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Schwinn Bicycles are one of the most popular bicycles in the world. They have been around since 1896 when they were first introduced by Charles Schwinn. Since then, there has been a steady increase in their popularity with each passing year. These bicycles come in many different models and styles, but all share a common feature: They’re light weight and easy to ride thanks to their steel frames and lightweight wheels.

Schwinn Bicycle Models

The following table lists some of the most popular models of Schwinn bicycles. Some of these models may not be available everywhere or at all times.

For example, the Roadmaster model was discontinued in 2008. However, it remains a very popular model and still makes up over half of all Schwinn bicycles sold today!

Model Name Model Year Price Weight (lbs) Capacity (cubic inches) Wheel Size Frame Color Colors Available?

Special Features Schwinn Cruiser 1897 1898 $1,500 12″ x 16″ Steel Frame Black & White No Yes No No No Schwinn Coachman 1903 1904 $2,000 14″ x 19″ Steel Frame Black & Blue Yes Yes No No Yes Schwinn Deluxe 1910 1911 $3,400 15″ x 20″ Steel Frame Black & Red/Blue/Yellow Yes Yes No No Yes Schwinn Fireman 1913 1914 $4,600 17″ x 23″ Steel Frame Black & Red Yes Yes No No Yes Schwinn Phantom 1917 1918 $6,400 21″ x 28″ Steel Frame Black & Red Yes No No No No Schwinn Typhoon 1927 1928 $3,200 16″ x 20″ Steel Frame Black Yes Yes No No Yes

History of the Brand

The company was founded by a German-born man by the name of Ignaz Schwinn in Chicago in 1895. In those days, it was known as the Arnold, Schwinn, & Company.

It started as a small company that sold high-quality bicycles with imported frames from United Kingdom makers and made its own wheels. The first quality bicycle that it introduced was the “Arnold” model in 1877.

The next year, an English maker by the name of Thomas Humber made a “humpbacked” bike that became popular in England. Ignaz Schwinn saw the potential in this model and made a copy of it.

He called this the “Humpback” bicycle. Later, he made another model with enhanced features which he called the “Velo- saddle”. It had a larger wheel size and used metal tires.

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During these early days, they were all handmade bicycles that were built by skilled craftsmen. These workers belonged to a company that was owned by an Englishman that went by the name of Thomas H.

Jeffery. In the year 1892, they were acquired by the company and their craftsmen were made to work under Ignaz. The company started manufacturing bicycles on a large scale.

Around this time period, a man by the name of Frank Russell was planning to open a bicycle factory in Chicago. He needed a partner and so he partnered up with (and later bought out) Thomas Jeffery.

The year 1895 was a big year for the company as they started to use mass-production in their factory. The factory itself was located at the corner of Kedzie and Jefferson.

They introduced the infamous blue color in their logo and changed their name from the “Arnold, Schlwin, and Company” to the “Arnold, Schwinn, and Company”.

In the year 1895, Ignaz began making his own frames. This was possible thanks to the fantastic work of two men; Chris Kaiser and John K.

Butler. They revolutionized the way metal frames were made using a new process called “lacing”. This involved joining thin metal tubes together with internal threading.

The year 1895 was also important for the company as it saw several milestones being achieved:

A machine that could make ball bearings in any size and length was invented by Oscar Weber.

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A new floor -level factory was built in those times. This factory was located at the corner of Kedzie and Vincennes.

The company bought a new building at the corner of Kedzie and Sacramento, which replaced the old factory.

The company changed its name to the “Schwinn Bicycle Company”. The first line of bicycles to come out of this factory was called “Arrow”.

In the year 1900, Frank and Oscar ended their partnership. Oscar took control of the factory at the corner of Kedzie and Sacramento.

This factory was soon bought over by a furniture company and so he also started making furniture. He later returned to his home state where he started a new career as an architect.

This left Frank with the factory at Kedzie and Vincennes. He continued to manufacture bicycles under his name.

His company was soon bought over by a business tycoon called Ignaz Schwinn. He combined it with his own company to create the “Schwinn -Arnold Company”.

The next few years saw an increase in production and also saw the company gaining popularity. It also started producing motorcycles during this period.

The year 1937 was very important for the company as it changed its name to “Arnold -Depratie Company”.

In the year 1948, the company shifted its base to a new factory. The new factory was located at 1801 North Lock Street.

This factory had state of the art equipment and was almost five times larger than the old factory. It also had a new name; “Arnold – Juvenile Products Company”.

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