Best Leather Dog Collars

Best Leather Dog Collar Review: What Is A Quality Leather Dog Collar?

A high quality leather dog collar is made from the finest materials. These are not cheap imitation products. They have been tested to ensure their durability and longevity. There are many different types of leather used in making these collars which makes them more expensive than other kinds of dog collars. However, they offer better protection against your pet’s teeth and claws.

The most popular type of dog collars are those made from the best quality cowhide. Cowhide is a natural material which comes from the hide of cattle.

It is durable and strong enough to last for years without any maintenance or repair work. The hides come in various colors, but they all have one thing in common – they’re tough! Some of the best brands include Blackfoot Leather Company, Bully Stitch, HUSKY & Co., J.P. Morgan, and PETA.

Leather dog collars are usually made from the same kind of leather used for belts. You’ll notice that some of these collars have handles instead of handles.

That’s because they’re meant to be worn around your neck rather than strapped onto your waist like a belt would be. If you want something easier to put on over time, then go with a strap style dog collar.

Dog Collar Brands To Choose From: How Do They Compare?

You will find a number of different dog collar manufacturers. However, before you rush in and buy the cheapest leather collar that you can find, take a moment to learn about some of the best dog collar manufacturers. Not all style of collars are created equal. This is especially true when you want something to last longer than just a few weeks or months. The following are the top 5 dog collar manufacturers in alphabetical order:

Blackfoot Leather Company

This brand of leather goods boast about their heritage and experience in the industry. According to their website, they have been manufacturing world-class leather products since 1973.

They are based out of the U.S. and really emphasize the importance of quality American craftsmanship. They make everything from premium leather belts to dog collars and offer personalized custom engraving on many of their products.

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Bully Stitch

This is a newer brand of pet collars that has been around since 2012. They offer leather dog collars in a number of different colors and styles.

They are also one of the few pet collar makers who offers a “no-slip” style collar. The way these work is there are little spikes that come out of the top of the collar to prevent it from moving around on your pet’s neck. They can even engrave names, phone numbers, and custom text on their collars, which is a nice personal touch.

Husky & Co.

This company has been around since the late 1800s and makes all kinds of leather products. They pride themselves in using only premium grade USA tanned leathers.

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