Best NARS Blush

Best NARS Blush Review:

NARS Best Nars Blush Review:

What’s the Difference Between Nars Best Nars Blush and Other Brands?

How to Choose the Right Color for You?

The History Behind the Name “Best” in the Name of NARS’ Best Blushes!

Where Can I Buy NARS Best Blush?

Is it Worth Buying the Newest Version of NARS Blush?

NARS Best Nars Blush Review:

NARS Best Nars Blush Review:

What’s the Difference Between Nars Best Nars Blush and Other Brands?

You may have heard that there are different types of blushes. There are natural ones, those with pigment, and then there are synthetic ones. Natural ones are not supposed to cause any damage to your skin and they’re meant for dry or damaged skin. Synthetic ones are made from pigments which can cause irritation if used too much. However, some brands use synthetic colors without using enough pigment. These blushes do not last long on your face and eventually will disappear due to oxidation or break down into other substances over time.

NARS uses only natural colors. These colors are blends of different minerals and they use pigments which have a high color strength. They do not break down into other substances, so they last a long time of proper storage. NARS Best Nars Blushes are made with these pigments in mind.

With natural colors, you can wear NARS Blush without it looking fake or unnatural on your skin. It just looks like a more youthful version of your natural flush.

Other blushes often use cheaper ingredients or a lot of filler to keep the price down. In fact, some blushes have as much as 40% fillers! These fillers are often made from ingredients that can cause irritation and inflammation on your skin. NARS does not cut any corners and uses only the best ingredients for their products.

You can wear the blushes without any irritation or inflammation issues.

NARS’ Best Nars Blush is made with as little as 6 ingredients! Other blushes have around 20-30 ingredients and some even have over 40!

Do you really want to put all those chemicals on your face?

NARS gives you options in natural looking colors. You do not need all those extra ingredients to make the blush stick. They use natural ingredients which help make your skin look beautiful without clogging your pores.

NARS uses only the purest pigments for their blushes. The names of their blushes may sound weird, but they are there to show you that other blushes do not have as much pigment or quality in their color. Take the Orgasm blush, for example. When this first came out, everyone was in awe of the name.

No blush had a name like this before. It is still one of the most popular blushes sold by NARS. The actual color of the blush is a natural pink color. No, it will not make you look like you just had an orgasim (hence the name), but it is a very unique color that you do not find in other blushes.

Other blushes may have colors that sound similar. For example, the NARS blush, “Gilda,” sounds very similar to the Bobbi Brown blush, “Bellini.” Gilda is a peachy color with a golden shimmer. Bellini is more of a terra-cotta color.

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Gilda will make you look youthful and glowing while Bellini will make you look older and wrinkled. NARS blushes are made to make you look more youthful and vibrantly pink, not older or jaundiced.

With so many options in blushes, NARS make it easy for you to find the perfect color for you. You can go with a loud color like Larger Than Life or Vivacious. These are very pigmented and will give you that pop of color that you desire. If you are fair skinned, go with the lighter colors like Superb or the already mentioned Larger Than Life and Gilda.

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