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Best Jurassic World Toys: Indominus Rex

Indominus Rex is one of the most famous dinosaurs from the movie Jurassic Park. Indominus Rex was a large herbivore dinosaur with long neck and huge teeth. Its body length reached up to 20 meters (65 feet). It had a wingspan of at least 7 meters (23 feet) and it could fly very fast thanks to its powerful legs.

The Indominus Rex fossil was discovered in Mongolia. It is the largest known carnivorous dinosaur found so far. However, there are several other dinosaurs which have been named Indominus Rex but they are smaller than this one. They include the T-Rex, Velociraptor and Deinonychus.

The name “indominus” means “unknown”.

Indominus Rex Dinosaur Facts:

1. Indominus Rex lived during the Cretaceous Period.

2. It weighed around 60 tons.

3. It had a wingspan of at least 7 meters (23 feet).

4. Its head was larger than its body length and it had two horns on top of its head.

The Indominus Rex dinosaur toy is available in many colors and sizes including small, medium, large, extra large and even giant size!

Why is the Indominus Rex So Dangerous?

The Indominus rex is an intelligent, fast and powerful animal. It has a lot of features which make it a dangerous predator:

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1. Camouflage: Most animals have a strong instinct to avoid predators.

Thanks to its camouflage ability the Indominus rex can easily ambush its prey. It uses the same color as its surroundings to hide itself from its pray. It has a special layer of cells which can change color to match its surroundings. The eyes of the animal are also positioned in such a way that they can clearly see everything that is going on around it, but its pray cannot detect its presence.

2. Sharp Teeth: The fierce teeth of the Indominus rex are very sharp.

It can easily bite pieces off its pray and swallow them whole. These teeth also protect the animal from any other potential predators.

3. Strong Legs: The long legs of the Indominus rex are very powerful and allow it to run at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

It can easily outrun any of its pray. Thanks to its long legs, it can also jump and be airborne for several seconds.

4. Sharp Talons: The sharp talons of the Indominus rex are extremely dangerous.

They can easily rip apart any flesh that it chooses to attack.

5. Poisonous Stinger: The tail of the Indominus rex ends with a poisonous stinger.

The poison is strong enough to kill almost any animal instantly. Even though it doesn’t use the stinger very often, this weapon always forces its preys to be careful around it.

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6. Intellect and Cunning: The Indominus rex is an intellectual animal.

From a very young age, it has shown signs of cleverness and intelligence. This animal is not only capable of identifying threats to its life, but it is also able to use tools and weapons to attack or defend itself.

Why Would Someone Create Such a Creature?

Such a creature sounds terrifying!

Why would someone create such a dangerous animal?

Well, the answer is quite simple: money.

There is a place in the United States called “Nublar Island”, where a park has been created. On this island, there are several wildlife species, all of them recreated through genetic manipulation. The idea of this park is to have visitors drive around the island while being able to see the various wild animals living there. The problem is that no one visits this park.

To make the animals more attractive, the park’s owners decide to create new and even more dangerous species. This is where the Indominus rex comes into play. The plan is to create a whole new exhibiting area around this animal and hope that it will boost attendance.

The Creation of the Animal

The creation of a new animal isn’t an easy task, especially not one as complex as the Indominus rex. The animal has several special needs that have to be catered to. It also has to be able to survive in a specific environment.

To begin, a number of eggs are harvested from the most dangerous animals on the island: the Velociraptors. The hatched dinosaurs are then grown individually in isolation from any influence. As these animals grow, they are given a lot of genetic alterations in order to change their behavior and appearance. Chemicals are also regularly injected into the animals in order to reinforce characteristics that are useful to the park.

Finally, an electric current is used on the animals in order to encourage the creation of a tougher and deadlier species.

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The entire process is very delicate and a number of animals die as a result. Even the survivors have noticeable physical and behavioral changes.

The animal is also placed in a specific environment that is ideal to its needs. For the Indominus rex exhibit, a patch of jungle covered by a large sheet of hard plastic is created. It’s situated near the park’s lagoon and is surrounded by a 20 feet tall wall. This wall not only keeps the animal from escaping, but it also prevents potential visitors from seeing the creature.

After several months of growth, the animal is now fully grown. However, since it has been growing up in isolation from any other animals and with a primarily hostile environment, it has become a dangerous animal.

The Incident

The Indominus rex’s first and only encounter with visitors goes horribly wrong. A group of employees known as the “behavior-modification team” have been ordered to enter the Indominus rex’s exhibit in order to pump a powerful concoction of drugs into the animal. This has two purposes: to calm it and to modify its behavior.

The team enters the exhibit, but the Indominus rex isn’t there. The team then waits patiently for the animal to arrive. But as they wait, members of the team get careless and begin to mock the animal. They are sure that the Indominus rex is not going to attack them since they are in its domain and because they are there to feed it.

They are wrong. The animal attacks and kills all but one of the members of the team. The survivor runs out of the exhibit and warns his co-workers. The entire park goes into panic mode while the Indominus rex wanders into the jungle area of its exhibit.

The animal is soon found again, but this time it has attracted the attention of several other animals in the park. The carnage is horrific and the Indominus rex kills many of the park’s inhabitants.

Only one animal escapes the carnage: a Velociraptor known as Blue. The animal is later found by the park’s assistant-director with a piece of metal sticking out of its leg. It is unknown whether this was caused by the Indominus rex or from one of the many explosions that occurred during the chaos.

It is later found that the animal’s rampage has caused severe damage to the park, most notably in the island’s sector. While some vegetation has grown back and the animal has been killed, the areas of the island remains largely abandoned. A debate has started over whether or not to rebuild the island but such plans remain on hold for the moment.

The Aftermath

In the days following the incident, many have wondered how this could have happened. Both the media and various independent organizations have investigated the park, trying to find out how something like this could have happened.

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The person that was in charge of the park at the time, Vic Hoskins, has been largely blamed for what happened. It is later learned that he has fled the country with a large amount of money. Mr. Hammond’s grandchildren, who have inherited the parks, have different views on what occurred.

Hammond’s oldest granddaughter, Claire, believes that her grandfather would be saddened by what happened and has since taken control of what remains of his company with an eye towards rebuilding the park. Her sister, Gray, believes that the entire park should be allowed to die and the land sold to the highest bidder. The two sisters are currently fighting over what to do with it.

You long since handed the money that you made from ticket sales over to your mother, who has not yet forgiven you for what occurred, which has strained your relationship with her.

You currently run a small bar, but your dreams of affluence always seem to be beyond your grasp.

As for the Indominus rex, its body was never found. It is assumed that it was carried off by a predator after it was killed or that it sank into the water and drifted out to sea.

That night continues to haunt you. The nightmares of the terror that you experienced plague you even now.

Your mother remains upset with you to this day and has never forgiven you for what happened when you worked at the park. She has also never visited the park since its closing, claiming that she doesn’t want to associate the place with bad memories. While rebuilding is currently taking place, it is nowhere near complete.

As for you, your dreams of affluence continue to elude you.

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