Best Mineral Makeup

What is mineral makeup?

Mineral makeup is made up of natural ingredients such as beeswax, mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and other minerals. These are used to make it non-greasy and long lasting. It helps protect your skin from environmental aggressors like pollution or sun rays. It also helps prevent premature aging of the skin due to free radicals.

How does mineral makeup work?

Mineral makeup prevents premature aging of the skin by preventing free radical damage to the skin cells. Free radicals are unstable molecules which cause cell damage when they come into contact with oxygen. They include hydroperoxides, peroxides and hydroxyl radicals. When these chemicals enter the body, they can lead to cancer, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Free radicals have been linked to many diseases including heart disease, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

Why use mineral makeup?

It is very expensive to buy the right products for your skin type. You may need to spend thousands of dollars just for one product. If you want to look younger, then you will not only need to invest in mineral makeup but also regular skincare products. A good moisturizer can keep your face looking fresh and youthful, while a proper facial cleanser can remove dead skin cells and dirt particles from the surface of your face. Anti-aging products can also reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines, giving you a healthy glow. You do not need a dermatologist to prescribe any of these products since they are available over the counter. But this convenience comes at a price. Most skincare products contain harmful chemicals such as hormones, fragrances, formaldehyde and parabens that can cause serious side effects.

How to use mineral makeup?

Once you have chosen the right product, you must learn to apply it correctly for best results. If you have very oily skin, then you may want to buy a pressed powder. These do not have oils and can prevent excess oil from building up on your face. Most people prefer using loose powder since it provides more coverage and gives your skin a flawless finish. You can also mix a bit of loose powder with some moisturizer to create the perfect tinted moisturizer. Since most people prefer liquid foundation, you may want to buy one in your shade. Apply a small amount on your hand and dip your damp makeup sponge into it. Before squeezing out the excess liquid, buff the product on to your skin in a circular motion. This will give you even coverage without applying too much of it.

What is the importance of colors in mineral makeup?

The vast range of colors in most makeup lines can be quite confusing. Manufacturers often label these using alphanumeric codes such as the ‘NC15’, ‘Buff Beige’ etc. However, these are not standardized and different manufacturers use different codes for the same color. For example, two companies may label the same shade of pink ‘Hot Pink’ and ‘Dark Rose’. This makes it difficult to choose the right shade from a product line.

Is it true that powder and foundation should match exactly?

While it is important to choose a shade that matches your skin tone, exact matching is not always necessary. The most recommended way to choose the right shade of loose powder or foundation is to go to a store and try some out. Most makeup lines also have testers available, so you can easily test a product before buying it. If none of these options are available, then you can use the loose powder trick. Take a small amount of loose powder on your finger tips and apply it at the back of your wrist. Let it sit there for about five minutes. If your wrist skin turns slightly orange, then the shade is too light. If it has no color, then it is too dark. A shade that matches will give your skin a warm, healthy glow. The same test can be done with foundation as well.

Where to Buy Makeup?

Buying make-up is not a complex process. The three most important factors to keep in mind are your skin type, the coverage you want and the color. Once you have figured these out, you can easily buy the right product for you from a drug store or an online retailer.

The wide choice of products available on the market can be quite bewildering. Most manufacturers use alphanumeric codes to label their products. These range from three digits to four, with the first one or two denoting the tone in the range of fair to dark. For example, the code ‘300’ denotes a medium beige tone while ‘410’ is a pale beige. The second digit denotes the tone of the product while the third digit denotes the coverage.

For example, ‘4’ means full coverage while ‘0’ means no coverage. Finally, the fourth digit is used to differentiate between shades within the same tone. For example, ‘411’ is a lighter version of ‘410’.

Makeup artists use these codes to find the right product for their clients. You can also use them to find the right product for yourself if you know your skin tone and coverage needs.

What’s the difference between online and regular retailers? Is one better than the other?

When it comes to makeup, there are more similarities than differences between online and regular retailers. The main difference is price. Usually, online retailers are a little cheaper as they cut on the costs of running a store, such as rent and staff salaries. They can pass these savings on to their customers in the form of price cuts that usually range from 10-20%. The selection at online retailers is also much larger as they don’t have the constraints of a physical store. However, sometimes you can’t try a product before buying which may be a concern for some shoppers.

When it comes to quality of products, online and regular retailers are usually on par with each other. If anything, regular retailers like Macy’s and Sephora have an edge over online retailers in this regard since they constantly update their products based on customer feedback. The advantage of online retailers is the sheer variety in their selection.

What are some good online retailers for makeup?

As with anything, there are both good and bad players in the online retail space. The list below features some of the most popular and best online retailers for makeup:

“BEST”: These are the top of the line online retailers that have competitive prices and an extensive range of products.

“GOOD”: These online retailers are slightly more specialized. They may have a smaller range of products but the quality is good.

“OKAY”: There are plenty of online retailers in this category. They may be lacking in customer service and offer limited product selections. However, they do have some unique products that you can’t get elsewhere.

“Niche”: These online retailers specialize in a small range of products. If you’re looking for theatrical or decorative cosmetics, they’re your best shot.

“Special” These online retailers cater to a more specialised crowd. They may not offer the best customer service but they’re worth a look if you know what you want.

Where do I get the best make up brushes and applicators?

To apply any kind of makeup properly, from eyeliner to blush, you need the right tools. While it’s possible to apply your foundation with your fingers or a sponge, an application with a brush is always going to yield better results. You’ve got a couple of options to choose from.

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Makeup Sponges: These are disposable blocks of foam that you can soak in water before use so that they expand. They’re used to apply both liquid and powder products and are especially good for blending.

Application Brushes: These come in a wide range of sizes and shapes for every area of your face and for different kinds of makeup. Brushes can be made out of a variety of materials including natural hair, animal hair, plant fibre and synthetic fibres. Natural hair is the most expensive and softest but doesn’t last as long; plant and synthetic fibres are the cheapest and most durable.

Eye Liner Brushes: These have a fine, tapered edge that is perfect for lining the eyes. They can be made of various materials and come in a range of sizes. The best ones are soft to the touch, easy to handle, and have a sharp enough edge to create a fine line.

Blush Brushes: These are large, fluffy brushes that give your cheeks a healthy, sun-kissed glow. They can be made of natural or synthetic fibre and can be angled or rounded. Firm, tapered blush brushes that give a nice even dusting of colour work best.

Foundation Brushes: These are soft, rounded brushes that blend liquid foundation into your skin for a smooth, even finish. They can be made out of natural or synthetic fibre and should have long bristles with a rounded top. Stiff, angled foundation brushes that buff liquid foundation into the skin give the most coverage in the least time.

Powder Brushes: These are large, rounded brushes that give your whole face a light dusting of powder. They can be made of natural or synthetic fibre and are usually soft. Stiff, large powder brushes that distribute large amounts of powder evenly give a flawless finish.

Contour Brushes: These are angled or tapered brushes with short bristles that you use to sculpt and define features such as your cheek bones, nose and jawline. Firm, angled contour brushes that give a precise application work best.

What are the different types of lip products and what’s best for me?

Lipstick: Moisturising lipstick gives your lips a healthy sheen without colour. Colourstay lipstick stays in place and keeps its bright, vivid colour for hours. Transfer-resistant lipstick contains special materials that prevent the colour from transferring or wearing off. Matte lipstick contains no shine and has a flat finish with pure, vivid colour. Long-lasting lipstick lasts significantly longer than other lipsticks.

Gloss: Shine gloss has a shiny finish caused by tiny particles of shimmer.

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