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Massage pillows are very popular among people. They are used to relax and relieve stress. People use massage pillow for various reasons such as relaxation, pain relief, sleep enhancement, etc. However, there are some problems with massage pillow which could cause harm or even death if not taken care of properly. If you have any questions about these issues then you need to read the following article:


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What Is The Best Massage Chair Near My Location?

There are many types of massage chairs available in the market and all of them claim to be the best. However, the best ones seem to be the four main types and they are:

i. Gravity chairs: These are designed with a reclining back which allows the person to completely lie down on it. It offers a complete feeling of weightlessness and relaxation to your body.

It is perfect for people suffering from back pain as it provides support to the spine. This type is relatively less expensive than the rest of the other types.

ii. Shiatsu chairs: These chairs are inspired by the ancient Chinese technique of acupuncture. The chair has various knobs which massage different parts of the body like back, neck and arms.

It also has heated massage nodes which soothes your back.

iii. Air massage chairs: This chair is filled with air and you have to sit on it like a bubble chair. There are also dedicated chairs with different types of massaging actions like the wave chair, tornado chair, etc.

iv. Other types: Other types available in the market are vibration chairs, heated chairs, foot massage chairs, combo chairs, etc.


Why Is A Massage So Expensive And Unaffordable To Me?

If you have visited a massage center or spa before then it is possible that you might have had to pay quite high amount of money as their charges. This is due to the fact that the therapist requires payment for his training and skills. Not just that, he also has to bear the cost of maintaining the massage center or the spa as well as for the equipment used.

In addition to that, you need to pay for the overhead costs such as rent and electricity bill. All these factors make up the pricing of the massage therapy given in such places.

However, if you find the prices of such massages unaffordable then it is possible that you try out some cheap places which are not as good but are affordable. You can also find some online websites which provide discounts very often so that they can attract more customers.

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What Makes Massage Therapy Good For Your Body?

Massage has become one of the most common types of therapy nowadays and it has a great effect on your body and mind. It has been researched and proven that regular use of massage can decrease the chances of you getting sick, increases your immunity as well as life expectancy.

It also helps in stress relief and can lower your blood pressure. The muscles become more flexible and relaxed, pains get reduced and you feel an increase in your energy levels.


What Happens If I Miss A Massage Session?

If you miss a session then there might be some side effects as your muscles would have tightened again. This would mean that the next time you go for a massage, your body would require more time to get relaxed than the usual time taken.

In some cases however, if you miss a session then it is not that much of a problem as your body would have already become used to such sessions and henceforth, you can skip sessions without any major problems.


What Are The Different Types Of Massage Therapy?

There are many different types of massage which you can avail. Not all of them would be beneficial to you so it is important that you pick the right type which caters to your specific requirements and needs. Some of the most common types are as follows:

a. Swedish Massage: This is one of the most common types of massages available today. It involves the use of five main strokes which include the following:

• Effleurage: This is also known as ‘gliding’. It involves stroking along muscles which promotes blood flow and relaxes muscles.

• Petrissage: This involves kneading movements which work towards breaking down knots in muscles.

• Friction: This technique involves movements in one direction using the palms, fingers or even the elbow. It is best used for tight muscles and those which are hard.

• Vibration: As the name suggests, this technique involves moving fingers in a vibrating motion. It is usually used on large muscles and often on the spine.

• Tapotment: The Latin word ‘toccare’ means ‘to touch’ and hence this technique involves touching the muscles with fingers or palm. It helps in bringing more blood flow to that specific area.

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b. Acupressure: This is a type of therapy in which specific points on your body are pressed. It involves the use of fingers and thumbs to press on certain points that are known to relieve pain or cause relaxation.

c. Trigger Point Therapy: As the name suggests, this therapy involves pressing on specific ‘trigger points’ in your body. By doing so, it helps in reducing muscle pain as well as helps in relieving stress.

d. Shiatsu: This traditional Eastern medicine technique involves the use of thumbs, hands, and elbows to apply pressure on certain meridian points in your body.


Who Can Perform A Massage On Me?

Usually, a massage therapist is a person who has undergone special training to perform such tasks. However, this does not rule out the possibility of a friend or a family member offering to give you a quick massage.

If you are getting a massage from a professional though, make sure that the person is properly qualified and has gone through the required training. It is best to look for one who is registered with the relevant council as this means that they have passed the required exams to be recognized as such.


What Else Should I Look For In A Massage Therapist?

A good massage therapist should be well experienced and should have knowledge about the human anatomy.

He or she should also be able to communicate well with you and understand your requirements. He or she should not only be a good listener, but should also be able to speak clearly when giving you instructions about your body such as when he or she is working on a tense muscle.

A good massage therapist should also be able to perform the various types of massages that are required such as Swedish, acupressure, sports, lymph drainage and more.

Ideally, you should find a person who can offer a combination of therapies as this will give you more options when it comes to treatment.

Usually, in most cases, you will find that a massage therapist works in a clinic or a spa. However, there are also cases where they set up their own practice either independently or with the help of another professional such as a doctor.

When looking for a massage therapist, make sure that you ask for his or her relevant qualifications before making a choice.

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