Best Men’s Aldo Shoes

Aldo Shoes are the most popular footwear brand among men. They have been around since 1930s and they have always maintained their reputation for quality and innovation. A company with a long history, which has established itself as one of the best in its field. Aldo Shoes was founded by John Lobb (1882–1963) who had worked at Brooks Brothers before it went bankrupt in 1932. His idea was to create a shoe that would appeal to both gentlemen and working class Americans. In 1935, he began manufacturing his first pair of shoes in New York City. Later, he moved to Massachusetts where he continued to manufacture the shoes until 1964 when he sold them out of business. After that time, the name “Aldo” was trademarked and all future production ceased.

The Aldo brand has remained unchanged ever since and continues to produce high quality shoes for both men and women. Their shoes are known for being comfortable, durable and stylish.

The Aldo brand is considered to be one of the most iconic brands in American fashion today. They have managed to stay on top of the game by adapting to new changing trends while still retaining their classic look that has attracted customers for over 80 years. Their dedication to quality and customer service has helped them become one of the most successful shoe manufacturers in America.

Aldo was first started by John Lobb, who had a passion for shoemaking. After working at the now defunct brand, Brooks Brothers, he decided to start his own shoe brand in 1935.

The name ‘Aldo’, came from a combination of his own first name and his son’s name, Alden. The shoes were sold at a relatively cheap price due to heavy manufacturing and the use of machines. The brand originally only sold mens shoes, but later they created shoes for women and children as well. A branch was soon opened in Beverly Hills which included leather handbags and other luxury accessories, which complemented the shoe brand well.

The brand continued to be run until the early 90s by the Lobb family, but they soon decided to sell it. It was purchased by a group of investors which included; Mickey Boardman, David Naylor and Bob Greenberg.

These experienced businessmen saw great potential in the Aldo brand and soon started to rejuvenate it. They brought in new designers to update the shoe designs, whilst keeping them true to their classic roots. They also started to use better quality materials in the manufacturing process. This made the brand a lot more expensive, but it paid off and today the brand is worth a lot more than before it was purchased.

Aldo shoes are made for both men and women. The company offers a wide range of different types of shoes including; oxfords, loafers, moccasins, driving mocs, platforms, sneakers, boots and more.

All of their shoes are made to be comfortable and durable, whilst being stylish at the same time. Their most popular shoe is the classic suede tassel loafer which has been around since the brand first began.

Aldo is still run by the aforementioned investors and it has managed to stay true to its roots whilst still evolving with the times. It continues to release new designs every year and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

The brand has a large cult following around the world and it’s easy to see why. The shoes are comfortable, durable and good quality whilst also being stylish and great value for money. They are sold in a number of outlets including; high end department stores, speciality shoe stores and online.

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