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Before you find the best microfiber mop, you should know about different types of Best Microfiber Mops. There are two types of mops: wet and dry. Wet and dry means the exact name.

You can use the mop to clean the floor with the conditioner or water. Anyway, you shouldn’t use them together on the same floor. Wet mops are more suitable to clean the floor with the conditioner. The dry mop is perfect for cleaning the floor with only water. If you have a sealed hardwood floor, then you can clean it with dry mops. And for the other types of floors, the conditioner is better to use.

Now let’s know about different types of mops:

1. Push Mop: It’s a classic and traditional mop style.

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In general, you have to push it on your floor. Of course, there are also pull-type push mops. You can reuse the heads with different types of materials.

But you can’t change the shape of the mop head.

2. Hand Held Mop: It’s similar to a spray bottle.

You’ll have a mop head at the top of the pole while a long pole is connected at the bottom.

3. Bucket Mop: This mop is similar to the push mop, but it includes a bucket to hold water or conditioner.

The pole of the mop is usually taller than push mops.

4. Rotary Mops: It’s another common type of mops.

You have to use this tool with the spinning motion. As a result, you can clean your floor more effectively.

5. Spin Mops: It’s the newest type of mops.

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It works with the same features of rotary mops, but it doesn’t include the possibility to use spinning motion.

After knowing different types of mops, now we can talk about best microfiber mops. We can divide this post into three sections: dry mops, wet mops and spin mops. Let’s start.

All About Best Dry Mops:

If you’re using dry microfiber mops to clean your floor, you have to know certain things before buying them. You should focus on the material, construction and performance of the floor mops.

1. Material: There are so many types of materials can be a good material for the floor mops.

They include cotton, bamboo, synthetic fibers, and microfiber. Certainly, these kinds of materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing you have to do is focus on the absorbency and cleaning ability of these materials.

2. The design: Like other types of mops, dry mops can be divided into two types: push and hand-held mops.

Usually, push mops are similar to the traditional mops. You have to push them across your floor by hands. But hand-held mops are different than push mops.

You can carry them with hands while you clean your floor.

3. Performance of dry mops: This is the most important thing that you should focus on while buying a mop for the dry use.

You should check the absorbency of dry mops before using them. The more absorbent they are, the better they work. In addition, if you want to clean a large area of floor, you should choose the large size mop heads.

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All About Best Wet Mops

There are many types of wet mops that can attract your attention. But before buying any one of these, you should focus on some basic facts.

1. Material: As I said before, the material is one of the most important facts that you should focus on while buying any type of mop.

For wet mops, the best materials are cotton and microfiber. Of course, these materials are not the strongest and most durable materials. But in terms of absorbency, they’re much better than other materials such as plastic and rubber.

2. The design: The shape of heads usually influences on how well these mops can clean your floor.

For wet mops, the oval and round heads are the best options because they can clean more area while you push or pull them across your floors.

3. The number of heads: I think, more is better.

The more heads a wet mop includes, the better it can clean your floors.

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4. The performance of wet mops: As I said before, wet mops should be able to absorb much water or any liquid as possible.

Some of them can be wrung out so that you can use them several times before throwing them away.


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