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Best Kerosene Heater: A Guide To Choose The Right One For You?

There are many different types of heating systems available today. Some are better than others. There are also some that perform well but aren’t very efficient. However, there is one type of system that performs exceptionally well and that’s the electric heater. Electric heaters use electricity to generate heat. They’re much cheaper than gas or oil furnaces, which means they’re good for smaller spaces like garages and basements. If you have a large space where you need to keep your home warm year round, then electric heating may not be the best choice for you because it will cost more money each month. On the other hand, if you live in a cold climate where you don’t want to pay for heating bills every winter, then electric heaters might be just what you need.

Electric heaters come in two basic forms: fuel-burning and battery-powered. Fuel-burning heaters burn gasoline or propane (or both) to produce hot water. Battery powered heaters work by using batteries to provide power and run the fan when it’s running. While battery-powered heaters are much safer than fuel-burning heaters, you’ll still need to handle and exchange the batteries. This can be a hassle since most battery powered heaters require special batteries that can be expensive if you use them a lot.

Both fuel-burning and battery powered heaters are pretty good at what they do, but which one is right for you?

It really comes down to personal preference; however, if you’re looking for a heater that you can easily move from place to place or store in a corner when not in use, then you should go with a battery-powered one. If you want to heat a large space, then a fuel-burning heater is probably for you.

Of course, there are other factors to consider as well. Make sure you do your homework and read the specifications and reviews before making your final purchase.

Before the invention of kerosene and other similar fossil fuel-based products, people used wood as their primary and only source of energy. While people still use it for cooking in third world countries and rural areas, wood has long been replaced with cleaner burning methods like propane, butane, natural gas and liquid petroleum (i.e. gasoline).

If you are looking to light your home using a “green” product that is also cost efficient, then a wood burning stove may just be the ticket. Wood stoves are not the same as fireplaces or chimineas, and are designed solely for heating. The stove has a metal barrel-shaped container made of ceramic or metal that is coated with heat-resistant material to prevent the inside from exceeding a certain temperature. Fuel is in the form of wood or coal, which is placed in the container and burned to heat up the metal box.

Like anything else, there are advantages and disadvantages to using this method to heat your home. Let’s take a look at some of them:


1. Wood stoves are extremely efficient.

With a proper installation, you can be heating your entire home for pennies compared to other types of heating methods.

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2. They produce no negative byproducts such as soot or other potentially harmful combustion chemicals.

3. Wood stoves can burn just about any wood that you can get your hands on, making them extremely versatile in times of need.

4. The average wood stove doesn’t take up much space.

Making it a perfect heating source for smaller homes.

5. You’ll feel like you’re in a cabin in the woods every time you turn it on!


1. Wood stoves are messy.

There is ash that needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis, and some models require you to manually load new fuel into the container.

2. The purchase price is a little more expensive than your average heating system, though if you shop around you can find a good deal.

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Don’t forget to factor in installation costs as well if you don’t plan on doing it yourself.

3. Wood stoves can be a major investment, especially if you need to overhaul your home’s heating system.

4. If you’re out of wood, you can’t heat your home.

Though this can be said for any fuel source.

So if you like the idea of a wood burning stove, but aren’t quite sure that it’s right for you, there are other alternatives such as pellet stoves and corn burners. These stoves use little pellets or corn kernels as their fuel source. The benefit to these types of stoves is you don’t have to deal with the messy cleanup process that typical wood burning stoves require.

So whether you want a stove pipe sticking out of the roof or not is entirely up to you and your personal preference. Just make sure if you do have one, that it’s installed properly and meets all local safety codes (not that we’re speaking from experience or anything).

Fueled by wood, coal or any other flammable substance, fire is the backbone of every heating system. Every living creature has used it in some way to ward off the bitter cold, and this is no exception when discussing emergency heat. Though you can’t exactly put a fireplace in your shelter (unless you build one), there are still ways to harness its power.

What we’re talking about are heating your home using a direct flame from either oil or propane. Though this seems like a dangerous prospect, there are ways of doing it that are relatively safe.

One of the most common methods is to use a hot water heater. If you have an electric hot water heater, this option isn’t available unless you have a generator.

However, if you have a conventional fuel-burning water heater, you can easily hook a propane tank to the burner and have yourself a nice little heating unit.

You just have to be careful when lighting the burner, as the water in the tank is going to be very hot. You also want to make sure that you have adequate ventilation because the byproducts of a propane heater can be pretty harsh if there is no way for them to escape.

It’s also a good idea to hook up the tank so that it’s close to the floor and not elevated when in use. Many propane tank explosions occur when they’re elevated and the fuel expands beyond the safety point. If the tank is on the floor, this can’t happen to the same degree.

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Another way of heating your home is with a heating unit that uses oil as its main heating resource. There are several options available for these types of systems; from small table top units to ones installed through out a basement or even room within your shelter.

Though an oil furnace requires much more maintenance and upkeep than a propane one, it does put out a higher BTU count which is going to yield better results for heating your home.

However, you’re still going to need additional fuel for the furnace. Either that or you’re going to have to scavenge for more before winter comes.

CHAPTER 4: What’s the Buzz About?

For many people, the sound of a buzzing insect is enough to send them into a frenzy. It’s the one sound that most of us hate more than anything else. Though our world today is mostly devoid of these pests thanks to factors such as pollution, over development and global warming, during the post-apocalypse, expect to hear these little nuisances again.

Why such an annoying creature has made a resurgence isn’t exactly known, but perhaps it has to do with the fact that mankind has finally gotten its act together with regards to pollution and global warming.

Whatever the reason, if you’re unfortunate enough to still encounter these buzzers in the wild, here are some tips on how to handle them.

Hornets, Wasps and Yellow Jackets

These are probably some of the most dangerous insects you’ll have to face in the wild. If stung improperly, one of these little creatures can kill a person. They tend to make their homes in wooded areas and underbrush where they have a tendency to build their nests. Dealing with them isn’t an easy task though as they’re extremely territorial and attack en masse. If you do somehow manage to get one on your side however, they’ve been known to be carnivorous and can be tamed, at least to some degree.

Killer Bees

The bane of southern regions, killer bees are exactly what they sounds like, bees that kill. Unlike normal bees who tend to only attack if their hive is disturbed or are aggravated in some way, killer bees attack any living creature that enters their territory. It doesn’t matter if you’re 2 feet tall or 20 feet tall, if you’re not with the bees, you’re against them and they will sting you without mercy.

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These little buggers have been known to chase people for miles and can easily kill a full grown man in a few minutes. If you happen to be allergic to bee stings, then just one sting is all it takes to send your body into anaphylactic shock.


While not as deadly as bees or hornets, wasps can still be quite troublesome to the survivor. In fact, you’re more likely to encounter a wasp nest than any other type of bee or hornet due to their tendency to build their hives in the ground. If you happen to kick one of these hives, expect a swarm of several thousand wasps ready to attack anything that disturbs their nest.

Worse yet, while bees can usually be found nesting in wooded areas, wasps prefer more urban settings where they make their home in garbage and other waste. If you’re lucky enough to live in a region that has bears or big cats, then you might just find yourself having to deal with wasp predators as well.

Yellow Jackets

While most bees are non-aggressive and will only attack if their hive is disturbed, yellow jackets tend to be much more vicious. Yellow jackets tend to build their nests underground in small passages and will come out in force when their territory is threatened. Yellow jackets also tend to have more than one “queen,” and if you manage to kill one, then the rest of them will react even more violently.


While many would assume that ants aren’t a threat due to their small size, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Ants of all types can be very dangerous.

Ants tend to live in underground colonies with multiple queens. If you’re walking through an area and suddenly find your legs being attacked by ants, then you’ve most likely walked into an ant colony.

The larger carpenter ants can also bite and their sting is very painful. Fire Ants tend to be even worse. Not only will they bite, but their stings feel like you’re on fire. If you get several fire ants all attacking one area of your body, you may even need medical attention due to the extreme swelling.

Ants also have a tendency to infest crops. This can quickly destroy a farmers work and may force him to abandon his farm entirely, making it available for you to claim as your own. Of course you’ll have to clear out the infestation first.


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Scorpions are some of the deadliest creatures to be found in any region. Their venom is fast acting and will quickly paralyze you, causing respiratory failure and eventually asphyxiation. There is an anti-venom to the poison, but you’ll need to get to a hospital quickly to receive a shot of it.

Scorpions aren’t large creatures, most of them only growing to around teacup size, however they can be found nearly everywhere. You’ll find them in deserts and arid regions, as well as forests and wooded areas. You may even have some in your own backyard.

They tend to like dark places, and this makes their homes easy to find. All you need to do is wander about in the regions listed above and keep an eye on the ground. You’ll know you’re getting close to their lair when you start seeing large numbers of them, as well as other predatory insects.

As dangerous as they are, scorpions can be captured and tamed. The poison in their tail can be milked out and used to coat a blade. These creatures may become useful if you wish to take the life of your enemies slowly or give someone a lasting reminder of their encounter with you.

Escaping a Scuffle

If you ever find yourself in a scuffle with one of these creatures, you’ll need to act quickly to get away.

Escaping their Jaws: If a croc has you in his jaws and the pressure is too great, you’ll end up with your legs snapped like twigs. To get away from this, you need to find an object to jab at his eyes. You have two options: attempt to reach something on the ground or try to push yourself free from his grip.

You can attempt to reach the bottom of a nearby tree and try to jab his eye with a sharpened stick or toss a rock at it.

Your other option is to wiggle yourself free. This is going to be a bit harder as you’ll need to find leverage and keep an eye on the croc’s heads positions. You want to turn your body sideways so that you can see both of the creature’s eyes and then try to force one of your legs out of its grip. You’ll most likely have to pull with all your strength to get away.

You could also use one of your arms to keep the croc’s jaw open and stab at its eyes as well, though this leaves you open to get bit.

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Escaping the Grip: If a marauder has you in his grip, you need to act quickly. the best way to escape is to find an object on the ground and slam it into his face. This can be a rock, a bottle, a sharpened stick, anything you can find really.

You can also repeatedly jab at his eyes while kicking your legs if you’re close enough to do so. Kicking him directly in the family jewels might also give you the chance to get away. You’ll need to act quick though and not let up.

You could always just run as well. It’s not likely that the marauder is going to be able to run after you.

Captured by Raiders

If you find yourself in a barren region such as a desert or rocky plains and you don’t have the supplies needed to survive, you might be desperate enough to consider approaching a raider camp. These bands of thugs and bandits have set up several camps throughout the wastes. The only problem is that they aren’t likely to just welcome you into their ranks. You’ll have to sneak into the camp at night and hope to find some kind of work or role within the camp.

If you’re successful, you might be able to stay with them for awhile. However, if you’re caught by the raiders, they’re more than likely to just rob and kill you. So you need to be stealthy.

If you get into trouble, you’re on your own.

Sneaking Around: Sneaking around a raider’s camp at night won’t be an easy feat. The bandits will be hyper aware and will have lookouts all over the camp. You’ll need to avoid being seen at all costs. If you are spotted, then you’ll have alerted the camp to your presence and will need to fight your way out.

The good thing is that you can use this to your advantage. Since the raiders will be on edge due to them being on high alert, you can use the noise from sneaking around to distract them while you find a good spot to lay in ambush. Or you can sneak up on lone individuals and slit their throats before they know what is going on.

In any case, your goal is to kill everyone in the camp without being seen or heard. This will be your biggest challenge yet.

The raiders are used to the wastes and will have weapons such as guns, which were once used for peaceful purposes long ago. However, after the world went to hell, they were no longer needed and forgotten. The raiders obviously found them and understand their uses quite well. Most have pistols of some sort and typically wear leather armor or clothing.

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Most have long range weapons, while some have blunt weapons such as lead pipes or bats. A few have melee weapons that are rusted and dull. None of them have armor that you’ve seen.

The raiders have lookouts posted all over the camp and they are the biggest threat. You won’t be able to sneak up on them, at least not without a lot of luck. If you can eliminate the lookouts first, then the rest will be much easier.

You’ve reached the edge of the camp and must choose your course of action. You can either circle the camp and take out the lookouts first or go in through the front and eliminate whoever you come across first.

You need to be careful in this camp. There are around 20 raiders including the lookouts and all of them have guns and most likely know how to use them.

You’ve decided to sneak into camp and take out the lookouts first. From there, you can take out the rest at your own pace.

The first lookout that you notice is a large man wearing metal armor that has been draped with a cloth to resemble a robe. You’ve never seen anyone wearing armor before so this is quite the sight. He holds a metal staff with an eagle on top as he sits in a meditative position.

He’s guarding the path up the hill where you assume the rest of the lookouts are located. You need to get past him but you aren’t sure how.

You could try to sneak up and stab him in the back.

You could also try to throw something at him to get his attention and then shoot him after he looks in that direction.

While you’re pondering your choices, a explosion off to the side catches your attention. A look of surprise appears on the man’s face as he looks down at the hole in his chest before falling over. You notice that there is a cloaked figure standing nearby with their hands upraised. They must have used some sort of psychic ability to blow a hole in the man’s chest.

The other raiders in the camp begin to panic and some begin shooting into the air while others run around cluelessly. The cloaked figure starts running towards the camp and all eyes are drawn to him. The remaining lookouts, now lacking one of their own, jump down from their perch and give chase.

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You can either give chase to the cloaked figure or take out the lookouts.


Cloaked Figure

\ You decide to follow the cloaked figure while the lookouts are distracted and in disarray. The cloaked figure runs with surprising speed and you have a difficult time keeping up. He leads you to a dead end near a cliff at the edge of the camp and then turns around to face you. You get your first good look at him and see that he is a he. The figure reveals a hidden blade and throws it at you before you can react.

The blade strikes you in the leg and you fall to the ground in pain. The cloaked figure begins to circle you while you’re down and attempts to stab you in the chest with his dagger. You roll out of the way just in time and grab the knife lodged in your leg, pull it out, and then throw it at the figure’s feet. He jumps back and then throws his dagger at you again.

The knife lands just left of your head and the figure chuckles. “I have to admit, you are much better than most at handling pain. The others just scream when they get stabbed. I must say though, you aren’t very good at this game.” He then pulls a flintlock pistol from his cloak and aims it at you.

Any last words before I finish you off?

I would offer you a cigarette but I foresaw that you would refuse. Such a pity, they really are quite good. My wife’s homemade blend.”

You haven’t even opened your mouth yet but the man laughs once more. “I’m kidding of course. You may say your last words now.”

“Go to hell you son of a…” You angrily reply only to have the man cut you off.

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“Ah, yes, this is one of my favorites. Such language from a fighter. My father was right; I will have a great deal of fun with you. The name’s Jack by the way.”

Jack cocks his pistol while you try to find something to defend yourself with. You see a large branch nearby and reach for it but Jack fires his pistol before you can grab it. The bullet misses you but hits your hand and you scream in pain.

“I wish I could say it was a pleasure but I have to kill you. It’s nothing personal, my friend, business is business after all. Goodbye, and don’t worry; I’ll do the world a favor and kill all the witches I can get my hands on. It is for the greater good, after all. Something the Elders forgot a long time ago.” With that the man’s figure becomes hazy and he disappears.

You hear footsteps approaching and decide it’s better if you pretend you’re still dead so you don’t alert whoever it is to the fact that you are now alive. A woman with bright red hair and dressed in a brown cloak arrives.

“Foolish mortal, sloppily hiding his body and then leaving it behind. I guess the rumors of his intelligence are greatly exaggerated. Still, it is done and he will soon be dead. I thank you, my sweet little syringe.” The woman takes a syringe out of her pocket and strokes it lovingly before putting it back.

“Yes, wife, we shall have many happy years together, I shall see to it.

And who knows?

In time, Jack may even forgive us for robbing him of such delicious suffering. Now, let us be off before those peasants miss their precious savior. Let’s see, we shall head north into the desert. Yes, I believe that will be a good place to start anew.”

You hear the woman talk to herself but can make out more of what she is saying as she gets closer. “A new beginning, a better us, a better life, for all witches,” she says while approaching you. She stops right in front of you and kneels down. “But first…

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