Best Metal Dustpans

Best Metal Dustpans: A Brief History

The first metal dustpan was invented in 1875 by William Dickson. He used copper and iron sheets for the pan.

Later it was discovered that zinc oxide could be added to make a better rust inhibitor than copper or iron alone. This new alloy, Zinc Oxide (ZnO) became known as “Dickson’s metal”.

In 1898, John Stokes patented a metal dustpan which had a wider base than Dickson’s metal. The patent stated that the pan was made from brass and tin.

Later it was found out that the pan could be made from nickel, cobalt, chromium and manganese. These metals were called “Stokes’ metals” because they were discovered by James Stokes.

In 1911, William H. Laidlaw patented a metal dustpan with a handle made from nickel.

It was called “Laidlaw’s metal”. In 1921, Charles S. Smith patented a pan with a handle made from chrome plated steel. His patent stated that the pan was made from chromium and molybdenum and could withstand temperatures up to 2200°F (1280°C). In 1929, Thomas J. Martin invented a pan made from stainless steel.

Best Metal Dustpans: Why Use One?

Metal dustpans are highly durable and long-lasting. They are built to last for several lifetimes. You can count on them to be there whenever you need them. Best of all, metal dustpans are built to last for your entire lifetime and even longer, if you take care of them! They can be used for years and decades to come.

Metal dustpans are easy to clean and maintain. They can be cleaned in a jiffy by spraying a little bit of glass cleaner on them.

Just rinse them off with water and they will be as good as new!

Metal dustpans are non-reactive, meaning they do not react with acidic or basic materials. They are great for cleaning up cooking materials without wearing off the coating or changing the color of the dustpan.

Best Metal Dustpans: Which One Should You Get?

With all the different types of metal dustpans available, which one is the best choice for you?

The table below shows comparisons between different types of metal dustpans.

Metal Dustpan Comparison Chart

Metal Dustpan With Long Handle Best! Stainless Steel Dustpan with Long Handle ✓ Length: 23″

Best Metal Dustpans - from our website

✓ Handle Diameter: 1.5″

✓ Base: 6 1/2″ Long, 5 1/2″ wide

✓ Weight: 0.9 lb

✓ Thickness: 0.024″ View Price Super Wide Steel Dustpan ✓ Length: 23″

✓ Handle Diameter: 1 3/4″

✓ Base: 7″ Long, 6″ wide

✓ Weight: 0.98 lb

✓ Thickness: 0.020″ View Price Best!

Long Handle Large Wire Dustpan ✓ Length: 21″

✓ Handle Diameter: 1.5″

Best Metal Dustpans - from our website

✓ Base: 6 3/4″ Long, 5″ wide

✓ Weight: 0.66 lb

✓ Thickness: 0.032″ View Price Long Handle Medium Wire Dustpan ✓ Length: 20″

✓ Handle Diameter: 1.25″

✓Base: 6 1/4″ Long, 5″ wide

✓ Weight: 0.5 lb

✓ Thickness: 0.

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