Best Magic Booster Boxes

Best Magic Booster Boxes: What are they?

Magic is a game with many different types of cards. These cards have their own properties and abilities. Some cards are very powerful while others don’t do much at all. You need to choose which type of card you want to use in your deck. There are two kinds of boosters: Basic and Expansions.

Basic Magic Booster Boxes

These are the cheapest ones. They contain only basic lands and some basic spells.

They usually cost less than $1 each. A good way to get started is to buy a few of these from a local store or online. If you’re looking for something cheaper, check out the following links:

Expansion Magic Booster Boxes

These booster boxes contain all the most valuable cards in existence (and then some). They are expensive, but if you want to play competitively, it’s worth every penny.

Here are some of the most desirable expansions:

If you want to learn more about what makes one set better than another, read our article on the best MTG expansion sets.

How to Choose Which One Is Right For Me?

There are several factors that go into choosing a magic booster box. The first one is your available budget. These cards are not cheap and if you buy an expansion booster box, you’re dropping at least $100 just for the box itself.

The next thing to think about is your local card shop. Most card shops sell these products at a higher price than what they’re worth.

Buying online is always cheaper, unless you have a good local store (and if you do, go support them).

Finally, think about your play style.

Do you like huge creatures that dominate the battlefield? Are you a spell-slinging mage? Do you like to control the field of battle and destroy your opponent’s forces? Or are you a sneaky assassin who wants to avoid direct confrontation and pick off your enemies from a distance?

All of these cards can be found in this game, so take some time and think about which ones sound the most fun to you.

Where Can I Buy These Products?

Your best bet is to buy online. There are several large online retailers that sell them (like Amazon and eBay). If you’re looking for a more direct route, though, here are some good online stores to choose from:


Best Magic Booster Boxes - from our website

There are many different types of magic booster boxes out there. The most important thing to think about when choosing one is what play style you have, or which one sounds the most fun to you.

Good luck and happy dueling!

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