Best LG TVs

Best LG TV?

There are many different types of TVs available today. There are flat panel LCD, plasma, OLED, and even DLP (digital light processing) models. Each type offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Some have better picture quality than others while some offer superior sound quality compared to others. All these factors come into play when choosing which model will serve your needs best in terms of features and performance.

The main thing to consider is whether or not you want a TV with 4K resolution. If so, then you’ll need a high end TV with HDR support. While 4K TVs are expensive, they’re also very desirable due to their higher image quality and the fact that they can display more colors than 1080p displays.

However, if you don’t care about such things, then there’s no reason why any of the other models listed here couldn’t do the job just fine.

While all of these models boast impressive specs, they’re still just that: specs. You’ll have to put them through their paces to see how well each one performs in real world use cases. For example, you might prefer a larger screen size over another feature like HDR support or better speakers.

And what about price? Is it worth paying more for something that doesn’t perform as well as another model?

It’s up to you to find out if you like each of these TVs for yourself.

See What the Community Thinks

We’re big fans of getting advice from our fellow gamers when it comes to choosing products, especially if they come from people that have first hand experience with the product. With that in mind, we’ve found a selection of comments left by people just like you on the pages of some of the higher-end TV models available today.

Have a look at what people have been saying about these TVs and see if you can’t find some common themes among the feedback.

Are there a lot of people unhappy with the choice of smart TV platform? Do many people recommend a certain brand over another?

You may be able to draw your own conclusions, but we’ve summed up the most common opinions on each TV below:


“Breathtaking picture quality and unparalleled sound.”

“The best sound any TV can offer.”


“The best picture quality money can buy.”

Sony XBR-X950B (LED)

“Has some of the best shadow detail I’ve ever seen on a TV.”

“The combination of Dolby Atmos and this TV is just heaven for gamers and movie watchers alike.”

“It’s a bit pricy, but it has an amazing picture quality.”

Samsung UN55NU8000 (LED)

“The stand is great and it’s incredibly easy to wall mount.”

“It has fantastic sound quality and it can get pretty loud.”

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“The clear motion rate is really great for sports.”

Vizio PQ65-F1 (LED)

“I love everything about this TV, especially the price. I didn’t need all the bells and whistles of a smart TV so I saved a bunch of money.”

“The picture quality is very good for an LCD and the sound is actually pretty darn good.”

“Great picture, great price, and plenty of HDMI ports.

What else could you want?

How to Choose the Best Gaming TVs

Finding a quality TV is all about weighing your own personal preferences against the different factors that make up a quality TV. It’s also about taking other people’s opinions into consideration before making a final buying decision, but ultimately you’ll be the one sitting in front of your new TV day in and day out, so you should choose one that makes you happy.

Things like the picture quality, audio quality, smart TV features (if you intend on using them), and price are all important factors. However, things like the stand and wall-mounting convenience, available cable connections, and HDMI ports (and whether they support newer features like HDR or not) should also be taken into consideration.

Now that you’ve read through our guide, considered other people’s opinions, and thought deeply about your own preferences, you should have a good idea of which TV is right for you. Good luck finding the perfect TV and may all your multiplayer matches be victorious!

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