Best Mattocks

Best Mattocks: What are they?

The best mattock is a type of tool used to cut wood or other materials with ease. They have been around since ancient times, but were not widely popularized until the 20th century when their popularity increased due to improved design and manufacturing techniques. There are many types of best macks, each designed for different uses. Some are simple tools that simply hold a blade while others have multiple cutting edges. The most common types of best macks include the straight edge, diamond saw, chisel, and file. Other types of best macks include a screwdriver, drill bit driver and a pry bar.

What makes them so good at what they do?

There are several factors that make these tools so effective. First is the fact that they are made from very strong materials such as stainless steel or aluminum which means they will last much longer than ordinary tools. Second, they are very sharp. Third, they have a wide range of cutting angles making it easy to cut through various kinds of material. Finally, there is the fact that these tools are small enough to carry easily and can be carried in your pocket or purse.

How do I choose one?

First things first; you need to decide whether you want a straight edge or a file. The difference between these two types is that the straight edge can chop through wood, plastic, and even bone if needed. The file is used for sawing through wood and metal. Now that you have chosen a type, you need to decide what style of blade you want. These come in a standard or slim designs with both having their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a standard blade is more comfortable to grip, but is not as compact as the slim design.

If you want a tool that is multi-purpose, you might want to consider a saw, chisel, and file combo. These are great all-in-one tools that can be used for just about anything. A good one of these will run you around fifty dollars, but it will last you a lifetime and more.

What are the different types of best macks?

As mentioned above, the different types of best macks include the straight edge, diamond saw, chisel, and file. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages which we will look at in detail below.

The straight edge: This tool looks similar to a machete and is very popular with hikers and survivalists. It can be used for anything from clearing thick brush to killing wild animals for food. The standard blade is your best bet for most uses.

The diamond saw: This is a multi-use tool that can be used for cutting wood, metal, and plastic. It is not quite as strong as the straight edge so it is not recommended for heavy duty work.

The chisel: A chisel is a very simple tool; it has a sharp blade on one side and a flat surface on the other. It is primarily designed for getting under material to pry it up.

The file: This is a handy tool to have in your survival kit. It can be used to sharpen knives and tools, but is not sharp enough to use as a primary cutting tool. It can also be used to rip through softer metals such as copper or aluminum.

What are the different types of blades?

As we have seen, the blade is where these tools get their name. These blades come in three general varieties and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The stainless steel blade: This is the standard and most popular blade choice. It will remain sharp the longest of all the blades, but it also takes the longest to sharpen when it gets dull. These are recommended for anyone who plans on using their best mack a lot.

The high carbon blade: This is a good middle of the road blade. It holds an edge fairly well, but not quite as well as the stainless steel blade. It does however maintain its edge better than the carbon steel blade which we will discuss next.

The carbon steel blade: This is the sharpest of the three blades, but it doesn’t hold its edge quite as well as the others. If you only plan on using your best mack sporadically, this is the blade for you.

What are the different types of handles?

The handle is really a matter of personal preference and has less to do with the performance of the tool itself. It does however impact the price as some handles are more expensive to make than others. You also need to take into consideration the materials used to make the handle when deciding if it is a good fit for you.

The rubber handle: This is the standard and most popular handle. It provides a good grip even when your hands are wet or oily.

The foam handle: The foam handle is less common and is primarily used on survivalist knives. It does not provide as good of a grip as the rubber handle, but it is extremely lightweight which makes it a good choice for hikers and backpackers.


The thermoplastic handle: This is the newest handle on the market. It provides a good grip and is extremely lightweight. It does tend to get hot in the sun though.

Other factors to consider

There are a few other things you may want to consider before purchasing your Best mack. These include price, sheath, and extras.

Price: As with all tools, you generally get what you pay for. A higher priced best mack will typically be of a higher quality than a cheaper one. That said, there are some cheap best macks out there that are still very high quality.

Just be sure to check reviews before purchasing and don’t buy the really cheap ones.

Sheath: You’re going to want to keep your tool protected when you’re not using it, otherwise it’s going to get damaged. Make sure to choose a sheath that is well suited for your tool.

Extras: Some best macks come with extras such as a survival kit, fire starter or a sharpener. These are nice additions, but not entirely necessary.

What are the different brands of best macks?

There are a lot of different brands of best macks. I have picked out three of the top brands to discuss in greater detail.

Ka-Bar is a brand that most people are familiar with. Their US Military fighting/utility knife is arguably the most famous best mack ever made. Ka-Bar has a long history of producing quality edged tools and their products are well known for their strength and durability.

Cold Steel is a company known for producing some of the toughest knives on the market. They have a wide variety of knives with a range of prices to match. They specialize in survival knives and their products are well known for their toughness.

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Buck is another company with a long history. They are most well known for their folding hunting knives, but they produce a wide variety of different knives, such as the famous 110 folding hunter knife. Many of their knives have a more classic look and are designed more for utility than other knifes that are on the market.

Tips for taking care of your best mack

Keep it clean: Just like any tool, your best mack needs to be kept clean. It also helps to keep it dry and rust free. If you happen to use your best mack in a wet environment, then you can dip it in linseed oil or petroleum jelly to prevent it from rusting.

Keep it sharp: Just like any tool, a mack is no good if it isn’t sharp. You can have the best mack in the world, but if the blade is dull then it’s useless. You can have it professionally sharpened or you could learn how to do it yourself.

There are plenty of videos online that can teach you how to sharpen a mack.

Sharpen it after heavy use: Just like with any knife you own, you want to make sure you are keeping it sharp. Even if you are using it for light tasks, you still want to make sure the blade is fairly sharp. When it begins to get dull you need to sharpen it again.

Don’t apply too much pressure: Applying too much pressure when using your mack could result in a lot of damage or injury. You need to make sure that you are using the correct amount of force. Don’t try to force it to cut something that is too tough for it.

Keep it dry: Just like with any tool, your mack is going to rust if it gets wet. You need to make sure you are keeping it as dry as possible. If you happen to use it in a wet environment then you can dip it in linseed oil or petroleum jelly to prevent it from rusting.

How to sharpen a mack (with pictures!)

The first thing that you need to do is get the right tools. You’re going to want to invest in a good stone sharpener, a whetstone and a finger guard.

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Place the finger guard over your index finger and hold the mack in your other hand. Place the heel of the blade on the whetstone at a 20 degree angle.


Move the blade back and forth on the whetstone while applying a few drops of water every now and then. Continue this process until you notice that the blade is sharp.


Make sure that you use a straight edge to test the sharpness of the blade. Most Macks have a double-edged blade, but some may have a single-edged blade. If you notice that the blade isn’t getting as sharp, then it’s probably a single-edged blade and you need to turn the mack around on the whetstone.


Once the blade is sharp you’re going to need to polish the edge. Use the whetstone to achieve this.


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First do it one way then go across the other way. If you start to see little tiny burrs then you need to keep working on getting the edge polished. Do this until you have a nice smooth edge.


Most macks come with a cover to protect them from damaging. Always put the cover on your best mack when you are not using it. Most covers are either magnetic or leather.

You want to always wipe the blade clean before putting it back in its sheath.

Congratulations, your best mack is now sharper than it was when you bought it and is ready for use!

When you are finished using your mack, you need to make sure that you clean and dry it before allowing it to air dry. Most people keep their macks in a sheath when they are not using them. A magnetic sheath or a leather sheath works best, but some people have a custom made sheath made just for their mack.

If your mack came with a cover, then make sure that you put the cover on before placing it into its sheath. This will help to protect the mack from getting damaged and keep it clean. When the cover gets dirty then you can clean it by wiping it down with a damp cloth.

Common types of wood used for macks:

Cherry wood: this is a very common type of wood that is used to make macks. It has a very straight grain and can be found in a variety of colors ranging from light pinkish color to a dark reddish color.

Hard Maple wood: this wood is very dense and has a lot of character in the grain. It is most commonly found in Canada.

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Yellow heart wood: this wood comes from South America and has a straight grain. It is light in color with a hint of yellow.

Lignum Vitae wood: This wood comes from the Caribbean and is famous for being one the hardest, heaviest and most durable woods in the world. It has a unique grain and is dark brown or black in color.

Iron Wood: this wood is extremely dense and heavy. It naturally grows in the rain forest of South America and it’s heartwood is a reddish brown.

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