Best iPhone 6 Cases

Best iPhone 6 Case Slim: OtterBox Defender Series

The OtterBox Defender series is one of the most popular cases for the iPhone 6. They are available in many colors and designs. These cases have been designed with a variety of features including water resistance, shock protection, scratch resistance, drop protection and much more.

The OtterBox Defender series has been tested to protect your phone from drops up to 2 feet (60 cm).

These cases come in different sizes and shapes. You can choose between various thicknesses such as 0.5 inch, 1 inch, 1.25 inches, 2 inches and 3 inches.

There are also some models which feature built-in speakers or microphones so you can use them while using other apps like Skype or FaceTime without having to plug in headphones.

OtterBox Defender Series cases are made of tough polycarbonate plastic and they’re splash resistant. They have a soft touch finish and they won’t leave any marks on your phone’s screen when you’re using it. The OtterBox Defender series is waterproof, dustproof, shock proof and drop proof.

These cases are not only durable but also easy to clean since there aren’t any buttons or ports to fiddle around with.

The OtterBox Defender series is custom designed for the Apple iPhone 6 so you can be sure that the case is nice and snug and will offer your phone unbeatable protection. You don’t even need to remove the case every time you charge your phone or if you want to listen to music since it has port covers to keep out dust and debris and the hidden inner shell comes with a built-in screen protector which will protect your touchscreen from scratches.

Best iphone 6 case slim: Spigen

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Spigen is a very popular brand when it comes to phone cases. They have been manufacturing cases for a wide range of phones for many years now and their products are well known for their high level of quality and their ability to blend style and protection. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid series offers great protection at a budget price.

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