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What are Youth Integrated Football Pants?

Youth integrated football pants (also known as youth soccer pants) are designed specifically for young children ages 3 to 7 years old. They feature a mesh fabric upper with a cotton/polyester blend lower body panel. These pants have a drawstring waistband and elasticized ankles. They come in various colors such as blue, gray, green, pink, purple and white.

How do they work?

The purpose of these pants is to provide protection from head injuries while still allowing movement of the legs. They will not protect your child’s knees or ankles if he plays contact sports like football. They are designed for kids between the ages of 3 and 7 years old. If your child is older than that, then it would be best to get him a regular pair of soccer shorts instead.

Why should I buy them?

These pants are great because they offer protection from head injuries without restricting movement of the legs. You may be wondering why they don’t restrict movement of the legs when most other types of protective gear does. The answer is that these pants allow your child to move around freely so he doesn’t feel restricted or limited in any way. Your child will be able to enjoy playing sports while still being protected.

You can buy these pants in most sporting goods stores such as Dicks Sporting Goods, Academy, etc. or online. Amazon currently has the best prices for youth integrated football pants.

Some customers have said that the pants run a little small and you may want to order one size up if you’re uncertain of what size to get.

Sometimes integrated pants can be a little expensive but they are well worth the money as they will last quite a while.


The material that these pants are made out of is very lightweight and comfortable. They are made to allow your child to run, kick, jump, etc without feeling like the pants are holding him back in any way. Most parents buy these for their young children because of how comfortable they are.

While the material is very comfortable it is also very protective. It will keep your child safe from head injuries which is ultimately the most important thing.

Youth integrated pants are by far the best option out there when it comes to protecting your child if he participates in contact sports like soccer or football.

They are easy to wash and dry so if your child gets them dirty you don’t have to worry about spending too much time cleaning them, just throw them in the washing machine and then the dryer and they will come out good as new.

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Integrated pants are a great choice for any parent that has a young child that is participates in contact sports.

They are comfortable, protective, and easy to take care of so what’s not to like?

Other Products:

Several companies make integrated pants for kids such as Under Armour, Adidas, Puma, and Nike. Each company makes them a little differently so it’s best to browse online and compare which pair is the best fit for your child.

Most of these companies make pants that protect your child from head to toe. This provides the most protection and is great for kids who are just learning how to play soccer or football.

If you prefer, you can buy regular soccer shorts or football pants and have them integrated. This may be more cost effective for you but it will not provide as much protection.

Some companies even sell integrated jerseys that have padding in the shoulders to provide extra protection. If your child plays football I would recommend buying him one of these jerseys as it will protect him from injury.

You can find integrated pants from various sporting goods stores but the best place to find a good selection and the best prices is on Amazon.

Caring for integrated soccer pants is very easy. Just throw them in the washing machine and then dry them and they will come out clean. If there are any stains that won’t come out you can put some bleach in the washing machine and it will get rid of the stains.

If your child is really sweaty you may want to air dry the pants instead of putting them in the dryer. This will help them from shrinking as much.

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If you do not want to wash the pants you can simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and this should get rid of any stains or sweat. You can also use some stain remover if there are any tough stains.

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