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Best Kitchen Aid Refrigerator Brands:

1) Whirlpool (Whirlpool Refrigeration Corporation) – A brand name used by Whirlpool International Inc.

Since its inception in 1892, Whirlpool has been a leader in the home appliance industry. Their products are manufactured under their own brand name, but they use many other brands’ parts and components. They have over 1,000 different models available for purchase worldwide and they make all of them according to their specifications. The company was founded by William J. Whillans in 1903 after he left his previous job at General Electric Company where he had worked since 1909.

Whirlpool’s first product was a washing machine, which sold for $2,500.00 in 1908. By 1912, the company had become so successful that it began manufacturing appliances such as clothes dryers and ironing boards. The company expanded rapidly during World War I and again during World War II when they were contracted to produce military equipment. After the war ended in 1945, Whirlpool continued to expand with several new lines of appliances including dishwashers and refrigerators.

2) KitchenAid (KitchenAid Incorporated) – A brand that has been used by the Whirlpool Corporation since May 4, 1986.

It was developed by the Hobart Corporation in 1911 and sold to the White Consolidated Industries in 1944. In 1984, it was acquired from White Consolidated by the Gibson Greeting Cards company. The following year, it became a part of Whirlpool. The company was founded by Hiram Percy Maxim, an inventor and engineer. At the time, he was working for a company that manufactured automatic reversing switches for railroads.

He received a patent for his design of an electric knife in 1916 and then later one for a mixer which sold for $200.00 In 1919, he created the ‘H.P. Maxim Electric Company’ in Boston. His innovative appliances were sold at a retail store owned by his friend, Samuel Scribner. In 1916, he invented an electric wine bottle corker and two years later, a clothes iron. In between these inventions, he also created a portable washing machine in 1918. After the invention of the mixer, his company’s focus was to create appliances for the home. They continued to manufacture these innovative appliances until World War II when they stopped producing them to support the war effort. After the war, his company’s focus quickly returned to manufacturing appliances.

3) Kenmore (Sears and Roebuck) – A brand of home appliances owned by the Sears, Roebuck and Company in the United States.

They are sold through their chain of Sears department stores. The Kenmore brand is not limited to appliances; it also encompasses tools, machinery and other products manufactured for Sears. The brand is named after a township outside of Chicago that was founded in 1892. In 1916, Sears began selling other kinds of products under the Kenmore name. They started selling radios in 1924, sewing machines in 1927, television sets in 1931 and air conditioners in 1927.

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The appliances were designed and manufactured by various companies and were only available through mail order or through a catalog. Today, Sears continues to sell Kenmore appliances through their catalog and on their website.

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