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Victorinox Watches Review: The Original Swiss Army Watch

The first time I saw a Victorinox was at my grandmother’s house when she gave me one as a birthday present. She had bought it from her mother in Switzerland. My grandfather had been stationed there during World War II and my father was born there.

When I was little, I remember asking him what it did. “It does everything,” he replied. That was the first time I learned about its functions.

My grandfather died last year and since then, I’ve thought a lot about how much he would have liked to see his invention used by others after it became available in the United States in 1954. His wife Edith had developed the idea for a pocket knife with a spring clip and sold them to several companies including General Electric, which produced them under their brand name Snap-On Tools. They were not very popular and they were discontinued because of poor sales.

But my grandfather never forgot about his invention and wanted to make sure that it would live on forever.

He started working on a new version of the knife called the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife (VSAK). He worked with a small team of engineers and designers in Switzerland, but he couldn’t get enough people together to work full time on it so he decided to sell it himself. Edith was against this idea at first, but he did it anyway because he wanted to ensure that the knife was a success.

My father told me that one of the first places he showed it to was the Swiss Army, who bought many of them. They have used or still use some of the tools in many of their operations. The VSAK is mainly used by campers and hikers in Europe and has been purchased and used by various militaries all over the world.

After selling some of the knives, Victorinox started a company called Swiss Army Brands Inc, which produced the VSAK and other products. In 1996 they registered “Swiss Army” as a trademark in the US and began selling them there. There are now around 100 different types of tools available in the current models.

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They sell all over the world and Victorinox has never forgotten where he came from. In 1999, he was even awarded the National Medal of Technology by US President Bill Clinton for his revolutionary work on the Swiss Army Brand. He died in 2007, but now there are several companies that make their own versions of the knife. There is a company in the US owned by Leatherman and another by Gerber, but none of them have the fame or respect he gained in such a short amount of time.

My father and I own Victorinox Swiss Army Brands Inc. now and the company has thousands of employees all over the world. People use our knives for all sorts of things from saving lives to helping astronauts on space missions.

One day I will take over as CEO of the company, but for now it’s still in capable hands. I guess you could say that my grandfather’s name will go down in history after all, just maybe not in the way he had hoped.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for reading.

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