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Infused Water: What Is It?

The word infused comes from the Latin word infusum which means “in” or “through”. A liquid is said to be infused when it contains some of its ingredients through natural processes such as fermentation, distillation, filtration etc. The term refers to any liquid that has been heated and then allowed to cool before being poured into another container. The term is used to refer to a liquid that has undergone one or more chemical transformations, such as adding flavorings, coloring agents, sweeteners and other additives.

There are several types of infused liquids. For example:

• Fruit Juice : When juice is heated and cooled it forms a thick syrup called jam or jellied eel (jelly).

• Wine : Heat and carbon dioxide gas produce wine.

• Syrup : Carbon dioxide gas produces syrups.

How Does It Work?

Water is a good example of an ingredient that undergoes multiple chemical transformations during the production of a beverage. The process involves three main steps: heating, cooling and filtering. During the heating process (infusion), the water is heated to just below boiling point. The ingredients are then added to the liquid. When the mixture cools, it forms a flavored product that can be bottled and sold.

It’s important to produce a product that has a pleasant taste, aroma and appearance. This beverage is then filtered to make it clean and clear. It is also bottled, canned or put into plastic boxes for storage and sale.

Who Makes It?

You can make infused water at home using a simple water filter, some fruit and water. However, most commercial infused beverages are prepared using large-scale equipment that automates the entire process from start to finish.

Water is first heated in large vats to just below the boiling point. The correct amount of natural or artificial flavor, color and sweetener is added before it is cooled in a separating machine. The infused water is then stored in tanks until it is ready for bottling.

What Are Some Naturally Occurring Infused Liquids?

1. Cranberry Juice: The berry of a cranberry bush contains an acidic liquid that forms crystals that look like tiny strings.

These strings give the juice its characteristic taste. To make cranberry juice, the berries are heated and their juice is collected.

2. Apple Juice: Apples are heated to a temperature that forces their natural sugars out through tiny holes in the base of the machine.

The juice is then passed through filters to remove any fibers or other materials. It is finally poured into bottles ready for sale.

3. Artificial Flavoring: Chemicals such as ethyl methylphenylglycidate, oil of clove and oil of wintergreen are mixed with alcohol to produce an artificial fruit flavor suitable for use in beverages.

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