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The price of best name necklaces are very high nowadays. You may need to spend $5000 or even more for one. These are expensive but they have their merits. They give you a sense of security when it comes to your identity and the fact that you won’t get lost in public places. If you want to buy a name necklace, then you must consider the following factors:


How many names do I want?


What kind of name would you like?


Will you wear it everyday? (If yes, then how much? And where will you wear it?



How long does it take to make?


Do you prefer white or black metal?

1. How

Many Names Do I Want To Buy?

How many names do you want to buy?

A few hundred dollars is enough if you just want one name, but if you want several names, then the cost increases significantly. Most people only buy one to three names at a time. If you want, you can also buy more than three as the price won’t be much higher. But if you really want to save money, then you should wait for sales.

Most people only buy one to three new names every few months or even years. They prefer to wait for a better deal. But if you really want to save your money, then you should wait for sales.

TIP: Check out the company’s official website to get coupons.

2. What

Kind Of Name Do I Want?

There are a lot of different kinds of names that you can choose. In this day and age, it is best to stick with longer names or names with two words for maximum effect. If you want, you can pick a shorter name, but keep in mind that it may not turn out as well.

For best results, here are the kinds of names you can choose from:

a) One Word Names

One word names are the simplest and easiest to remember. If you want a name that is easy to memorize, then one word names are the way to go. Some popular one word names are Apple, Sunshine, and Princess.

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Most experts recommend one word names because they work best for most people. They stand out the most and are the easiest to remember.

b) Two Word Names

Two word names are a lot more common than one word names. That’s because they are more versatile and can be longer. If you want, you can get a very specific two word name that describes something about you or even your aspirations in life.

Some popular two word names are LoveLife and DriveRace.

c) Acronyms

Acronyms are also very popular because they can be very long. In fact, acronyms can be so long that they become unwieldy. The only problem with acronyms is that they can’t be read in reverse. If you want, you can get a company to spell your whole name backwards.

Some popular acronyms are GODLVS and ILUVATRL.

d) Sentences

Sentence names are very long and very hard to remember. To most people, they are ugly and hard to identify. If you want, you can get a company to create a sentence name for you. Some examples of sentence names are:



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3. When

Will I Wear It?

After you choose the type of name you want, then it’s time to decide when will you wear the necklace. If you wear a name all the time, then it could be detrimental because you will constantly be reminded that you are no one. This won’t do any good if you want to forget your past life. On the other hand, if you always take off your necklace, then it defeats the purpose of wearing one at all.

As with everything else, it is a balancing act. You need to choose the situations where you want to wear your necklace.

Some people only wear their necklace when they go out. If you want, you can remove it when you are home relaxing or sleeping. If you plan on wearing your necklace all the time, then it’s best if you leave it on when you sleep.

4. Where

Will I Wear It?

After you choose when you want to wear your new necklace, then it’s time to decide where you will wear it. Name necklaces come in different lengths. If you get one that is too long or too short, then you won’t be able to wear it in public.

As with everything else, it is best if you plan ahead and test out the length on your neck before buying it.

Some people wear their necklaces underneath their shirts. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of a name necklace without being too flashy. If you want, you can attach your necklace to your underwear so that it won’t bounce around as you walk.

Other people like to wear their necklaces over their shirts. If you want, you can even attach a small lock to your necklace so that no one can steal it from you. If you get a longer necklace, you can wrap it around your waist like a belt.

5. Why

Should I Wear One?

People wear name necklaces for various reasons. No one will know why you are wearing one except you. If you want, you can tell people that your necklace is special and that they shouldn’t touch it. They will assume that it has magical powers or something and will leave you alone.

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Some people wear a name necklace to remind themselves of their past lives. They feel as if they were once important people in their past life and want to keep that memory alive. If you want, you can pretend that you are royalty from a far away land.

Some people like to wear name necklaces because they think they look cool. Some say that name necklaces can ward off evil spirits. Others wear them for good luck.

Whatever the reason, you should choose now why you are going to wear your new necklace.

This story is based on characters and situations created by Tails199, written in 2014. All rights reserved. Photograph by Ian Shive .

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