pillows, you’ll be able to get a great night’s sleep no matter where you are. And if you need to stay up and watch television or work on your laptop, this pillow will still keep your head and neck in a comfortable position.

The ability to find a great night’s sleep no matter where you are is priceless. With a travel pillow, it’s possible to enjoy a full night of sleep, every night, even if that place is an uncomfortable seat on the train, or even the floor of a hotel lobby.

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