Best Insect Foggers

Best Insect Foggers

The best insect foggers are the ones which have been tested and proven effective against mosquitoes. These devices will not only protect your home from mosquitos but they will also make it safer for you to enjoy outdoors too. There are many different types of insect foggers available on the market today, however there is one thing all these products have in common: They work well at repelling mosquitoes. However, there are some other factors which should be considered when choosing the right insect fogger for your needs.

Insect repellent vs Insect killer

There are two main categories of mosquito killers and repellents: insect repellent and insect killer. When selecting a mosquito killing device, you need to consider whether it’s intended purpose is to kill mosquitoes or if it’s designed specifically for repelling them.

Mosquito repellent devices are designed to repel mosquitoes while insect killers are designed to kill mosquitoes. While both types of mosquito killers do their job effectively, the difference lies in how long they last before they become ineffective. Bug sprays and bug zappers are good examples of insect killers because they’re meant to keep insects away from your property for a short period of time.

On the other hand, mosquito coils and mosquito lamps are good examples of mosquito repellent devices because they’re designed to be lit and stay on all night in order to keep mosquitoes away. Many people use mosquito repellent incense when camping or when spending time outdoors far away from the comforts of modern living.

How do insect foggers kill mosquitoes?

When it comes to killing mosquitoes, insect foggers and insect killers function in a similar manner. They each use very small amounts of commonly used chemicals to efficiently kill mosquitoes. These particular chemicals are generally safe for humans and animals, but are deadly to mosquitoes. For this reason, it is always advised you keep your pets inside while an insect fogger is working and to keep an eye on your children just in case they happen to touch any of the chemicals.

The way that an insect fogger works is quite simple. Once the canister has been placed in the device and turned on, a fog of insecticide will be dispersed around your property within a few minutes. This process generally doesn’t take too long and the results are quite effective. You can expect an insect fogger to last anywhere between 1-2 hours depending on the size of the canister you’ve chosen.

How much area will an insect fogger cover?

The size of the fogger as well as the size of the canister that comes with it will determine just how large an area the fog will cover. The larger the fogger, the larger the cloud of insecticide that will be sprayed in your yard. This means that larger foggers and their accompanying canisters are meant for bigger properties such as a one or two-acre yard while smaller foggers are only intended for small areas such as a small yard or balcony.

For example, the leading brand of outdoor mosquito fogger, Scenterin features a wide variety of different sized foggers including small handheld foggers which are good for a small yard or balcony as well as larger foggers which can treat an entire field. Larger foggers will obviously need more time to work.

When it comes to insecticides, most foggers use a mixture of pyrethrin and permethrin. While both of these ingredients are incredibly effective, they last anywhere from 1-4 weeks before needing to be reapplied. This means that a fogger should be used any time you expect mosquitoes or other insects to be a problem such as during the summer or if your property is located near a large body of water.

What are the different types of mosquito foggers available?

Insect foggers that utilize pyrethrin and permethrin are generally the most common types of foggers on the market. While these foggers are some of the safest to use around humans and animals, they do have their downsides. For one, their effects only last about a month in most cases. Another potential issue is that some people may experience adverse reactions to pyrethrin and permethrin such as skin irritation or other allergic reactions in some rare cases.

If you’re looking for a longer lasting solution to your mosquito problem, you may want to consider purchasing an insect fogger that uses natural pyrethrin. These functions tend to be the most expensive on the market, but if you’re worried about exposing yourself or your animals to potentially dangerous chemicals, then this is the best option for you.

As far as natural insecticides go, the primary active ingredients in most natural pyrethrin foggers are lemon or peppermint oil. The only bad thing about these chemicals is that they don’t have quite as long of a residual effect as traditional foggers will. For this reason, many people consider them to be more of a preventative than a solution.

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In any case, whichever you decide to buy just be sure you do your research to ensure that you’re getting a product of high quality.

Other Types Of Foggers

While the above “Types Of Foggers” section is dedicated mainly to mosquito foggers, there are several different types of foggers on the market. No matter what type of fogger you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered below.

Foggers for insect control

As we mentioned earlier, most foggers on the market today are created with mosquito control in mind. While they may be great at killing mosquitoes, they don’t offer any protection against other types of insects such as ticks and spiders which may also pose a health risk. If you’re looking for a fogger that will take care of several different types of insects all at once, then you’ll definitely want to consider one of the foggers listed below.

Bedbug foggers

If you’re looking for a fogger that will kill bedbugs, then Exterm-I-BED is the way to go. This fogger acts immediately to kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact. It also leaves behind a residue which continues to prevent bed bugs from coming back for a month after being treated. If you want to learn more about this powerful fogger, be sure to click on the link below.

Fly foggers

Do you have a fly problem that can’t seem to be taken care of?

If so, then you may need a heavy duty fly killer such as the Black Flag F-2000. This fogger is great for taking care of large areas such as barns, stables or even hog lots. Flies won’t stand a chance against this product as it kills on contact and keeps on killing for up to a month after being applied. If you’d like to learn more about this product, just click on the link below.

Ant killers

If you have an ant infestation that just won’t go away, then you may want to try the Ant Pro Ant Killer Fogger. Formulated to eliminate even the toughest of ant infestations, this product is great for both indoor and outdoor use. It even comes with its own sprayer so you can easily apply the chemicals where they’re needed most. If you’d like to learn more about the Ant Pro Ant Killer Fogg, just click on the link below.

Other foggers

While most foggers are created with mosquito control in mind, there are several other types of foggers out there that are formulated to handle other types of insects as well. If you’re looking for a fogger that is designed to take care of other pests, then the options listed below should serve your needs.

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flea foggers

Fleas can be a major problem for many pet owners. If you’re tired of trying the over the counter treatments and they just aren’t working, then your best bet is to invest in a fogger such as the Fipronil Fogger. This particular fogger is made with fipronil which kills on contact and continues to work for up to a month after being applied. If you want to learn more about this product, just click on the link below.

silverfish foggers

Silverfish are one of those pests that can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. If you’ve tried several different products but haven’t had much success, then it may be time to invest in a fogger such as the Vapamore MR-100 Silverfish & Firebrat Eliminator. Formulated to kill silverfish and firebrats on contact, this product is a great choice for taking care of silverfish infestations. If you want to learn more about this fogger, just click on the link below.

flea foggers

Do you own pets that have a flea infestation?

If so, then you may need a good flea fogger such as the Tempo Dust.

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