Best Magnetic Bottle Openers

Magnetic Bottle Opener: What Are They?

The term “magnet” is used to refer to any object which attracts other objects due to its own attraction or repulsion force. A magnet will attract iron filings, but not a human hair. A magnet will attract a ferrous metal like steel, but it won’t hold a piece of paper against it. These are all examples of magnets. There are many types of magnets including permanent magnets, temporary magnets, electromagnets and weakly-empowered magnets.

A magnet’s strength comes from two things; the number of poles (north, south, east and west) and the strength of the electric field produced by each pole. Permanent magnets have only one pole with no directionality. Temporary or non-directional magnetic fields produce a strong magnetic field when they’re turned on but lose their effect quickly once off.

Stronger than most humans can lift. Weak magnetic fields produce a weak magnetic field, but still strong enough to cause damage if the magnet is placed near your skin.

Stronger than a refrigerator magnet, stronger than a car battery and stronger than a small truck tire!

Magnetic Bottle Openers: How Do They Work?

There are several ways to open bottles with a magnetic bottle opener. Some work better than others.

How do you use a magnetic bottle opener?

The first way to open a bottle is with the strength of the magnets. Most quality bottle openers use strong magnets, which allow you to grip the cap as you pull it off. This is very easy, but takes a little practice and results in the magnet sticking to the underside of the cap, so be careful that your next drink isn’t too squishy.

The second way to open a bottle is to place it on the lip of the bottle and pull up. This takes a little more arm strength and works best with cans, but could work with some bottle caps. The major downside to this method is that the cap can fall in and get stuck in the bottle, making a big mess.

The third way is to use the opener, catch the cap as it falls and then place it back on top of the bottle. This works best with quality openers, but takes quite a bit of hand-eye coordination.

The fourth way requires two people. One holds the bottle and pokes the cap off with the opener while the other catches the cap.

What Are Magnetic Bottle Openers Made Of?

Most magnetic bottle openers are made of metal alloys. Some are made of stainless steel, copper alloys, brass or aluminum. These alloys are easy to machine and very resistant to the elements.

The best magnetic bottle openers are made of titanium. These are expensive to make, but they are extremely lightweight and durable.

How Much Do They Weigh?

A quality magnetic bottle opener will weigh less than one ounce. This includes the added weight of any decorative materials.

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