Best Joint Supplements for Cats

What are the benefits of joint supplements?

The main benefit of joint supplements is to prevent pain. If your cat suffers from arthritis or other chronic disease, then it’s very likely that they suffer from pain all the time. The best way to relieve their suffering is to avoid causing them any further discomfort by giving them medications which may cause side effects such as weight gain, nausea, diarrhea and so on.

How do I decide what type of joint supplement to give my cat?

There are two types of joints: soft and hard. Soft joints are those which don’t have cartilage (the tough stuff inside bones). Hard joints include those which have cartilage but not enough strength to support the body weight. You need to choose the one that will provide maximum protection against inflammation, swelling and pain. Hint: choose the one which has higher local concentration of GLA. Don’t forget to consult with your veterinarian for professional advice!

What are the most effective joint supplements?

There’s a long list of supplements out there and chances are that you’ve tried several of them without any success. The market is full of expensive and useless crap which doesn’t work at all or at least not as claimed by its manufacturers. Chances are they have never tried their own products!

How long before I start noticing the improvements?

This really depends on the condition of your cat’s joints and how effective the supplement you use is. Some people report visible improvements after a week of use, but that’s rare. For most supplements, you should start noticing an effect after 2-4 weeks of use.

What else should I know?

All supplements work differently for different people. You shouldn’t give up if the first one doesn’t work for you. Just find one which has the best customer rating and has received good reviews from people who have similar problems as yours. Once you start seeing improvements, stick with it!

Where can I get more information?

If you want to learn more about joint supplements for cats, make sure to check out the resources section in the bottom of the page. There you can find several sources of further information which will help you make a more informed decision.

What are the most popular joint supplements?

Numerous joint supplements are available on the market.

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