Best Knipex Cobra Pliers

Best Knipex Cobra Pliers: What are they?

Knipex pliers are small tools made from steel. They have a strong grip and can be used with either hands or one hand. These pliers come in different sizes and shapes which makes them suitable for various tasks such as cutting, drilling, tapping, screwing, etc.

They are available in several colors including black, red, blue, green and yellow.

What are their advantages over other types of pliers?

The main advantage of these pliers is that they have a good grip strength and can be used with both hands. Also, the handles are long enough to prevent your fingers from getting caught between them. Another feature is that they do not slip out when tightened. You may use them for many purposes like cutting, drilling, tapping, screwing, etc.

How to Use Best Knipex Cobra Pliers?

These pliers are easy to use because they have a large gripping surface. However, if you want to tighten them, it will take some effort since there is no thumbscrewdriver type tool. Therefore, you need to hold the handle firmly while tightening it. If you try too hard, the plier may slip out of your grasp and fall down onto the floor.

How to Maintain Best Knipex Cobra Pliers?

It is important that you keep these pliers clean and dry after every use. You must prevent them from rusting. The jaws should be kept aligned. This can easily be done by manually pushing the plier apart slightly at the joint. Another way to do this is to tighten a bolt or screw with them until they are bent just enough.

What are the types of Knipex Pliers?

1. General purpose pliers

These pliers are good for gripping, cutting and bending. They have a wide joint that is very useful for gripping large curved items such as the pipes. The jaws of these pliers are also straight.

2. Long Nose Pliers

The long nose is quite obvious from the name itself. It has longer jaws that are useful for reaching deep areas such as inside the pipe in order to turn or bend it.

3. Side cutting pliers

These pair of pliers are specially designed for cutting wires and soft metals. The cutting edge is on the side of the plier hence the name.

4. Lineman’s pliers

This type of plier has a longer gripping surface that allows you to turn and grip larger wires and cables. The jaws are also straight hence it can easily cut and crimp wires.


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