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Best Marine Subwoofers Review: What’s the difference between them?

The first thing that you need to know is what are the differences between these two types of boats. They are basically very similar boats, but they have different features. Let us see how they differ from each other:

1) Boat Type : Boat type refers to the design of the hull and overall shape of the boat.

These boats include both sailboats and rowboats. Sailboats are smaller than rowboats. Rowboat is a small boat with a flat bottom and sail.

2) Boat Size : Boat size refers to the length of the boat, width of the boat, and height of the boat.

These boats include both sailing ships and yachts. Yacht is larger than ship because it has more space inside it (it has more rooms).

3) Boat Design : Boat design refers to the way the boat is made.

These boats include both traditional designs and modern designs. Traditional boats are built using wooden frames while modern designs use metal frames.

4) Amplifier Package : Amplifier package refers to the amplifier itself and its power supply unit (PSU).

These amps include both solid state and tube amplifiers. A tube amplifier is an amplifier that uses vacuum tubes instead of transistors.

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5) Power Output : Power output refers to the maximum amount of power that an amplifier can produce.

It is measured in Watts (W). These amps include both 15W and 40W amplifiers. A 15W amp is able to produce 15W of power while a 40W is able to produce 40W of power.

6) Subwoofer Size : Subwoofer size refers to the size of the subwoofer.

These subwoofers include 10 inch and 12 inch subs. A 10-inch sub is smaller than a 12-inch sub.

7) Sensitivity : Sensitivity refers to the loudness of the speaker when a specific amount of power is supplied to it.

It is measured in dB/W/m. These speakers include both 90dB and 95dB speakers. A 90dB speaker is able to produce 90dB of sound while a 95dB speaker is able to produce 95dB of sound.


1) Rockville RW10CA-4 4-Channel Amp : The first amplifier on our list is the Rockville RW10CA-4 4-Channel Amp. This is a very powerful amplifier that is able to produce up to 400 watts of power per channel. The RMS is 65 watts x 4. This gives an adequate power for most speakers on the market.

The amp contains a control panel and LED lights which indicate when the amp is working or even when it is receiving too much bass. It can also protect the speaker by shutting off automatically in the case of a short circuit. It also has a switch to turn on a high pass filter which can prevent bass from bleeding into your stereo system.

2) PPI PC550X 550 Watt Car Amp : The second amplifier on our list is the PPI PC550X 550Watt Car Amp. The PPI Company has manufactured this power packed car amp. It has a RMS rating of about 360 watts and can supply up to 550 watts of peak power. The THD is 0.08%.

This ensures an undistorted and clean sound. The amp has got a mixer bridge which eliminates the need for external mixers. It also comes with a trigger input which allows you to turn the amp on and off using a switch. Its top notch performance and overall quality makes this one of the best car subwoofer amplifiers.

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1) Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 I/O : The first type of boat on our list is the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 I/O. This boat is manufactured by the JD Corporation. It is a fiberglass boat. It has got 2 removable captain’s chairs, a removable table, and 6 bilge pumps.

It also has oarlocks for rowing or paddling and 2 aft fishing seats. The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 I/O is a 10 feet, 9 inches long and 35 inches wide. It has got 2 seats and a total of 3 rod holders. The maximum amount of people it can carry is 3. The maximum amount of weight it can carry is 500 lbs.

2) Native Watercraft Skycraft II : The second type of boat on our list is the Native Watercraft Skycraft II. It is a plastic boat and is manufactured by the Native Watercraft Company. This catamaran style sit-on-top has got 2 separate airtight chambers which ensure extra safety and stability while you are travelling on water. This boat is very lightweight and easy to carry around.

It can easily attain speeds of up to 15.5 miles per hour. It has got 2 integrated carrying handles and a keel cooler which can hold up to 6 cans. This type of boat is able to achieve a rating of 800 pounds. This boat has got an overall rating of 500 pounds.


1) Rockville RVBIC160 : The first speaker and amplifier package on our list is the Rockville RVBIC160.

This package is very suitable for boat use. It comes with a 160-watt peak/60-watt RMS amp and 6.5″ 2-way speakers. The amp has got built-in crossovers which ensure that the highs and lows are distributed in an efficient manner.

This package is very compact and lightweight making it easy to carry around while you are boating.

2) Kicker KSC6604 : The second speaker and amplifier package on our list is the Kicker KSC6604.

This speaker package consists of two 6.5” 2-way marine speakers which have got polyethylene cones. The durable rubber surrounds ensure that the speakers remain intact and last for a long period of time. These speakers are able to deliver a peak power of 350 watts and 150 watts RMS.

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These speakers can attain a frequency response range of 65Hz-20 KHz. This package also comes with an impressive 600-watt peak/300-watt RMS amp. The amp has got an amazing flat-band frequency response and an excellent signal to noise ratio.


The size of the drivers is very important. The larger the size, the more air it can move which results in cleaner and louder sound quality. The 6.5″ driver is a good size for speakers as they are able to produce frequencies between 50Hz-4 KHz which is the standard range for most speakers.

Anything lower than that is considered to be bass.

There is another specification you can look out for when finding the best speaker and that is the weight of the driver. The heavier the driver, the more mass it has and the better sound quality it produces. However, the trade off between weight and size is that a larger diameter driver will be heavier than a smaller diameter driver of the same materials. Drivers range from 6-1/2″ to 15″.

The best combination is a heavy driver in a large diameter as this will produce the best sound quality, however most manufacturers do not use this combination as it is more costly to manufacture.


Amplifiers are a very important part of your speaker system. A good amp can make up for a bad pair of speakers and a bad amp can ruin even the best speakers.

When looking for a good amp, you want to make sure it can put out enough power. This is measured in watts and will be displayed on the side of the amp. A good starting point is at least 10 watts RMS per driver in your speaker system.

One of the newer developments in car audio is class D amps. These are much more efficient and produce much more power using less energy. These types of amps are great if you want to install a good quality audio system on a tight budget as they produce lots of power using less energy and therefore drain your battery less.

Also, make sure the amp has got plenty of inputs and outputs such as speaker wires, RCA cables and AUX cables. The more options you have the more equipment you can hook up and play your music through your speakers.


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The most important thing to look for in a head unit is that it has bluetooth connectivity. This will allow you to input music from your phone or other Bluetooth compatible devices. They also have the added benefit of coming with the controls on the screen which makes it easier and safer to change the song when driving as you don’t need to take your eyes off the road.

Look for a unit that is easy to use. The buttons should be within easy reach and big enough that you can see and press them without difficulty. Make sure the screen is of good quality so you can view it easily while driving during the day and night.

Make sure it has all the features you need. The more features the head unit has, the more advanced it will be and the more you will have to learn when operating it but at the very least it should have the ability to play songs off your phone, change the volume and switch between songs.

Satellite Radio is a great feature to have as it provides endless hours of listening without the need for you to use up the data on your phone.

Frequent Flyer

Why are we stopping?”

Mason shouts.

“We need fuel,” replies Captain Ashton, “Now come on, let’s be quick. Mason you’re with me.”

You and the other soldier, Sergeant Ritter, remain in the helicopter as Sergeant Mason escorts Captain Ashton to refuel. The two of you sit in silence.

You’ve only been here a few times but you already know this is a bad idea. Mason doesn’t exactly keep the fort under control and Captain Ashton’s tendency to leave his post is already becoming a problem. Not to mention you’re all stuck in the middle of nowhere with limited supplies.

The two of you are going to have to put your heads together if you want to get out of this one alive.

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For the moment staying quiet is the best idea. You don’t want to tip off Sergeant Ritter that you’re planning on overthrowing him and Mason’s clearly still got a firm grasp of his mental faculties.

You need to wait for the right moment.

Grab him when he’s alone – Check

Overpower him – Check

bindings – check

Get him back to fort before he realizes what’s happening – ???

Mason and Ashton are taking longer than expected. Hopefully they’re just talking but you should prepare for the worst.

You remove your machetes from your belt and grip them tightly in your hands.

You wait for a loud noise to mask the sound of you removing the bindings then burst out of the truck.

You see Sergeant Mason standing over Captain Ashton with a bloody rock in his hand.

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You jump forward and knock him to the ground. His rock flies through the air and hits Captain Ashton in the head, knocking him out cold.

You grab Mason by the throat and raise your machete.

“What the fu-.”

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Mason’s struggles have come to an end and you pick up his assault rifle. Sergeant Ritter is still in the cage at the back of the truck. He looks at you pleadingly for freedom but you have no key for the lock on the cage.

There is a spare inside the fuel truck so you quickly move to open the door. You’ve forgotten that it’s also locked from the inside.

“Hey, open this door!” you shout.

Ritter’s face appears at the window. “

Who are you?”

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Ritter looks around nervously. “I haven’t seen a key.”

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“I’m not! Check my pockets!”

You check his pockets and find a set of keys. One of them is bound to be the right one.

“Here’s another option,” you say, drawing your pistol. “You tell me now or I blow your brains out.”

Ritter’s eyes widen and he splutters. “Ple… please…” He falls to his knees in front of you.

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“I didn’t do anything! There’s been a misunderstanding! You’ve got this all wrong!”

You raise your gun and smack him in the face with it. “Wrong answer.” You pull the trigger, blowing half of his face off.

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You open your mouth to deliver a withering retort but he stops you.

“However… I also know that if you want to get out of this place you need my help. So perhaps we can come to an understanding…

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