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Mega Bloks Sets: Pelican

Pelican is one of the most popular figures from Mega Bloks. It is a very large figure with a good amount of accessories. The pelican comes in many colors and sizes. You can get it in several different types of plastic, including polybags. There are two versions of pelicans, the regular version and the giant version.

Both come with a variety of weapons such as guns, knives, grenades etc..

The pelican is one of the larger figures. It measures approximately 12 inches tall, 6 inches wide and 8 inches long. Its wingspan is roughly 10 feet. The pelican has a small body made out of plastic, but its legs are metal which gives it extra stability when flying. The pelican’s head features a pair of red eyes and a black beak.

A blue winged symbol sits above the bird’s left eye while another symbol sits over its right eye. On top of the pelican’s head is a white crest with three yellow stars. The pelican’s back features a metallic plate with four green stripes running down each side.

On the bottom of the pelican’s legs there are two pairs of wings, one on either side of its ankles. These wings feature a golden design around them and have gold lines running along their edges. They are covered in scales and they give off a light shimmering effect when seen from certain angles. The pelican’s chest features a large piece of red armor with a golden trim. On the armor’s left side there is an emblem that represents a red circle with three yellow stars inside it.

There are several black lines that radiate from the circle.

The pelican’s front claws are orange and its back claws are silver. The top of its legs leading to its wings are covered in small, irregular shaped scales which also cover the entirety of its tail. Most of the tail’s scales are red, but there are some black ones mixed in.

Mega Bloks Figures

The pelican is one of the larger figures that you can get. It always comes with some sort of weapons and a stand to display it on. The pelican is a very well designed model with a lot of attention to detail. The stand that it comes with makes it easy to display the model without worrying about it falling or tipping over.

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Mega Bloks are one of the most popular building block lines in the world. They have several different themes that they feature, such as Star Wars, Halo, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty. All of these sets are very popular with kids and collectors.

Halo Mega Bloks

The pelican is considered to be part of the Halo theme by Mega Bloks. The pelican is a very popular model and many people like collecting the Halo figures. The pelican is one of the largest figures in the line, with the largest being another vehicle called the Scarab.

Other Halo figures include John-117 and a Flood combat form. Some other vehicles include the Warthog and Longsword. The Longsword is a fighter plane that you can build.

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