Best JVC Headphones

JVC Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review: Pros & Cons


1) They are comfortable; they do not cause any discomfort when wearing them.

(The best thing about these headphones is their comfort)

2) They have good sound quality; they provide excellent audio quality.

(It’s better than most other bluetooth headphones out there).

3) The battery life lasts for several hours without draining the batteries completely.

(It’s great that they don’t drain the batteries completely)

4) They are very portable; they can easily fit into your pocket or purse.

(They’re light weight and easy to carry around with you.)

5) These headphones are waterproof; they can withstand splashes and water.

Best JVC Headphones - Picture

(These headphones have a built-in microphone which helps prevent accidental leaks of audio data while using them underwater).

6) They come with 3 different types of cables; they include 1) A standard cable, 2) An extended cable, and 3) A rechargeable battery pack.

(All three cables are included in the package.)

7) The headphones are compatible with all smartphones; they work well on both Android and iOS devices.

(You can use these headphones on your smartphone even if it doesn’t support bluetooth 4.0).

8) They’re super comfortable to wear for long periods of time; they do not put pressure on your ears or cause any ear fatigue.

(The soft cushion material is perfect for long usages).

9) They have a very sleek design; they’re not bulky and are easy to carry around in your pocket.

(They don’t mess up your hair while you’re wearing them).

10) The headphones are very durable; despite being affordable, they feel solid and don’t feel like they’ll break if you accidentally sit on them. (They’re made of quality parts that were chosen after extensive testing).

11) The long cable can reach from one end of a room to the other; you can walk, run, or skip with these headphones without the cable dragging along the floor. (You don’t have to worry about tripping over the cord).


12) The travel bag included with these headphones can also be used as a portable charger; you can charge your phone (or any other device) while on the go. (The battery life of the travel bag lasts for several hours).

13) The sound quality is very good; it’s as good or better than most high-end expensive headphones out there. (You can use these headphones to listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. anywhere you want).

14) They’re compatible with all types of music; they can produce a crisp sound whether you’re listening to classical, jazz, hip-hop, electronic music, etc.


1) You may experience a short in the wires from time to time; however, if this happens you can easily replace the wires with the extra pair included in the package.

2) The ear pads may start leaking after a year of heavy usage; however, you can easily replace the ear pads yourself or take them to a professional to have them replaced.

3) These headphones are not noise cancelling; they do a decent job blocking out low frequency sounds like car engines and air conditioners, but they don’t block out high frequency sounds like children screaming or loud music playing in the background.

4) The rechargeable battery that comes with the travel bag does not last very long; you can only charge your phone (or other devices) a couple of times before the battery dies out.

5) The cord is not very long; it’s roughly the length of a broom stick (you have to be close to the device you’re trying to listen to).

6) The ear pads can begin to feel uncomfortable after a few hours of listening.


7) These headphones do not have a mic or audio controls built in; therefore, you can’t answer phone calls or adjust the volume without taking your phone out of your pocket.

8) Some users have complained that these headphones are rather large and bulky; they say they don’t like the way they look when they wear them.

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