Best Moving Blankets

Best Moving Blanket – What are they?

Moving blankets are used to move furniture or other items from one location to another. They come in different sizes and types, depending on their purpose. For example, some of them can carry large objects such as mattresses while others can only carry small ones like pillows. Some of them have wheels which makes it easier for moving around larger objects. The most common type of moving blanket is called a “heavy duty” moving blanket. These are made up of several layers of fabric with heavy duty zippers and buckles. They weigh at least 20 pounds each and can take up to 50 pounds of weight before breaking down completely.

What do they cost?

The price depends on the size, type, material, and number of pieces needed to complete your project. The heavier the item, the higher its price will be. A moving blanket may cost anywhere between $200 and $1000.

How much does it weigh?

A typical heavy duty moving blanket weighs about 20 pounds, but there are many varieties of these items available. There are also lighter versions of the same product which can be purchased for less than half the price.

What if I don’t want to pay for a moving blanket?

This is not likely to be a good idea. If you have some old comforters, sheets or table cloths that are too worn out to use anymore, then you can cut them into strips and secure them with rope to wrap your furniture with. However, this will not offer the same kind of protection that a heavy duty moving blanket offers.

How do you clean a moving blanket?

Most moving blankets can be machine washed in cold water and hung to dry.

How long do they last?

This also really depends on the type of blanket you buy and how you use it. Light duty blankets can last for several moves, but heavy duty blankets will need to be replaced after every move.

Tips for Using a Heavy Duty Moving Blanket

Make sure that all four corners are tightly wrapped around the object before lifting it up.

Make sure that the fabric is not wrinkled or folded in any way before lifting it up to carry it.

Make sure that all parts of your furniture are tightly wrapped and secured before carrying it.

After lifting an item, always walk at a steady pace. Running or jogging can cause you to lose your grip on the blanket.

Never lift anything that is heavier than you can handle safely. Always use proper lifting techniques.

If you have any fragile ornaments, pictures or anything else that is not meant to be moved, put it into a box and securely tape it down before wrapping your furniture.

Do not use these blankets on carpeted floors. The friction can cause the blanket to slide out from under your object.

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