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Best Mac Games – Best Strategy Games For Mac

The mac gaming community is full of many different types of gamers. Some are hardcore, some are casual, but all have their own tastes and preferences. There are also those who play only one type of game and don’t like any other kind. But there’s no need to worry because the mac gaming community has it covered!

Mac users love strategy games. They enjoy them so much that they would rather spend hours upon hours playing than anything else. The reason why most people prefer strategy games is because they offer a challenge, which is something that everyone enjoys doing at least once in their life.

And what better way to do it than by playing a game where you control a powerful army?

There are many different kinds of strategy games available for the mac, but there is only one that stands out above the rest: Civilization V. While other strategy games may differ slightly from each other, none of them compare to Civilization V. It offers everything you could want in a strategy game and then some.

The object of the game is to build an empire that thrives throughout the ages. You start out in the ancient era and continue on until you reach the space age, at which point you can choose to become a supreme global power that rules the Universe. Throughout your quest to achieve global supremacy, you must explore new territories, build up your military strength, and expand your empire’s population by settling as many cities as you can throughout the land.

Civilization V offers so many different features that it would be impossible to list them all, however there are a few that really stand out. For instance, you have complete control over your civilization’s government.

Do you want to be a Socialist state or would you prefer to be a peaceful nation with free elections?

The choice is yours.

Another feature that makes this the best Strategy game for the mac is the enormous amount of customization options. There are over 83 different civil options to choose from such as the language that you speak, the type of government you have, and even your currency. The amount of freedom you have in this game is unprecedented.

Now here’s the best part: Civilization V is only $40 on the mac App Store! That’s the cheapest it’s ever been.

Why spend $60 on a game that isn’t as good when you can spend a fourth of that amount and get the best game available?

Best Mac Games – Best City Building Games For Mac

Another great strategy game for the mac is the Caesar series. These games put you in control of developing a small town into a thriving city. Throughout the series you can build new buildings, manage your resources, and create an environment where people are happy to live.

The first Caesar game was released in 1991 and received critical acclaim, winning multiple awards. This was followed by four sequels: Ceaser 2: Death on the Nile (1996), Ceaser 3 (1998), Ceaser 4 (2002), and Ceaser 5 (2005). The series has sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

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