Best Konjac Facial Sponges

Konjac Sponge Reviews: What are they?

The word “sponge” comes from the Latin word spongia which means sponge.

So what does it mean when someone says “konjac sponge”?

A sponge is basically a small plastic or ceramic container with holes cut into them so water can drain out of them. These containers have been used for centuries to clean skin, hair, and other body parts. They are sometimes called “soap” because they resemble soap bubbles.

What’s the difference between a sponge and a facial scrub?

A face scrub is generally made up of various ingredients such as baking soda, salt, oil, sugar, etc. A face scrub may contain alcohol or glycerin to soften the surface of your skin. A sponge is typically made up of only one ingredient – water!

Is there any difference between a facial scrub and a konjac sponge?

No. Both are made up of water and both can be used to cleanse your skin. However, the konjac sponge is much softer than a face scrub and therefore easier to use. Also, the konjac sponge tends not to leave residue on clothing or bedding due to its softness.

How do I choose the right product for me?

The best way to choose the konjac sponge that is right for you is by taking into consideration the following factors:

1) Your skin type.

Different ingredients are more suitable for different skin types. If you have dry skin, choose a konjac sponge that contains glycerine. If you have oily skin, avoid konjac sponges that contain menthol and opt for those that contain charcoal or clay instead. For sensitive skin, our Binchotan Charcoal Konjac Sponge is the best product.

2) Your budget.

We have a range of konjac sponges to choose from, all of which are of premium quality. The difference in price mainly depends on what ingredients have been used to make it e.g. charcoal, herbs, etc.

3) Your skin condition.

Our Charcoal Konjac Sponge, for example, is suitable for people with sensitive or acne-prone skin as it has ingredients that act as a natural detoxifier and draw out impurities.

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