Best Iron Supplements

Iron is one of the most essential elements needed for human body. Without it, our bodies would not function properly. Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) is a condition where there are low levels of iron in your blood or tissues. IDA affects mainly young children and pregnant women. Children with IDA have reduced ability to absorb iron from food. They may experience fatigue, weakness, lack of energy and poor growth. Pregnant women with IDA often develop anaemia (low levels of hemoglobin in their blood). Anaemia causes problems during pregnancy and after delivery. It can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth. If left untreated, anaemia can cause mental retardation and other health issues later in life.

The symptoms of iron deficiency anemia include: tiredness, weakness, loss of appetite, poor concentration and memory. Other signs include pale skin, hair loss and an inability to concentrate. There is no cure for iron deficiency anemia but it can usually be treated with iron supplementation. The best way to treat iron deficiency is through dietary changes such as eating foods rich in iron like meat, fish and poultry. If you’re a vegetarian, dark green leafy vegetables are also good sources of iron.

Other foods high in iron include eggs, dried fruit, nuts, tofu and beans. While iron pills can help correct the condition, it is still much better to improve your diet in order to avoid this deficiency.

What are the Best Iron Supplements?

There are several different types of iron supplements on the market today. Different types are absorbed by the body at different rates and levels. Best iron supplements for diet are contained in the supplement known as Feosol. These types of iron pills are absorbed more slowly than other types which allows the body to better handle the absorption. This type of supplement is best taken with food.

Best Iron Supplements: Best Iron Supplements for Women

Women suffering from menorrhagia (heavy periods) should take ferrous fumerate supplements daily. Taking ferrous fumerate actually reduces the amount of blood lost during periods, but it does not cause the menstrual cycle to become shorter. It is taken in tablet form and can be found over the counter or with a prescription.

Best Iron Supplements for Men: Best Iron Supplements for Menorrhagia

Menorrhagia is also known as abnormally heavy periods. If you suffer from menorrhagia then you may want to consider taking Menomet by prescription only. It contains ferrous sulfate and can only be found at the pharmacy.

Best Iron Supplements for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

Pregnant and nursing mothers can take a daily supplement of ferrous fumerate or ferrous gluconate. The best iron supplements for nursing mothers are found in the prenatal vitamins they are already taking. If the prenatal does not contain iron, then consult your physician about a separate supplement.

Best Iron Supplements for Children

Children who are diagnosed with iron deficiency should consult their physician before taking any kind of supplement. Best iron supplements for children with anemia include ferrous sulfate, ferrous fumerate or ferrous gluconate. These are usually in the form of jellybeans, syrup or chewable tablets and can be found over the counter or with a prescription.

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Best Iron Supplements for Anemia

The best iron supplements for anemia are usually ferrous sulfate or ferrous fumerate in the form of a pill. If you want to increase your iron levels naturally without the use of supplements, eat more lean meats, beans and leafy green vegetables. You can also try an iron pot, which is sort of a poor man’s version of an IV.

Best Iron Supplements for Hemochromatosis

Hemochromatosis is a genetic disease in which the body can’t eliminate excess iron. The best iron supplements for this condition are ferrous gluconate, ferrous fumerate or ferrous succinate. These are usually in the form of pills and can be found over the counter or with a prescription.

Best Iron Supplements for Athletes

The best iron supplements for athletes are usually multivitamins or other antioxidant formulas. These contain enough iron to prevent anemia but not so much that it would cause problems for those with hemochromatosis. Many multivitamins also contain folic acid, which is important to prevent anemia in women during their childbearing years.

Best Iron Supplements for Vegetarians

For most people, the best iron supplements are found in meats but vegetarians and vegans can find iron in legumes, leafy green vegetables and grains. Still, it is difficult to get all the iron your body needs without supplementation. The best iron supplements for vegetarians are multivitamins or other antioxidant formulas.

Best Iron Supplements For Everyone

When it comes to the best iron supplements, you have a lot of options. Our bodies need iron to carry oxygen through our blood and keep the cells functioning properly so it is important to get enough in your diet. If you feel like you aren’t getting enough iron from your diet, then consider an iron supplement.

Whether you have anemia, are a vegetarian or just want to ensure you’re getting enough, there are a lot of options. Check the labels and see which ones have the iron, along with other necessary nutrients. Discuss with your doctor which one would be best for you if you aren’t sure.

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