Best Log Splitters

Best Commercial Log Splitter Reviews:

1) Oregon Log Splitter – Best Price & Quality!

2) Swisher®- Best Value for Money!

3) Big Al’s® – Best Prices & Service!

4) Alderwood® – Great Features!

5) DuraClear™ – Good Value for Money!

6) Eureka® – Best Price & Service!

7) Green Mountain Log Splitter – Best Price & Quality!

8) Hirschman’s® – Good Value for Money!

9) Mennonite Farms® – Best Price & Quality!

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10) New England Woodworks® – Good Value for Money!

11) North Star Log Splitting Company® – Good Value for Money!

12) Old Dominion Log Splitting Co.® – Good Value for Money!

13) Piedmont Forest Products® – Best Price & Quality!

14) Sargent Tree Farm® – Best Price & Quality!

15) Timberline Logging Company® – Best Price & Quality!

16) West Coast Woodworking Co.® – Good Value for Money!

17) WoodEze- Good Quality!

Instead of providing a detailed explanation of each company, we provide a thorough review of the best log splitters for you. You can decide for yourself which company, brand, and model to acquire!

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1) Oregon Log Splitter – Best Price & Quality!

The Oregon Log-Splitter is the most powerful log splitter in this industry. It is made and created by a company called Performance Tool. The company has been in business for more than 30 years. In this period, it has developed a reputation for creating some of the best tools in the market.

The Oregon log splitter is a good example of their dedication to quality.

What Makes Performance Tools Different?

The difference that makes Performance Tools different from other companies is the fact that they are focused on woodworking tools. Despite being in business for more than three decades, they continue to expand and create new products every year. All of their tools are manufactured in the United States.

What Makes The Oregon The Best Log Splitter?

The Oregon log splitter is perfect for anyone who has to deal with wood on a regular basis. It can be used at home or in any professional environment. The log splitter can split wood of any diameter, so you don’t have to worry about massive trees. It is also very powerful, in fact, you can split wood of any size with only a few presses on the lever. Oregon is very easy to operate. The height of the machine can be adjusted to suit the operator. This prevents back pain and injury. It doesn’t require much maintenance either.

2) Swisher® – Best Value for Money!

The Swisher log splitter is a revolutionary product by Champion Industrial. It is a great combination of affordability and quality. Despite being one of the cheapest log splitters in the market, it is still manufactured to very high standards. It can split logs of different sizes with equal finesse.

It doesn’t matter if the wood is dry or wet; this machine can handle anything with utmost ease.

What Makes The Swisher So Effective?

The key to the effectiveness of Swisher is the design of its wedge system. Most log splitters rely on mauls and wedges to split wood. These tools are forced deep into the wood and then split it into two halves. The problem with this system is the force needs to travel through the maul or wedge. It causes these tools to deform or break. The Swisher uses a chain wedge that prevents this problem from arising. Instead of forcing all the pressure through the wedge, it uses a chain to transfer the force.

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