Best Michele Watches

Best Michele Watches is a brand with high quality and low prices. They have been making affordable watches since 1997. Their watches are manufactured in China, but they source their materials from around the world. They make watches in several different styles, including mechanical, quartz, and digital models. All of their products are designed to last a lifetime. The company was founded by Michele Fargione (1941–2013). He started out selling vintage Rolex watches at flea markets and garage sales. After moving into the retail business, he began manufacturing his own watches in 1999.

The company has two main factories: one in China and another in Mexico City. Both factories produce all of the watches for the company. The factory in China produces most of the watches, while the factory in Mexico makes some of them as well. The watches are assembled in the United States, but many of them are exported to other countries as well.

Their watches are available in a variety of colors and designs. Some of their models include the Datejust, the Classic, the Chronograph, and others. Most Michele Watches come with a leather strap or rubber straps. Many of their watches have gold plated cases and hands. Other models have stainless steel cases and hands.

There is also a model called “the black” whose case and hands are both made out of rose gold. All of the watches have a sapphire crystal to protect the face, and most of them are water resistant up to 330 feet (100 meters). The price on most models range between $200 and $800. Some models cost more than $800.

The company has several different collections. Some of their most popular collections include: the “Deco,” the “Bentley,” and the “Stingray.”

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