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Best Honda Generators: HONDA EU2200I & HONDA EU3000IS?

Honda Generator Eu2200i & Eu3000is are two of the most popular brand name generator brands. They have been around since the 1980’s and they are still being used today. These are the main generator brands available in the market. There are many other manufacturers that produce similar products but they do not make them as well or at all.

The reason why these two brand names dominate the market is because they are very reliable and economical. They are also very easy to operate.

In order to determine which one is better, it would be necessary to compare their features and specifications. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of each model. So let us see what makes them different from each other!

Eu2200i vs Eu3000is Features:

Both models have the same basic feature set; however, the Eu2200i has more advanced features than the Eu3000is.

The maximum wattage of the Eu2200i is 2200 and that of the Eu3000is is 3000. The total surge watts are 1500 for the Eu2200i and 2700 for the Eu3000is.

The Eu3000is has a very useful AC receptacle feature with 4 120V AC outlets that can be used to power loads of up to 1000W. This can come in very handy.

The Eu2200i has a 2 year warranty as opposed to the 1 year warranty of the Eu3000is.

Both models produce clean power and can be trusted for sensitive electronics. They have a decent run time for their price and have an excellent build quality.

Eu2200i vs Eu3000is: Which One Should You Get?

After going through the above details, it would seem that the Eu3000is is the better choice. However, this is not necessarily true.

The only major advantage the Eu3000is has over the Eu2200i is the 4 AC receptacle feature. This can be very handy in some situations, but it is not really necessary for most people.

For people who do not need the additional AC receptacle feature, the Eu2200i is more than good enough. It is cheaper, has the same basic feature set and still has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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So, if you do not need the AC receptacle feature, go for the Eu2200i. If you do need it, then go for the Eu3000is.


Best Honda Generators: HONDA EU2000I GENERATOR?

Honda is a well-known Japanese brand, and one of the most reliable ones. They have been around for quite awhile and many people are familiar with their motorcycles and automobiles.

Their portable generators are also quite popular. The two most popular models are the Honda EU2000I and the Honda EU2200I. Today, we will compare these two models to help you choose which one is right for you!

We will be looking at the following aspects:


Features Build

Build Capacity

Capacity Performance

Performance Price

HONDA EU2000I vs.


When it comes to the features, both of these models are identical to each other. They are both quiet, reliable generators that can be easily transported from place to place.

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They are also both very lightweight, weighing only 34 lb. for the EU2000I and 35 lb. for the EU2200I. For their weight and size, both generators produce a decent amount of power.

The Honda EU2000I produces 2000 watts and the Honda Eu2200I produces 2200 watts.

The difference in their power output is not very significant, but it is still worth considering when choosing between the two models.

The Honda engines used in these generators are also very high quality. They are known to be very fuel efficient and can continue working even under heavy loads. These generators are also able to start easily when dirty or cold, which is great for people who need to start their generator infrequently.

One thing to note is that the Honda EU2200I is a little bit louder than the Honda Eu2000I. This is only a small difference, but it is something to keep in mind.

Both of these generators weigh less than 40 pounds. They are relatively small and easy to transport. They have handles on the side that make lifting and transporting them easy. The fuel tank capacity is also larger on the Eu2200I at 4.4 gallons as opposed to the 3.0 gallons of the Eu2000I.

This larger fuel tank will allow you to go for longer periods without refilling the generator. The Honda generators also have a very high starting reliability. They can easily start after long periods of no use. They do not even need to be regularly started and stopped to keep them in good condition.


Both generators are made out of mostly metal, which makes them very strong and durable. They feel solid and they should last several years of regular use.

However, there are a few aspects of their build that are worth discussing. The most important one is their oil filters.

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Both of these generators have very good oil filters that prevent dust and other contaminants from getting into the inner workings of the engines. This keeps them running at peak efficiency for much longer periods of time.

However, the oil filters in these generators are prone to getting clogged after 200 hours of use. Changing the oil and replacing the filters at this point will prevent further engine damage.

Both of these generators have similar alternators. This means that they can run at much lower rpms without suffering from a reduction in their power output. This makes your home appliances run more efficiently. It also lowers the noise output of these generators, which is good for camping and other outdoor activities.

At the same time, this also allows the engines to run for much longer periods of time before they overheat. This is especially true in the Eu2200I, which has a larger engine than the Eu2000I.


When it comes to performance, these generators are both very good. They can power a wide range of home appliances and other devices.

They can power small appliances like blenders and coffee makers. They can also power larger appliances like refrigerators and computers. The only thing that they will have trouble with is devices that require a lot of power. This would include things like televisions and electric ovens.

The larger capacity of the Eu2200I means that it can run larger appliances for longer periods of time. It can also run smaller appliances simultaneously. The higher output of the Eu2000I means that it can start up devices that require more power faster.


The Eu2000I consistently sells for around $399 online. The Eu2200I typically sells for around $479 online. Given these prices, the Eu2200I is the better value for your money. It has a larger engine, so it can do more than the Eu2000I.

It is also a great value at its normal selling price.

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If you are looking to save money, then the Eu2000I is a good choice. It is more than powerful enough to power your home when the grid goes down. Even though it is smaller, it can still do most of the things that the Eu2200I can.

It also has a longer run time than the larger generator, so you will have to refill it less often. This makes it a good pick for people who have to watch their fuel consumption.


These generators come in at just over 50 pounds, which is about average for a portable generator. They are light enough for most people to carry, but not so light that they feel flimsy or cheap. They also have built-in handles, which makes them easier to transport.


Both of these generators are durable enough to stand up to typical weather conditions. They can also handle the mechanical wear and tear that occurs when you’re transporting them from place to place.

They aren’t built for extreme outdoor use, but they will work for people who need a generator for their cabin or RV. However, their quality of construction isn’t quite as good as some other models on the market. There have been some reports of break downs after a year or so of use.


Wacker has good customer support. They are available by phone, email and online chat. They have a FAQ section on their website that answers many common questions. You can also find guides for how to perform maintenance tasks on your generator.


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The only other portable gas generator that is comparable to these two models is the Powermate PM06100. It is slightly less powerful than the Eu2000I, but it is more powerful than the Eu2200I. It sells for around $425 online.

There are also larger models that sell for less than the Eu2200I. These are more powerful than the PowerMax PM6100, but not as powerful as the EU2200I. They sell for around $350 online.

Finally, there are smaller models that sell for less than the Eu2000I. These are not as powerful as the Powermate PM06100, but they are more powerful than the Eu2000I. They sell for around $300 online.


Both of these Wacker generators are great choices for home backup power. They have enough juice to keep the critical appliances running and they are both fairly inexpensive.

The Eu2000I and the Eu2200I are both good values. The Eu2200I is more powerful, so it can do more than the Eu2000I, but it is also more expensive. Both of these generators are durable enough to give you many years of reliable service.

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